Volume I                           December 1991                       Number  12-A




For the Class of December 31, 1991, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1991 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. We love, bless and thank you for your dedication, co-service and light!


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION  by Director, (Invocation4, Page 14, ivory pages)  



(The chelas may now be seated, and the director will give the CALL TO THE FLAME, asking the chelas to join in at the proper time.)


* * *


(The following Decrees are suggested.)




2-04 - INVINCIBLE GUARD OF MIGHTY HERCULES (The first time through, at the asterisk, use inserts 3 and 2 coupled together, ending at "NOW and FOREVER". The second time through the decree, start at "SEAL! SEAL! SEAL!", using insert 4, and then complete the decree.)



Let us visualize and experience the protection we have called forth with our decrees. Please close your eyes and take a deep, relaxing breath. Place your attention upon the inner screen of your mind, and concentrate upon the quality of Faith. Immediately, a wave of vibrant Blue Light sweeps across your field of inner vision. Breathe deeply again, drawing the Blue Light into your heart center. Now breathe out, expanding the Blue Light from your heart center through your four lower vehicles and aura, completely surrounding your Mantle of Light. Filled with faith and fully protected, project a ray of love and gratitude from your heart center to Archangel Michael and Archaii Faith. Instantly, they stand before you, surrounded by Legions of Their Angels.

As you kneel in reverence before them, your own Angel of Protection appears beside you. Michael signals you to rise to your feet, and hands you your sword of Blue Flame. Lady Faith gives you a magnificent shield, and you know that you are a part of their legions. Take a moment to feel your sword of Light within your right hand, and the shield in your left.

Now, we all join our energies as one, and turn to march outward with the Angels. When we reach the boundaries of the properties of Shamballa, we turn to face Shamballa and blaze the Blue Flame of God's Protection and Faith into the Sanctuary.

Waves of Blue Light form pillars of Flame around the properties of Shamballa. Overhead, see the slowly revolving Wheel of Beloved Elohim Hercules completely covering Shamballa. From the perimeter of the wheel, Blue Lightning strikes the Earth in a constantly moving pattern of powerful protection. Knowing that nothing less than the Light of God can pass through this forcefield, we rise with the Angels into the atmosphere over the Sanctuary and begin to move outward in all directions around the Earth. Each one of us is with a Legion of Blue Angels, and we move North, South, East and West. Travel with your Legion in the direction to which you feel most strongly drawn.

As we travel the Earth direct your swords toward the surface of the planet and blaze the Blue Light downward. See every group and chela who is connected with The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom in any way receive Divine Protection and their own Swords and Shields of Blue Light. After protecting their homes and sanctuaries, they join us in our travels. With their added assistance, more and more Blue Flame is directed into the planet below us.

We especially concentrate on the children, youth, and young adults on the Earth. With our swords, we cut them free from all that would inhibit them from the pursuit of spiritual consciousness and freedom. Direct the Blue Flame into their parents, homes, schools, and environments.

Now we expand this protection to all people who are being spiritually awakened, to safeguard them until their consciousness is fully opened and purified.

Every government focus receives a Ring-pass-not of Blue Flame. All government leaders and people who have influence over the lives and destinies of others are cut free from all wrongful influence and desire. Within their hearts, a desire to seek and express the Will of God is kindled and expands, protecting this consciousness.

All elemental life is cut free from the memory, cause, core, and effects of human consciousness that has in any way inflicted pain or suffering. In its place, the Blue Flame encircles elemental life with protection and comfort.

All life on Earth is now cut free from all imperfection, and clothed in a Mantle of Blue Light. From high above, see the Blue Flame radiating from the Earth, protecting the atmosphere and forming a magnificent Blue Ring-pass-not around the planet.

Feeling deep joy and satisfaction at the opportunity to serve with the Legions of Archangel Michael and Lady Faith, let your consciousness return to the Sanctuary and the work at hand.

*SONG No. 20 - The Sword of Blue Flame


Blest Michael, great Archangel bright,

To help raise Earth to Heaven's Height,

Fashioned a sword of love's blue flame;

Let all adore and praise his Name.



0 Sword of Blue, in Love so true,

We e'er invoke Thy Mighty Stroke

That cuts away by Love Divine

All not of God's own Pure Design;

And in its place gives Joy and Peace

To bring to all Love's sweet release.

The Sword of Flame such Freedom brings;

With gratitude each heart now sings.

