Along the Path

The Devic Realm

June 1975

In connection with the Seven Mighty Elohim as the Builders of Form, we enter a Realm of Creation known as the Devic Kingdom. Here in graded order, according to their state of evolutionary unfoldment, you will find the vast Kingdom devoted to the molding of Life's substance into form in accord with the Divine Will of the Father-Mother God.

These great Beings accept the matrix or mould with the intelligent substance of the Celestial Kingdom, creating as nearly perfect form as is possible, limited only by the cross currents set up and emitted through human beings on the Earth plane.

This glorious Devic Realm builds after the pattern of the Divine Will without exception, and they never think to alter one iota the form or matrix provided. Therefore, in Planetary building, in great natural schemes of beauty of mountains and seas and vast plateaus, great perfection is expressed because these Builders of Form know no Will but the Divine and all their service is rendered in Love. Humanity, alone, of all manifest form has chosen to experiment with the Fire of Creation and built an independent world apart from God. It is, therefore, filled with iniquity because it has no part in the Eternal Scheme of Things.

These Devas and Angelic Beings who are directly concerned with the evolution and progress of those parts of the Earth's Sphere which is densely inhabited by humankind have a most difficult and arduous task, for though their Will is one with the Divine Will, yet their building of Beauty is constantly destroyed by the emanations and vicious projections emitted by the energized forms of unawakened humankind.

To secure the friendship, love and cooperation of the Nature Devas and the Spirits of the Homes, and the Cherubic and Seraphic Conductors of Light in any locality, is to secure great assistance in creating, maintaining and expanding these focuses of Harmony and even sustaining perfect weather conditions and the perfect response by Nature to crops and to flowers.

These mighty Beings are responsible for showing the Godhead a completed form in accord with his Plan, so you can see their eagerness to find some among humankind who are willing to assist them in their almost endless task in building and re-building that which is Divine, but which is destroyed by human beings who live in complete ignorance that they are constantly undoing the work of intelligent Beings who would of themselves provide a perfect Paradise for the bodies and minds of the people.

When humanity can be awakened enough to recognize that there is a Divine Plan for a Nation, for a Planet and for a locality, and when he becomes as willing as the Beings of the Devic Kingdom to be an open door for its fulfillment, the locality or atmosphere in which he lives can become like the "Garden of Eden"', no matter what the conditions expressed in the world around him may be.

I counsel you to acknowledge, accept and let flow the glorious Radiation from the Angelic and Devic Kingdoms and to take a conscious VOW of Brotherhood between Angels and Humanity, allowing us to show you what Godly Grace and Glory may flow from such a Union between the Kingdom of Humanity and the Kingdom of the Angels... In the Spirit of Grace,

"I AM" Ĉolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit





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