Volume II                           December 1992                       Number  12 A




For the Class of December 31, 1992, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1992 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. We love, bless and thank you for your dedication, co-service and light!


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION  by Director, (see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony, or invocation of the Director's choice)  

Good morning, Dear Chelas! I salute the Presence of Life I AM that flows through you which is an announcement to the Universe and all that abides within It, that God desires to accomplish some purpose through your spirits which will enrich the life experience of all humanity! I thank you for your loving Presence here this morning!

Let us start by donning our Mantle of Light, Decree 2-01. - Together!

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize yourself holding your arms up toward your I AM Presence of Almighty God. See the White Light coming down, anchoring into your Heart Flame, and then expanding outward, encompassing your four lower vehicles. Your Threefold Flame pulsates, grateful for your acknowledgement of the Christ within.

Would you also acknowledge your Guardian Angel, as well as your seven Angels of Protection and Restoration. Thank you. Please, be seated.

Shamballa! Shamballa! Great Focus of Love!

We Love Thee, We Love Thee, all Beings above.

Shamballa! Shamballa! Our hearts sing to Thee.

Love reigns now; all hearts bow in honor to Thee.

Hearts sing, Sanat Kumara,

Sanat Kumara, all Love to Thee!

Shamballa! Shamballa! Love's Harvest we bring.

Shamballa! Shamballa! Thy praise we now sing!

Let us now call upon the Powers of Shamballa to intensify the manifestation of Christ Consciousness - Decree 3-11, please. - Together!

Close your eyes for a few moments and visualize mighty Light Rays reaching outward from Shamballa, uniting all Lightworkers within the one consciousness of Spiritual Freedom.

* * *

Oh, Sword of Blue, in Love so true,

We e'er invoke Thy Mighty Stroke

That cuts away by Love Divine

All not of God's own Pure Design

And in its place gives Joy and Peace

To bring to all Love's sweet release!

Let us feel the Love of the First Ray as we give Decree 2-03 Together!

Beloved Archangel Michael has said: "Invoke My Faith through your own Chalice of Consciousness into the I AM Presence of every lifestream whose aura touches your own. Hold the Immaculate Concept for these dear ones, no matter what illusions may be presented! In the Name of the Light of God which is eternally victorious, know that as you act to increase the faith of another, the veil which screens you from the Light shall be further torn asunder, and My own Joy in service shall be yours!

"I anticipate your calls with love and thanksgiving! So be it, My beloved friends ! "

With love and gratitude, let us give Decree 2-05 - A Declaration of Faith. - Together!

Beloved Elohim Hercules:

Bless this world in which we live,

With all the gifts You have to give.

Every time we draw a breath,

May we remember - we are blest!

 Rising up in the Three-fold Flame,

Ever higher in God’s True Name: 

I AM!  I AM!  I AM!

Remembering that we are blessed, we give Decree 2-04. As we decree, let us visualize the mighty wheel of Elohim Hercules revolving in the ethers over this Focus of Light sending out bolts of blue lightning.

We shall give this decree three times throughfrom "SEAL! SEAL! SEAL! " through "NOW and FOREVER" with the following inserts:

(the first time) #'s 3 & 2; (the second time) as is; (and the third time) # 4. - Together!

I thank you for your loving energy!

Please, lay aside your decree book and center yourself in the Immortal Flame of Love. . . . Breathe in the Blue Flame just called forth and as you do so, feel it entering your crown chakra and anchoring in your Heart Flame (pause). Breathe it in,...  absorb it,... breathe it out, expand and project it (pause).

With the knowledge that 'where your attention is, there you are', you find yourself in the Orbit of the Great Central Sun. While there you encounter Beloved Lord Michael replenishing his energies. Beloved Archangel Michael enfolds you within his aura of Faith and Protection, and gives you a powerful shield together with a blazing sword, and then says: "My Might is now your Sword and Shield!"

With the Shield and Sword in your hands, you return to Earth along with Lord Michael, through the Bridge of Light that extends from the Heart of Alpha and Omega to Shamballa.

Around the planet you see Lord Michael's countless Legions of Angels waiting for his arrival. Beloved Michael expands his aura, thus enfolding all his Legions and replenishing their energies, as well. At Lord Michael’s command, the Angels start forming a powerful shield with a golden radiance which totally encompasses the Earth.