Its mighty Pow'r, both sure and fast,

Transmutes all errors of the past.

Dear Michael's Sword of Flame so true,

Our vict'ry brings in all we do.

To it we bow and bend the knee,

And bless it now most gratefully!

0 Central Sun and Lord of Light,

Give Earth her Vict'ry for the right;

And bless Archangel Michael, too

For His great Love and Sword of Blue!

Melody: Beulah Land - Hymn

* * *


(The following Decrees are suggested.)





In response to our decrees, FEEL the Sacred Transmuting Power of the Violet Fire moving out from our sanctuary in all directions. Experience it! Breathe it in, and breathe it out! We are going to use the power of the Holy Breath to expand and project this Sacred Essence of Violet Fire into all life!

Beloved Serapis Bey has told us that the Ascension Flame is the State of Purity for which we are preparing. He further says; “the Flame of Transmutation represents the way and the means of attaining this Purity!”

Let us now close our eyes to all outer distraction, and enter the Temple of silence within our own hearts, the Sacred Three-fold Flame. Centered there, begin to breathe rhythmically and gently. As you do so, feel the oneness of your heart flame with the chelas here at Shamballa, and with all chelas of Light around the Earth.

We are going to blaze the Violet Flame of Transmutation through our four lower vehicles with the power of the Holy Breath. Then we will project it into the four elements of earth, fire, air and water, which compose the body of our planet, and also our physical forms.

As you are directed, breathe IN, ABSORB, EXPAND, and PROJECT the Sacred Flame.

I AM INBREATHING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM ABSORBING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM EXPANDING the Violet Transmuting Flame through every cell and atom of my PHYSICAL BODY.

I AM PROJECTING the Violet Transmuting Flame into the ELEMENT of EARTH.

I AM INBREATHING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM ABSORBING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM EXPANDING the Violet Transmuting Flame through every electron of my ETHERIC BODY.

I AM PROJECTING the, Violet Transmuting Flame into the ELEMENT of FIRE.

I AM INBREATHING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM ABSORBING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM EXPANDING the Violet Transmuting Flame through every electron of my MENTAL BODY.

I AM PROJECTING the Violet Transmuting Flame into the ELEMENT of AIR.

I AM INBREATHING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM ABSORBING the Violet Transmuting Flame into my heart center.

I AM EXPANDING the Violet Transmuting Flame through every electron of my EMOTIONAL BODY.

I AM PROJECTING the Violet Transmuting Flame into the ELEMENT of WATER.

Let your breathing return to normal, keeping it rhythmic and calm. FEEL your unity with the four elements of the planet Earth, of which you are a part through your four lower vehicles.

* * *

(Please visualize the THOUGHTFORM FOR 1991.)

The Sacred Violet Fire - blazing from the Heart Center of the Earth - expands outward until the entire Planet is surrounded and filled with its purifying essence.

Without Beginning and without End - limited by neither Time nor Space - a Crystalline Pyramid of Light - the All-Seeing Eye of God - rises gently from these Flames, blazing Concentrated Rays of Truth, Healing and Consecration across the face of the Earth, penetrating into the very center of Her Being, awakening All Life to the Presence of the Christ.


(Please join me in giving the THEME for 1991.)


"I AM" a Being of Flame and "I AM" Its Light!

"I AM" part of the Activity of the Cosmic Christ,

rekindling the Flame within the hearts of All Humankind. (* 3X)

"I AM" THAT "I AM"! (* 3X)

The Planetary Three-fold Flame is the crucible into which all life on our beloved planet Earth is drawn, refined, and brought to its perfectly balanced activity. It is through this sacred Flame, anchored in every human heart, that we will be raised into the activity of the Ascension Flame.

Now, we invite and invoke Beloved Lord Gautama, Lord of the World, to Blaze the Planetary Three-fold Flame up, through, and around our beings and worlds, so that we may become the perfect expressions of the Love, Wisdom, and Power it represents.

We will now breathe in the Planetary Three-fold Flame, projecting it's enlivening force into the Heart Flames of every man, woman, and child upon the Earth. (Repeat the Breathing Statement 3X.)

I AM INBREATHING the Eternal Love, Wisdom, and Power of the Planetary Three-fold Flame.

I AM ABSORBING the Eternal Love, Wisdom, and Power of the Planetary Three-fold Flame.

