Volume XI                           December 1990                       Number  12-A




For the Class of December 31, 1990, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Years Conference on December 31, 1991 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. We love, bless and thank you for your dedication, co-service and light!


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION  by Director, (Invocation4, Page 14, ivory pages)  



BLUE FLAME PROTECTION: (The following Decrees are suggested)


                   2-03 ARMOR OF BLUE FLAME


                  2-05 A DECLARATION OF FAITH


Let us visualize the Protection we have called forth with our Decrees.

From the Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection, see Legions of Angels, their beautiful forms ablaze with Blue Light, descending to the sacred property of SHAMBALLA. As they touch the Earth their Light joins to create a Mighty Circle of Blue Flame, which totally encircles the Heart Center of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. Beloved Michael and Lady Faith descend to take their positions above the Sanctuary, with Shields and Swords blazing! From here they will direct a great Pageant of Light around the Earth!

First, Their Legions face the Sanctuary and, lifting Their Swords of Blue Flame, direct a force of protection into the Sanctuary, surrounding every chela present with a Ring-Pass-Not of Flame. The Altar, Chalice and Podium are encircled with a wall of Flame, so that no lesser force may approach it. With SHAMBALLA now protected, the Angels turn to face outward, and, under the direction of Archangel Michael and Lady Faith, begin to blaze the Flame outward in all directions.

More Legions descend now, and as they are directed, they move outward from the Heart Center with the speed of Light.

Wherever there is a chela of Light or an outpost group, Angels descend, and cut them free from any lines of force which connect them with imperfection of any kind, and encircle them with a Ring-Pass-Not of Blue Flame. The chelas then consciously join their energies with those of the Angels, and intensify the Blue Flame of Protection in their localities, and then expand it outward around the Earth. This activity continues until every man, woman and child upon the planet is protected and cut free from imperfection.

The Planet is now blazing with Blue Flame, and all life is filled with the Light of God's Will, and the Faith and Power to sustain it upon the Earth. The Angels form circles around the Earth, to remain there as needed to sustain the necessary protection to our planet, and every chela determines to work with them.

Send a Ray of Gratitude to Lord Michael and Lady Faith for their Love, and the opportunity of working with them. Let your consciousness return to the Sanctuary.

*SONG No. 20 "The Sword of Blue Flame" (Words included on page 21 of this supplement.)

VIOLET FLAME ACTIVITY: (The following Decrees are suggested)


                   3-05 VIOLET FIRE OF FREEDOM'S LOVE;


                   3- 10 LIVING WITHIN THE VIOLET FIRE

                   3-12 FILL MY WORLD WITH VIOLET FIRE (Using the following inserts: "Shamballa", "All Humankind", and "The Earth") (Repeat each insert 3 times.)


Visualize Beloved Lord Zadkiel and Lady Holy Amethyst standing in the atmosphere above SHAMBALLA. Together, they project a mighty Spiral of Violet Flame from their Hearts, which intensifies until they become one with it.

From wherever you are, as you see the Spiral of Violet Fire expand, concentrate your attention on magnetizing the Flame into your Being. See the Violet Fire descend as you magnetize it, and feel it enter your Being. The Violet Fire moves through your four lower vehicles, purifying them, and then moves out into your aura.

Now begin to project the Violet Fire, which is spiraling forth from your heart, with the other chelas, wherever they are upon the Earth. See it moving outward from Shamballa, and from where you are, and from the locations of all the Light Workers on the Planet until it meets and merges, forming a forcefield of purification that covers the Earth, and all life upon it. See it rise into the atmosphere above, purifying the atmosphere of the planet, the astral realm, and all life that is bound within it. It penetrates deep into the Earth, as well, filling all elemental life with the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love. It enters the waters of the Planet, every river, stream, and ocean, and all the life within them.

As you work, Beloved Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst intensify the Violet Fire through us. Let us all decree together:



SEE the Mighty Spirals of Violet Fire sweeping over all the Earth, touching and purifying the consciousness of each and every lifestream. PURIFY (3X) the vibratory action of all life on our planet!