Now Beloved Archangel Michael projects a Mighty Spiral of Blue Flame from his heart which intensifies until he becomes One with lt. Beloved Lady Faith merges into this Spiral of Flame, becoming One with the Prince of Heaven.

Immediately, the Spiral turns into a Mighty Blue Sword with a golden radiance. Slowly it is directed toward the earth. As the Sword penetrates into the astral realm, Legions of Angels come out of the Shield and plunge their Swords of Blue Flame into the cause and core of imperfection, cutting it free. The very instant the Flaming Sword contacts the condition, a Circle of Blue Flame immediately forms. Visualize the activity of a mighty torch burning away the substance of impurity, removing the cloak around each electron which does not allow the Light to flow. . . . Feel the Love, Joy, and Happiness emanating from their Beings as they go forth upon their task, for you are a part of the Shield; you are One with Lord Michael and his Legions!

As the Sword continues to penetrate into the Earth, more Legions come out of the Shield, and blaze their loving Swords, cutting all life free from any lines of force which connect it with imperfection of any kind. See Shamballa and All Activities of Light enfolded within a powerful Ring-pass-not of Blue Flame. (pause) All life on planet Earth is now FREE! (pause).

Please, repeat after me: " Beloved Micah, come forth now¾and blaze, blaze, blaze your mighty Light Rays through me,¾Unifying all life everywhere."

In response to our call, visualize a gigantic blue Star in the etheric realm over Shamballa. At the center of the Star, see the Luminous Presence of Beloved Micah, radiating mighty Light Rays into your beings and worlds. The Holy Christ Self in your heart, absorbs, expands, and projects the feeling of Unity to all life, through their I AM Presences. (pause)

Take a slow deep breath, and on the outbreath send a ray of Love and Gratitude to all the Beings of the First Ray as you release the visualization. Just let it go, knowing that it is accomplished! SO BE IT, BELOVED I AM!

* * *

In peace and with gratitude, gently return your attention to your physical location.

There comes to my heart one sweet Name,

The Blessing of Mercy's Love Flame,

I sing it again and again,


The Gift of God's Love!

With Compassion in our hearts, let us give Decree 3-03 - Joy of Forgiveness. - Together!  I thank you!

We now call for the combined energies of Beloved Lady Astrea, Archangel Michael and Lord Zadkiel to reinforce the cooperation of loving service in the Octaves of Light on behalf of our beloved planet Earth. For we are co-creators with God.

Please, turn to Decree 3-06.

Let us give this decree with energy. - Together! Oh, Father-Mother God, from whom all blessings come, we thank Thee now for every Victory won! Let Freedom ring; Let Earth sing forth its praise! Let all that lives in Joy its voice now raise; Victory and Peace for our sweet Earth we claim; FREEDOM has won, In the Name of Saint Germain!

Finally, we call upon the Love of our Friend of Freedom, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain. Please, turn to Decree 3-10. - Together!

I thank you for that call for Freedom! Please, set aside your decree books and center yourself in your Eternal Heart Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. Acknowledge the Angelic Legions all around you, prepared to work in full cooperation with your blessed being. . . . Knowing that your beloved Victorious I AM Presence of God always works in complete partnership with you, begin to breathe in the Violet outbreath of your own I AM Presence. . .

See it penetrating your crown chakra, passing through your throat chakra, and anchoring in your heart. (Pause)

Visualize now an Amethyst Maltese Cross starting to take shape within your Heart Flame. As you breathe in, it increases in radiance, as you breathe out, it increases in size, . . . , breathe in,…. and breathe out, . . . , and allow this magnificent Maltese Cross to enfold your entire being. . . .

See and feel the Violet Fire Angels in this Amethyst Maltese Cross.

I invoke the I AM Presences of all lifestreams belonging to Earth's evolutions to assist in this work!