I AM EXPANDING the Eternal Love, Wisdom, and Power of the Planetary Three-fold Flame.

I AM PROJECTING the Eternal Love, Wisdom, and Power of the Planetary Three-fold Flame.

Feel the Planetary Three-fold Flame rising up from the Heart Center of the Earth, blazing through our beings and worlds, lifting us and all humanity into the Octaves of Light.

(Ask the Chelas to return their attention to the Sanctuary, take up their Decree books and give the following decrees)



(Ask the Chelas to be seated, and to close their eyes and send a Ray of Love from their Heart Flames to the Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit for the year as you present the following.)


* * *


for the year of 1991

We speak in the Name of the mighty Balancing Power of the Three-fold Flame anchored in the Hearts of all humankind. We send forth a powerful momentum of Divine Love and Gratitude to the Cosmic and Ascended Beings Who have sponsored and enfolded this Activity of Light during this year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety One.

Beloved Lady Nada, Goddess of Love and Transfiguration, at your feet we have learned the lessons that shall enable us to meet all life with the unconditional love bestowed upon us from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. Dear Nada, we thank and bless you for enfolding us within your Radiation, assisting us to remove any discord that divides us one from the other through the transfiguring power of Divine Love.

Beloved Lady Liberty, Guardian of the Flame of Liberation for our planet, Your torch burns ever brighter within our hearts, and the hearts of all humankind! As we blaze forth the Victorious Violet Fire to free all imprisoned life, we know that we fulfill but one small portion of the Divine Plan to which you have dedicated your very Being. We bow before you in humble recognition of your Love, Light, and Life! We thank you!

Beloved Lord Lanto, Great Teacher and Mentor of Humanity, we thank you for illuminating our pathway to Truth. From you we have learned that knowledge without wisdom is knowledge without use. You have taught us that we must never forget in the darkness of human understanding that which God has shown us in the Light! Through your patient love, you have taught us to be patient and loving with one another, and even with ourselves. You have precipitated a momentum of striving toward the Light of God within our hearts that shall never be diminished. We bow to your great Light with reverence, love, and gratitude.

Beloved Lord Maitreya, we bow in silent respect and humility before the Light of your Being. Oh, Great Cosmic Buddha, we are blessed and honored by your Presence with us, and deeply grateful for your sponsorship during this year. For centuries you have kept vigil over the Three-fold Flames in the hearts of all humanity. You have provided an example of love and dedication that teaches us the meaning of Divine Perseverance! We are grateful for the opportunity to serve with you in conscious participation for the redemption of our dear planet Earth. Accept the loving gratitude of our hearts for your service to us and all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family.  

Beloved Elohim Vista, Mighty All-seeing Eye of God, we kneel at the altar within our hearts and pour forth our love to you. We thank you for your magnificent Crystalline Pyramid of Light, which has sheltered and enfolded us during this cycle. As we prepare to present our yearly harvest to the Lord of the World, we know that our forward momentum is greatly due to your loving service to our lifestreams and to those of all humankind! The pressure and radiance of your Love has given us the ears to hear and the eyes to see the majesty of God's Divine Plan. Your Virtue of Concentration assists us to remain one-pointed in our resolve to see that Plan manifest now in the world of form! For the many blessings sent forth from your Heart to ours, we thank you, and bless you in ways of which even You do not know!

Great Cosmic Forces and Beings of Light, we bow before you in humility and gratitude for the great momentum of your virtues, qualities, and blessings, so freely given. We place our all upon the Altar of the sacred Three-fold Flame within our hearts, and vow to serve our Father-Mother God to the best of our abilities as with your assistance we move forward in the Light of God that is eternally victorious! SO BE IT, BELOVED I AM!

(You may furnish copies of the following affirmation to the Chelas and ask them to join you, or you may read it alone, if you prefer.)

* * *


In the Name of the Beloved Presence of God I AM, and the Holy Christ Selves of all humankind, we, the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom make this call:

Beloved Holy Triumvirate, you who stand within and sustain the Planetary Three-Fold Flame of our beloved Earth, we love and adore You! COME FORTH NOW and enfold us in your Qualities of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power!

In Unity with Beloved SANAT KUMARA, LORD GAUTAMA, and LORD MAITREYA, and with Divine Conviction, WE DECREE:

I AM A PURIFIED CHALICE, filled with the Flame of DIVINE LOVE, blazing forth that love into the hearts of all humanity!

