The Master Jesus

Long Island, New York

August 12, 1986

I spoke to you many years ago about the Process of Transfiguration by the use of the Resurrection Flame. You will remember I constantly used the POSITIVE Quality of the Affirmation "I AM" the Resurrection and the LIFE... (the one statement given to me by my teacher, Lord Maitreya) to ATTAIN my ULTIMATE FREEDOM in the Light.

I bring this to your attention at this time when the outpouring from the Retreat Cycle is focused upon the Temple of Transfiguration and specifically amplified by the Pure Divine Love of Lady Nada.

You know the Center of all Life is within you, and when accepted by your lower vehicles all service will be one of Harmony.

You are our representatives on the Planet Earth and as such are expected to carry out your Mission! ...USE, USE, USE, this glorious service to Life and BE your True Self in every word, deed and action.

Through accepting that which you affirm will your Freedom in the Light manifest, while wearing a garment of flesh.

"I AM" is Light, Love, Peace and all Positive Qualities, for "I AM" ENCOMPASSES ALL.


* * *


Our Beautiful Nada

Nada, beautiful Nada, with Pink Flame of Love

Healing, ever revealing the Father above

Come now; raise our attention;

Show all humankind Life’s Goal - the Ascension.

Nada, our Darling, COME! COME!

Heal and illumine in God's Name - "I AM"!

Nada, Nada beloved, our hearts are sincere!

We call forth all Light’s Miracles

All through the year.

Nada, COME! We implore you!

Guide us in Service for we adore you!

Life's full Perfection, come NOW!

Blanket our planet with Love's Healing Flame!

Nada, sister from God, of his family Divine,

Draw us into thy Heart;

Let thy Light through us shine!

COME! COME! In full Perfection;

hold for each one the Immaculate Conception!

Nada, our loved One, COME! COME!

Stay with us always in Light’s Healing Peace!

(Melody: "My Hero" from The Chocolate Soldier)




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