Let us now decree three times: I AM the Resurrection and the Life of Spiritual Freedom within each human heart. Together - * 3 X

Visualize now Mighty Rays of Violet Fire coming out of the Amethyst Maltese Cross, which is enfolding you, and going through the I AM Presences of all humanity, anchoring It in their hearts. . . . See how humankind accepts the Violet Rays of Spiritual Freedom, absorbs these Rays and joins us in this merciful service! (Pause)

As your Amethyst Cross touches the other chelas' Amethyst Crosses, they merge, thus becoming one and increasing a thousand fold in size and intensity. . . .

As all chelas of Light in the planet are doing the same, the Cross pulsates and grows in strength and size. . . . At each pulsation, the Angelic Legions of Lord Zadkiel, as well as all the Angelic Legions concerned with Purification and Transmutation, come out of this Amethyst Maltese Cross, cutting free and transmuting all life in distress, all mis-qualified energy back to its God State of Perfection. See the electrons being purified and forever radiate the pure, pristine Light of God, as it shows in the upper figure of the Holy Trinity Picture. (Pause)

Feel the Love, Joy, Enthusiasm, and Happiness emanating from their Beings as they go forth upon their assigned work. . . . Mighty Light Rays flash forth from this Shining Cross, penetrating and purifying the Elemental Life, the Nature, the Animal Kingdom, and Humankind.

A magnificent Amethyst Maltese Cross enfolds the planet Earth in a mighty forcefield of Divine Love, Light, and Protection. . . . Rhythmic pulsations of Purity, Freedom, and Perfection fill the atmosphere surrounding the Earth, restoring Hope to the hearts of all humankind. . . .

Add the full power of your momentum of Love and Freedom to the Rays of Beloved Saint Germain. See these Rays sweep across the face of the Earth, penetrating right into the Heart Center, anchoring in the Planetary Threefold Flame.

From this center, the Transmuting Flame rises again, repeating the entire process of purification, preparing the way for the manifestation of the Living Christ Flame in the hearts of all humanity. . . .

Please, join me in giving the Theme for 1992:

Together - * Blazing in, through, and around my four lower vehicles, the full momentum of the Violet Transmuting Flame, the most powerful aspect of Love, instantly transmutes all outstanding energy back into perfection. (* 3 X)


When your mental picture is complete, take a deep and gentle breath, and on the outbreath, let it go, knowing that it is done! (Pause)

In Love and Peace, send a Ray of Gratitude to Beloved Saint Germain, Archangel Zadkiel and all his Legions, as you gently return to your physical location. (Pause)

* * *

Please, remain centered and as I give the service of Adoration to the Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit for the year of 1992, send a Ray of Love and Gratitude to each one of the following Shining Beings in the Octaves of Light:

Kneeling before the Sacred and Secret Altar in our hearts, we dedicate our lives and energy to the full expression of the Christ within. Oh, Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power, expand within us, becoming One with us as we send forth the most magnificent vibration of Pure Divine Love and Gratitude to the Cosmic and Ascended Beings who have sponsored and enfolded this Activity of Light during this year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Two.

Beloved Cosmic Archangel of Restoration, Guardian of great System of Worlds, we are so very grateful for your Assistance, Love, and Service to our dear planet Earth and all its evolutions. We thank you for the opportunity of co-service with you in transforming and restoring Earth to her rightful place in the Solar Crown of Light of our glorious God-Parents. We look forward to an ever increasing co-service with You and Your Legions.

Beloved Lady Hope, Archaii of God's Beloved Fourth Ray, through your Loving care, we have opened horizons of unseen beauty and magnificence, for our Hope is bathed with Divine Illumination. We thank you for your joyous, buoyant, raising, and spiraling radiation of the Eternal Hope and Glory of the Almighty. We thank you for teaching us that 'Hope springs from the ETERNAL!'

Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi, our gentle and treasured friend, we are grateful for the true understanding of the Spiritual nature of Leadership through Divine Wisdom and Illumination. You have taught us the Power of Love that emerges from within the silent Threefold Flame.

Beloved Elohim Hercules, representative of God's beloved Strength and Power, we have no words to express our Gratitude and Love for all your help. We acknowledge your Mighty assistance to fulfill every facet of our Divine Plan. You have taught us to draw Strength and Power from within the Great Silence, and we are grateful !