NOTE: Then let all be seated, and send a Ray of Love from their Heart Flames, as the DIRECTOR presents: 

* * *



In the Name, Authority and Power of the Presence of God "I AM" within our hearts, we - the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, offer our eternal Love and Gratitude to the Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit of 1990 for all the Blessings and Gifts received during this year.

BELOVED LORD MICHAEL, Prince of the Heavenly Host, for your service of Protection to us, and all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family, we thank you! Without your assistance, we recognize that our Dear Earth and all her evolutions would be lost forever in the veils of maya that have been drawn about her. Because of you and your mighty Legions, the Light of God still shines into the hearts and minds of humanity! That we may work beside You for the redemption of the race is a privilege beyond words of expression! WE LOVE YOU, and WE BLESS THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!  

BELOVED LADY ASTREA, Goddess of Purity; we thank and bless you for aligning your mighty Forces with those of BELOVED LORD MICHAEL, Prince of Heaven, for the Purification and Protection of the Children of Earth. We especially thank you for providing the Sacred Ring-Pass-Not of Royal Blue Flame which surrounds and protects each one of us at all times, and the Swords of Blue Flame which Cut us Free from all that is less than God-Light!

BELOVED GABRIEL, Archangel of Resurrection and Ascension; for holding the Light, Love and Power of the mighty Flames at the very center of our beings and those of all humankind inviolate, we thank you! You ARE the IMMACULATE CONCEPT upon which our attention may safely dwell, drawing all life upon the Earth ever higher into the LIGHT OF GOD that is ETERNALLY VICTORIOUS!

BELOVED SERAPIS BEY, Lord of the Ascension Flame; we come before you with reverence and humility for your great sacrifice for all of us! Great Lord of the Seraphim, whose locks were shorn to help ensure the salvation of the people of Earth, we offer you - not only our gratitude and Love - but our service. Show us - each one - how we may best assist in the redemption of the Earth, that All Life may proceed into the Realms of Light together!

BELOVED ZADKIEL, High Priest of the Sacred Violet Fire, we thank you for accepting us as developing priests and priestesses of the Sacred Fire, teaching and directing us in the use of the Transmuting Flame, to purify the Earth and all her evolutions. May we progress rapidly upon our paths, enabled to work with you, and fulfill our vows with dignity and confidence!

BELOVED LORD PRINCIPA, God of Divine Order, Sacred Embodiment of the Divine Principle of Life - we love and adore you! Knowing that, as we come into your Radiant Presence, we stand centered in the deep, deep Silence of Cosmic Perfection, we place our destinies within your still, White Flame! During this year, while we have received the privilege of your Enfolding Presence and your Teachings, we have begun to learn the true value of entering the Silence - the stillness that resides at the center of our Beings - and we are grateful, grateful, grateful! WE THANK YOU, and WE BLESS YOU, for your great service to us!

* * *


At the closing of this - the first year of the final decade of the 20th century, deep within the Silence of our Souls, we SEE the Sacred Transmuting Flames of BELOVED ZADKIEL, sweeping in, through and around our dear Planet Earth and its atmosphere

As all is transmuted back into perfection, we see the RADIANT ROYAL BLUE RING-PASS-NOT of Protection, the Gift of BELOVED LORD MICHAEL and LADY ASTREA, surrounding the Earth. Within this great forcefield of Light, a Crystalline, Purified Earth gently turns, fulfilling the Immaculate Concept of BELOVED GABRIEL and SERAPIS BEY. All is enfolded in the still, White Flame of DIVINE PRINCIPLE, held safely within the perfect Balance of our beloved LORD OF THE WORLD, GAUTAMA.

WE THANK YOU! - as we receive THE PURIFIED PLANET EARTH - back into our hands!


(All give the entire Affirmation three times.)


"I AM" expressing the perfect balance of Love, Wisdom, and Power, as the Divine Image of God "I AM"!

"I AM" a Pure Vessel, through which flow the Virtues, Qualities, and Blessings from God, to me and through me to all life everywhere, as God's most Sacred Name, forever.

"I AM" THAT "I AM"! (3X)

* * *


"I AM"      inbreathing (breathe in)

I AM       absorbing    (hold the breath in)

I AM       expanding    (breathe out)

I AM       projecting   (hold the breath out)

 the full momentum  of eternal  gratitude from the  Etheric  Shamballa. (3X)


*SONG No. 99 "PEACEFUL PALACE" (Words included on page 22 of this supplement.)  