I AM A PURIFIED CHALICE, filled with the Flame of DIVINE WISDOM, illuminating the, Path to God for all humankind!

I AM A PURIFIED CHALICE, filled with the Flame of DIVINE POWER, endowing all humanity with the will to do whatever is necessary to achieve total unity with the Divine PRESENCE OF GOD I AM!




Note: At Shamballa, the Chelas stand while the Reader or Director faces the Altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the Reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Sanat Kumara, the Shamballa Keynote, or other music for meditation.

* * * 

(Direct the Chelas to remain centered in the Three-fold Flame, as the Discourse is read.)

Lord Maitreya

My Cherished Friends and Chelas,

How grateful "I AM" to have been accorded the opportunity to serve as one of the Sponsors of 1991, and I now come before you, the last day of this year, to address you. I thank you for your presence here today.

The changes made and the many steps taken by humanity have been great indeed and I AM pleased to have developed a closer relationship with the Earth and all her evolutions during this time.

Today I AM here to offer you a gift, a gift of knowledge and illumination from deep within my Heart, given with all the love I have to offer, to be taken deep within your heart. It has been said that this Activity will bring forth the Love Vibration needed to balance the Threefold Flame of the entire planet Earth and all life upon it, and this is true. Realize here and now that the greatest gift and example of love possible is for each individual lifestream to take responsibility for what goes on within and around them.

In looking at the word "responsibility", there are several concepts embodied within it that I wish to bring to your attention. First, "response" is, by definition, another way of saying "answer". I say to you that responsibility is the answer to each and every call ever made at any time; in the past, in the present, or in the future. You have each made many calls and I give to you the answer. Accept it now!

Secondly, when you allow yourself to be "responsive", you become sensitive, and are then more receptive to the assistance allowed by cosmic law and available to you from the higher realms. The help is there. Accept it now! Take responsibility for your every thought, word, action, or reaction.

Become responsible for your own divine plan. Manifest that plan in all areas of your life. Assist others to do the same, and as this activity is understood and accepted by all life on planet Earth, she will truly become ascended and free to take her rightful place as Freedom's Holy Star. SO BE IT!

You may ask: "How do I become responsible?" Take a look at all areas of your life. Do not be afraid to do this! By examining yourself you will see where your talents lie, and where you can improve your knowledge and be enabled to do God's Will. Remember, We are here to assist you, but you live in a physical world, and that which you desire must be made manifest on the physical level. You must take responsibility, for We cannot do this for you. This is true for every part of life on your planet.

You may not be aware of the following fact, or may not have opened your eyes to the following information, but this Activity, The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, is now in the process of taking responsibility for its Divine Plan, that of assisting in bringing forth Peace and Brotherhood to this planet by raising the consciousness of all life upon it.

The first step in this process is to open this Activity and all knowledge contained within its teachings to all humanity, so they may become aware of and learn that which is necessary for each individual to fulfill his or her Divine Plan.

If you look deeper and see what is involved in doing this, you will realize that it is not an easy step to take, but one that is absolutely necessary. Previously, this Activity attracted and involved individuals who had an awakened awareness and understanding of the information presented. Now, the doors have been opened to all humankind. Even those with no more than a spark of understanding within their hearts of what the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom represents to this planet, will come, representing every level of consciousness. They will bring with them all that they are. They may be coming from a very low level, or a very high level of consciousness, bringing with them all manner of negativity to be transmuted and purified. Along with this, they will bring the many gifts they have to give to enhance and assist in this work. It is up to you as chelas to discern and discover exactly what each person brings to this activity. You must also decide where their gifts may be put to use for the highest good of all concerned.

You, and the entire planet, now stand at a crossroad. It is possibly the greatest one the Earth has ever known. I say to you now - be not afraid to assist in every way possible!

Beloved Jesus took responsibility in that which he exemplified for all humankind. He followed his Divine Plan, and accepted all that went with it, the joy, the sorrow, and ultimately, the sacrifice.

I have been responsible, in part, for assisting in the formation of the various religions and beliefs of this world. I now ask you to join me by taking responsibility. Take my hand and walk with me, and all my ascended Brother's and Sisters as we follow God's Divine Plan together.


* * *

Following a short meditation period of music, close the Class with:

BENEDICTION Number 3 (on page 17 in ivory pages)

CLOSING ACOLYTE SERVICE ( on page 10 in ivory pages)


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