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, our cherished Friend of Freedom, we raise our arms to our beloved I AM Presences, and send to you an Infinite outflow of Love and Adoration. We thank you for enfolding us this year of 1992, teaching and blessing us with the Fire of Transmutation and the Power of Invocation. Together we shall manifest Your Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom upon our beloved planet Earth. We are grateful beyond words for such service and opportunity.

To All of You, Great Beings of Shining Exquisite Light, we bless You, we bless you, and eternally bless you!

As God's Most Holy and Sacred Name, I AM THAT I AM!

* * *

Beloved Sanat Kumara has said: " Beloved of My Heart, you whom I know so well, oh, my children, how I love you! How I love all the blazing Spirits of the Omnipresent, Omnipotent Father-Mother God!

I believe that you will be happy to know that the continued calls for the channeling of Light from the planet Venus has been amplified by the love of all the children of Venus, who are so desirous of assisting this dear Earth. This applies also to the glorious Beings from the planet Uranus and Mars, beautiful Esthesia and beloved Hanuvah from Uranus, as well as beloved Ethos and others from his planet, Mars.

With Love and Gratitude for all these beautiful Beings of Shining Light, let us give Decree 8-02, and once you found it, please stand. - Together!

Next we shall sing 'Peaceful Palace' in honor, respect, and gratitude to our beloved Shamballa and the Holy Triumvirate. You will find the song in your class booklets. (and on page 35 of this book.)

That was beautiful! Thank you, please be seated.

Lay aside your class booklets and close your eyes. Breathe gently and deeply, and let yourself completely relax as you center your attention on your blessed Heart Flame. . . .

Breathe in again, and on the screen of your mind, visualize a blazing star of cosmic proportions pulsating in the atmosphere over the Sacred City of Shamballa. . . .

Breathe deeply once more, and as you release the breath, feel yourself drawn gently up into the very center of the blazing star. . . . Feel yourself standing in the center of this enormous star, from which, as you turn and look around, you can see down the five radiant arms in all directions. All the chelas are there with you, and there is so much space that you can form a big circle in the center of the star with at least six feet between you. . . .

In the center of the circle see the luminous form of beloved SANAT KUMARA. He stands upon a slowly revolving dais, with his eyes closed. He is magnetizing the Light from Venus, Uranus and Mars into his Crown Chakra. It descends into his Heart Center, and he begins to send it forth in a blazing beam of Light. As the dais slowly turns, each chela magnetizes the beam into their heart flame, which then expands to such proportions that each one begins to become their Flaming Presence... a great light that envelopes the entire physical form.


*Breathe in, . . . , hold the breath in and absorb it, . . . breathe out and expand it,……….hold the breath out and project it, ... (* 2 X).

Breathe in:

I AM                inbreathing

I AM                  absorbing

 I AM                   expanding

I AM                 projecting

the full momentum of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa. (* 3 X)

* * *

Gently you begin to move out from the Cosmic Star¾right out of one of its mighty arms of Light, and then you pause in the atmosphere just outside of the big star. You look around and see all the other smaller stars clustering around SANAT KUMARA's Star. Some are still moving out of Its points.

Finally, all are out and circled around the Cosmic Star, filling the atmosphere over the physical focus of Shamballa.

Suddenly, as if with one mind, one thought, one impulse, you begin to expand and radiate the Light earthward. The lights blend, and quickly, a huge canopy of pure white light is formed over Shamballa, completely enclosing it in iridescent light from which all the colors of the rainbow emanate. . . .

This completed, you find that you can move where your Presence directs you. Take a moment and find the orbit your Presence wishes you to take around the planet. Each chela is a star of glowing Light on their own individual orbit, and together you will cover the entire surface of the planet.

As you move smoothly and effortlessly on your orbital path, magnetize more and more light from the Cosmic Star of Sanat Kumara, and blaze it into the atmosphere wherever you find your star-self... into the Earth, the mountains and plains below you; into the cities; into the water, the oceans and rivers; and into all life on land and in the sea. Radiate forth that quality or blessing you sense is needed in the planet as you pass over it; whether it be peace, healing, love, or supply of any kind. See the Light! See the Light that the other stars are sending into the Earth, too! Other light workers on the planet receive your Light and begin to add to it and expand it further. All the chelas who are present in consciousness with us at this conference tune in and help the Light of the World go forth. 