* * *


Lord of the World 

NOTE: At Shamballa, the Chelas stand while the Reader or Director faces the Altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the Reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of Silence may follow the Reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of Beloved Gautama, the Shamballa Keynote, or other music for meditation.

* * * 

Beloved Chelas,

It is always a great and special privilege to have an opportunity to address you. Needless to say, you all dwell within my Heart, my Flame, and my Consciousness, which is my Home. My purpose in speaking with you is to expand and deepen your consciousness of this fact. Beloved of my Heart, open your consciousness to me, and let me enfold you and fill you with the pressure of my Love for you, for it is INFINITE. Know and accept this fact, and as time flows onward in the sea of your experiencing, you will experience this at deeper and more profound levels of being.

I hope you are pleased with the new garment that our Monthly Journal now wears, at my request. You were told by beloved Master El Morya that the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom has taken a big step forward in vibratory activity and expression. The Plan that was evolved by he and beloved Saint Germain was brought into outer manifestation on January 1, 1990, and is functioning well. It is to verify the efficacy of this plan for the forward movement of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom that I speak at this time.

I never speak to either praise or censure - but only to inform and teach, for that is the only appropriate way of those who dwell within the Octaves of Light. Know this, and get it firmly anchored within your consciousness until it overcomes any lesser expression of the human, for we hold ALL LIFE SACRED, and it is upon your paths to do likewise. Until this is done, you have not yet attained Mastery of your personal energy, and your path is not complete upon the Earth plane.

Many times it has been explained to you that there are numerous activities upon the Planet which are intended to raise the consciousness in some way. Their various purposes may be to teach, or to explore, or to broaden the views of those who are attracted to them. In some way, they must help expand the Light of God in their locale, or in a broader perspective if possible, in order to qualify for the direct assistance of the Ascended Masters.

One of the first qualifications that is put forth is that there must be a "call" for assistance. Secondly, although the activity in question does not have to believe in the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, or understand about it, to receive our assistance and aid, it could not receive the added benefit of consciously experiencing the reality of our Presence. Nothing is ever done by the Ascended Masters or their Brotherhoods which would interfere in the natural evolution of an individual or a group, for this would be an interference with free will and choice, and not in accordance with the Cosmic Law.

This is the briefest possible explanation I will give you at this time, but it is most important that all of our chelas understand how the Hierarchy works regarding situations that may affect them. I have requested that some of our Teachers give you more information regarding group work during the coming year, because of its extreme importance and impact on the Planetary progress.

I want to give the chelas of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom a fuller understanding of their part of the Divine Plan through this Activity. Beloved El Morya has explained that the intent of the Hierarchy is to use the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Activity to outpicture the Activity of the Great White Brotherhood in the physical realm. This is the Brotherhood with whom you are directly associated, and to whom you must answer in the Activity upon the Earth Plane. As you will comprehend, this is a most Sacred Trust. There are none higher, or more difficult of attainment, to which you may be led at this point in your evolution. There are other Brotherhoods - many! - but the mass consciousness does not as yet permit knowledge of them to be given. Although there are pioneers in every phase of evolution, the knowledge given to them may only be released to the mass consciousness as it is prepared to receive and act upon it.

The Planet Earth must first fulfill its next evolutionary move, and I want to let you know some things about this. As each step is taken within the mass consciousness, the Earth is moving upward in her evolutionary path. The intent is to have this orbital shift be accomplished as gently and smoothly as possible. To have this shift occur quickly would be extremely traumatic, and life upon the Planet would be affected with very little opportunity to make the necessary adaptations in the physical vehicles. This last decade in the twentieth century is of the utmost importance in this respect. The Bridge must be strengthened and expanded into an avenue over which many will be able to move into the higher vibrational activity required.

In order to do this, more teaching and stronger leadership is required. Also, a much deeper bond with the Ascended Masters must be developed, so that the teachings given will be of the utmost purity. The Masters of Light - especially Beloved El Morya, Saint Germain, the Masters of Illumination at the Grand Teton Retreat, and the Masters of Healing in all phases, will be carrying the primary responsibility of working with you. Be attuned, and work with each lesson as it is received, bringing it into physical manifestation within your beings and worlds as quickly as you can.

