Assimilation and Expansion Service

Lord Maitreya

December 6th, 1987

My Dearly Beloved Children, I AM holding you in the Tabernacle of my Being as I AM welcoming you into this Sacred Etheric Retreat, and you can be sure Lord Gautama, Sanat Kumara, Holy Ĉolus and I will give you all the assistance you may require as you travel forward on your chosen pathway of Life, for we are as close to you as your own breath.

Just as we embrace All Life, you who are aware of the Mystic Cathedral of the Cosmos pulsating in the ethers over Shamballa have a tremendous opportunity to expand the Light of ALL humankind, adding to the already gathered momentums of LOVE which you have accumulated in your auras. As you balance the Power of Love, and add to the Flame of Wisdom you can blend with the Permanent Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame at Shamballa, rendering an ordained service to All Life. Hold the BALANCE of the Flame. Hold the BALANCE of Love, Wisdom and Power. It is in this BALANCE that Supreme Harmony and Serenity abide.

My love for the Cosmic Christ in each one of you overflows from the Chalice of my Heart, and I know that you will nurture the Christ Child within with your thoughts of loveliness and beauty, until one day that Christ grows to full stature clothed in Holiness, within a Blazing Cathedral of Living Light.

Love the Christ within your own Being - Love and nurture that Spark of Divinity which glows on the Altar of your Heart in the Kingdom of Heaven... the Kingdom of Heaven Within.


* * *

The Great Beings from the Sun Temple, whose radiation and outpouring we will receive during this period;

Aquarius - February 1st through February 18th

Momentum of Progress - Stimulating the Intensification of Spiritual Growth

Neptune - February 19th through March 20th.

Purifying Power of Water Element Training of Undines and Water Elements.


* * *




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