Now, as the lights expand and begin to merge, the Earth becomes radiant and glowing with the Light received. As the Light penetrates deep into the planet, you can see the Planetary Threefold Flame expand, expand, and expand.

Now you have completed your orbit and find yourself back at the canopy of Light you have helped form over Shamballa. Intensify it once more. It will remain as a forcefield over our Sacred Focus, protecting it, enlightening those who are here and those who will come in future times. It will receive and amplify the Light from Venus, Uranus and Mars.

Let yourself be drawn back into the Cosmic Star now, gently come to rest in the center of it once again. . . . Breathe in deeply, and become aware of yourself as a physical form once more, facing beloved SANAT KUMARA again.

He now enfolds you in his aura of Radiant Divine Love, and ever so gently your consciousness is brought back into our Sanctuary.

Before you open your eyes, let the feeling of unity you have experienced as you worked with the other stars become part of you. Just feel the unity of working with the others, each moving in their own orbit, yet with solidarity of purpose... the mutual desire to heal the planet Earth. Enjoy the feeling of pure Light within yourself at this moment...

Knowing that you can activate this healing service whenever you wish, just gently breathe in, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Please, remain centered and prepare yourself to receive the Discourse from Beloved Sanat Kumara.

* * *




Note: At Shamballa, the Chelas stand while the Reader or Director faces the Altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the Reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Sanat Kumara, the Shamballa Keynote, or other music for meditation.

* * * 


My Dearly Beloved Ones,

With all the Love and Power of my Being, I reach forth to touch the hearts of each one of you, as you join in consciousness to listen to my message. For just a few moments, I ask you to realize that chelas all around the world are joined with us at Shamballa this day by ties of Light! Today pulsating in the atmosphere within this Sanctuary is the mighty Golden Chalice given by Lord Gautama many years ago.

This Golden Chalice is the Heart Center of Shamballa, formed by the ascending love of every chela on the Earth, merged with the descending Love of the Holy Triumvirate for all life upon this planet. One day, all of your brothers and sisters in the Human Family will seek the Love and Light of the Holy Spirit that is constantly poured through this Chalice. It is our mutual task to continually replenish the sacred Elixir, until every lifestream has sought and received the opportunity to drink from this sacred Cup.  

When Lord Gautama first established this Thoughtform for the physical Focus of Shamballa, it was placed within the etheric realm over the Sanctuary. Now, in response to the Light that has been magnetized through it over the ensuing years, not only has it expanded greatly in size and scope of purpose, but the Earth itself has been drawn into a higher vibratory activity. Thus, the Sanctuary has become a part of the Golden Chalice, with the cup raised into the etheric realm above, to receive the constant stream of Light from the Great White Brotherhood and all ascended and Cosmic Beings upon Whom you call.

Those of you who are gathered here this day are seated around and within the base of the Chalice, forming the connection with the Earth plane. Your combined energies not only hold the cup aloft to us, but your physical vehicles actually form the stem and base through which these energies may flow into the body of the Earth. From every location where a chela is joining in this class, a stream of Light energy is pouring into the cup of the Chalice, merging with the combined energies of the Holy Triumvirate and all of you present here today. At the close of the class, it shall be released to cover the Earth and love all life free.  

If you can visualize and feel this Activity of Light clearly, you will truly realize yourselves as the Golden Chalice, acting as ONE with the Holy Triumvirate and the Great White Brotherhood on behalf of the entire Human Family and the planet Earth! As our cooperative service continues to increase and grow throughout the planet, so will the Chalice grow, until it holds the Earth within Itself, lifting it aloft into its higher orbit.

To prepare for this, the major task to be accomplished during the remainder of this century is that of balancing the Sacred Threefold Flame in the Heart of the planet Earth. This shall be done by first balancing the Threefold Flames within the hearts of the chelas, because it is you who are receiving and accepting the understanding necessary to accomplish this work. As you do so, you constantly become more perfect receivers and transmitters of the Sacred Flames to all life on Earth. Secondly, through you, who serve as the Body of Light on the planet, the Threefold Flames in the hearts of all humankind shall also be balanced. Finally, the Earth Itself shall be the recipient of these perfected and enlightened energies.