As you may be aware, Lord Maitreya is designated as the "Great Initiator". As a chela advances upon his or her path to a point where more of the Ascended Master's work may safely be assigned to them, it is Lord Maitreya's service to examine their readiness and degree of reliability.  If he finds that they are prepared to accept a further responsibility in behalf of all life, then higher initiations may be given. He personally administers this ceremony.

Beloved God Principa, who has acted as the Enfolding Spirit during 1990, has offered his assistance to me directly regarding these higher initiations. It is His Thought to make His Counsel directly available to each of you on an individual basis as you desire, and as you make your calls to Him. He will speak to you directly regarding this matter.

Beloved chelas, you know the path to the Full Light of the Ascension is long and arduous, and that there are a number of points upon this path where higher initiations are given. These are specific points where you - as individuals - have already attained some degree of self-mastery, after your initial decision to serve the greater good has been made and adhered to for some time. These initiations are not given lightly, because the effects of your work become vastly more powerful and far-reaching at such points. Should you fall back into the personal human consciousness after you have been assigned some part of the Master's work, the effects would be far more devastating than the same action and response at an earlier place on the path. I ask you to take a few moments right now to realize the importance of this opportunity which is being offered to you.    (pause)

Beloved Chelas, at the completion of each yearly cycle, the Harvest of the Beloved Ones of the Hierarchy is lovingly placed on the Altar before the Planetary Three-Fold Flame. This is done in the most transcendent and sacred way, for these Great Beings of Light give all of themselves to the Planet which they rule and guard. Their Harvest - dear chelas - depends so very much on your harvest, for every thought, word, and action, that proceeds forth from you in response to their Loving   Guidance throughout the year, is that which helps to form their Sheaves which are laid before me. They give of their Pure Energy to All Life, and they have always done so, for the greatest good of the whole. This is the true meaning of Divine Love.

With this thought and instruction I enfold you - each blessed one - in the Love, Wisdom and Power of God, which I blaze forth from my Heart at all times. Receive it - and be as One with me!


* * *


After a short meditation period of music, close the Class with:

BENEDICTION No. 3 (page 17 in ivory pages)

CLOSING ACOLYTE SERVICE (page 10 in ivory pages)




Blest Michael, great Archangel bright,

To help raise Earth to Heaven's height,

Fashioned a Sword of Love's Blue Flame;

Let all adore and praise His Name.


0 Sword of Blue, in Love so true,

We e'er invoke Thy Mighty Stroke

That cuts away by Love Divine

All not of God's own Pure Design;

And in its place gives Joy and Peace

To bring to all Love's sweet release.

The Sword of Flame such Freedom brings;

With gratitude each heart now sings.

Its mighty Pow'r, both sure and fast,

Transmutes all errors of the past.

Dear Michael's Sword of Flame so true,

Our Vict'ry brings in all we do.

To it we bow and bend the knee

And bless it now most gratefully!

0 Central Sun and Lord of Light,

Give Earth her vict'ry for the Right

And bless Archangel Michael, too

For His great Love and Sword of Blue

Melody: Beulah LandHymn


* * * 


Deep! Oh, deep - I now abide

Deep within the Flame inside,

One with Thee - my Holy Guide;

One with Thee - whate'er betide!

Still! Oh, still I now become,

Blending gently with the 'ONE';

One with Thee, Victorious One;

One with Thee - forever ONE

Rest we now in silence sweet

In Thy Peaceful Love Retreat!

Heart and head and hand now meet . .

One with Thee, in Peace we greet!

Resting now in Peace serene,

Love comes now upon the scene;

Peace and Love, a gentle stream,

One with Thee in Peace Serene!

PEACEFUL PALACE on the hill;

Peaceful Silence . . . Oh, how still!

Peace and Love, this is God's Will!

One with Thee - all now - all still!

Thanks and Praise, 0 Peace Divine;

Peaceful Presence - Love sublime;

Hold me!   Hold me!   Ever Thine!



Melody: original


* * *


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