All that I say today shall be expanded upon in the Letters to come as the teaching from the Higher Realms continues onward, keeping pace with your developing understanding and activity of Light.

Beloved, when you serve in the world of form, it often seems difficult to fulfill the tasks that are asked of you, both as individuals and as groups. Know that I understand the challenges you face. For the eons of time I was privileged to serve as Lord of the World, this planet became such a part of Myself, that it shall forever vibrate within My Heart. I say to you, I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU, for you have knelt before Me, offering your love for the same purpose as did I! Beloved Lord Gautama stands to My right and Lord Maitreya to My left, as We face you together this day. With the combined Love of Our Hearts, I state to you that We are ONE in consciousness, ONE in service, and ONE with you, as We serve the Light of God that is eternally victorious! Let there be no doubt in your minds and hearts that, together, We are the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom for the planet Earth and all Her evolutions! Without your love, dedication, and service, those of Us serving from the Octaves of Light would be forced to stand by, unable to assist, no matter how much Love We hold for the Earth.

As I speak, I ask that you open your hearts to a great outpouring of Love, Wisdom and Power, as I describe the Activity of the Holy Triumvirate of this Earth to you.

You have been told that the Lord of the World holds your Heart Flames within His aura at all times. This is true. At the time Lord Gautama was crowned Lord of the World, and I was released to return to Venus, it was necessary that I transfer this precious responsibility to Him. This was accomplished in a most sacred ceremony. Although I may not describe it to you, I will tell you that each and every individual who is a part of the evolutions of the Earth stood before Lord Gautama and Myself during that ceremony. This is because the Lord of the World must be familiar with every lifestream who is in His charge. As this examination was completed, the Threefold Flame of each lifestream was then transferred from My aura into that of Lord Gautama.

I would now like to expand upon the way in which Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya and Myself work together, in the fulfilling of Our responsibilities as the Holy Triumvirate for the Earth and her evolutions. I will begin by reminding you that all Beings of Cosmic evolution have achieved perfect balance, even though Each has a special endeavor and gift to bestow. In the Triumvirate, Each of Us, represents a specific part of the Cosmic Threefold Flame. The Flame is designated by virtue of the office We hold.

The office of Lord of the World represents the Power, Protection, and Divine Will of God, which is the Father Aspect of the Holy Trinity, represented by the Blue Flame. The Lord of the World also holds the balance of your Threefold Flames, acting as overseer of the ongoing and ever-changing process of their development into ultimate perfection. In addition, beloved Lord Gautama brings His personal Qualities to you, which include Cosmic Patience and Illumination.

As Cosmic Buddha and World Teacher, Lord Maitreya oversees the illumination of the race, representing the Golden Flame. He guides all Who work in that office, administering both the ceremonial and intellectual aspects of education. It is important to understand that illumination is required in all four lower vehicles, not merely the mental. You must become illuminated emotionally, etherically and physically, as well. This will assist you to understand the need for perfect balance, among all Cosmic Beings, as well as yourselves.

I am a Being of Divine Love, and that is also a virtue that must imbue every one of your four lower vehicles, and not merely the emotional. Representing the Pink Flame, I fan the Flame of Love within your precious hearts at every opportunity, expanding the Love Nature of God through your entire beings and worlds! As your Regent, I also oversee the unified activity, giving My support to the work of the entire Hierarchy as needed and desired.

At Lord Gautama's call, Lord Maitreya and I merge Our auras with His. Thus, We, too, may hold your Threefold Flames within Our care! At the slightest hint of a lack of balance, We are instantly made aware of the need, and stand ready to blaze Our Light into your Heart Flames to restore the balance.

You wish to know how you may work with Us. Your part in assisting is also threefold. After calling upon your I AM Presence for help, you may also merge your auras with Ours! Your Blue Flame activity is to make the calls for Divine assistance. Your Golden Flame activity is to act as the Open Doors of I AM Consciousness into the Earth plane, to be a channel of the Love, Illumination and Healing required. Finally, the Pink Flame activity is to act as a Silent Watcher, holding the concept of Divine Love and Perfection in the Mind and Heart of God, until the manifestation is complete. Although I have kept My explanations simplified, as you meditate upon the information I have given, the expansion of your spiritual understanding and your individual Threefold Flames may be profound.

Some of you came with members of My family to build the first Shamballa, and thus you feel a close attunement to the Love Nature of the planet Venus, into which the Earth will one day fully enter. However, whether you came from Venus or from other stars and planets in the galaxy; whether you are part of the Earth's evolutions, having come with beloved Archangel Michael, it matters not! Even as I speak unto your heartsI ask that you listen with them. You have come to serve all life! I say to you, you have a level of dedication like unto My own! You are willing to stay and do what must be done for this dear planet which is your home at this cosmic hour!

Beloved Ones, the Love of God may only be revealed to you one step at a time, and realized as you are able to receive It. The Love of God is that for which every human heart yearns, from the time of his first incarnation, until such time as it is possible to achieve the ascension! This is why your sacrifice is the greatest of all! I AM free to know the fullness of God's Love in the Higher Realms, while you must stay and magnetize it into the Earth for all your brothers and sisters in the Human Family. It is so sacred, and sometimes so overwhelming to you, who have volunteered to accomplish this portion of the work.

Beloved chelas of Light, I ask that you close your eyes for a few moments, breathe deeply and become centered upon your unity with all chelas, with Myself, and the Forces of Light now present in this Sanctuary. Concentrate upon the Golden Chalice, feeling yourself as a part of it. See how it is shimmering with Light, filled to overflowing with the Flames of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power. Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya and I stand above the cup of the Chalice, surrounded by Angels of Restoration and Angels from all Seven Rays. Instruct your Support Groups to join Us. We shall now observe a few moments of silence, and join our Light energies as ONE! (pause)

Breathe deeply, beloved ones. Absorb the Light, expand the Flame upon the outbreath, and together, We shall now direct the Fiery energies of this Class through the Chalice and into the Planetary Threefold Flame in the center of the Earth! Send it forth! (pause) See the Earth now filled with the perfect balance of the Planetary Threefold Flame, as your brothers and sisters in the Human Family receive the blessings of Love, Wisdom and Power we have sent forth!

S0 BE IT! I thank you for your Love, as I enfold you in Mine, blessed Spirits of Light! ,

Sanat Kumara

 * * *



Deep! Oh, deep – I now abide

Deep within the Flame inside,

One with Thee – my Holy Guide

One with Thee- whate’er betide!

Still! Oh, still I now become,

Blending gently with the ‘ONE’;

One with Thee, Victorious One;

One with Thee – forever ONE!

Rest we now in silence sweet

In Thy Peaceful Love Retreat!

Heart and head and hand now meet…

One with Thee, in Peace we greet!

Resting now in Peace serene,

Love comes now upon the scene;

Peace and Love, a gentle stream,

One with Thee in Peace Serene!

PEACEFUL PALACE on the hill;

 Peaceful Silence… Oh, how still!

Peace and Love, this is God’s Will!

One with Thee – all now – all still!

Thanks and Praise, Oh Peace Divine;

Peaceful Presence – Love sublime;

Hold me! Hold me! Ever Thine!


* * *


We call on the I AM Presences and the Holy Christ Selves of every chela of Light, and all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family, to join us in service now!

Let all agree that unity and brotherhood shall be established, and Peace be brought forth from the Inner Realms to all humanity and the planet Earth RIGHT NOW, AND ETERNALLY SUSTAINED!


* * *

Would you please turn to Decree 2-06 - The Shamballa Decree, and once you found it, please stand. - Together!

We seal this class with a Call for Peace, which you will find in your class booklets. (and on page 33 of this book) - Together!

We close this class with the words of beloved Sanat Kumara:

"Beloved Mighty Victory has invited you many times to come into the Garden of His Heart. May I, too, invite you, each one, to come into the Garden of the Heart of Love on the planet Venus? It is a Sanctuary of perfection and beauty, filled with flowers which are as blazing jewels, constantly radiating the qualities of Divine Love to all who enter. If you accept My invitation, the perfection and beauty of this Garden will become a permanent part of your worldsa Sanctuary within that will expand from your heart center to enfold all life around you, raising it into a fuller expression of the glory of God I AM."

+BENEDICTION (Choice of Director or see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony.)


(on pg. 10 of the ivory pages - Book of Ceremony.)


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