Quieting your mind from all distraction, you enter the Silence and find yourself standing within beloved El Morya's Diamond Heart. Feel the power of His Quality of God's Holy Will filling your being, protecting and strengthening your vehicles. Quietly affirm within your soul: I AM ENFOLDED IN THE PROTECTION OF BELOVED EL MORYA AND EMPOWERED TO DO GOD'S WILL. As you repeat this affirmation several times, a magnificent Amethyst Maltese Cross gently enfolds the Diamond Heart. You feel beloved Saint Germain's Power of Transmutation and Freedom expand throughout your four lower vehicles. Once again, you quietly affirm: I AM ENFOLDED IN THE TRANSMUTING POWER OF BELOVED SAINT GERMAIN'S FLAME OF FREEDOM AND OPPORTUNITY.

When you are fully protected and purified, the Angels of Peace place a Mantle of Golden Light about you, and you prepare to enter the great City of Shamballa. As the gates swing wide, you proceed along the path and quickly find your way to the Temple of the Lord of the World. There, you greet the other chelas, who have listened with their hearts and also made this journey, with joy. In oneness of being, you consciously unite your heart flames, strengthening the Vehicle of the New Age―the magnificent 'Body of Light'.

You now enter the Flame Room and approaching the altar steps, you see the Lord of the World in deep contemplation. Gazing upon His magnificent Presence you are enfolded in His Aura and receive a blessing from this Being of Great Light. Beloved Gautama opens His eyes and smiles as he looks upon you. His message enters the silence of your heart: "Welcome to Shamballa, My true and faithful chelas. I invite you to take this opportunity to join Me in magnetizing the Threefold Flame of this planet, sharing your gifts of Love, Wisdom and Power with all life on Earth."

Once again, the Lord of the World closes His eyes in deep meditation, and slowly we feel ourselves drawn deep into the very center of the Earth, where we behold the magnificent spiraling Threefold Flame. The love we feel for our blessed home flows forth and tenderly enfolds the Planetary Flame and it blazes forth in joyous recognition. As this takes place, our consciousness becomes one with that of the Earth. Instantly, the Body of Light receives this Love and activates fully, joining us in our work.

We now direct our attention to the Pink Flame of God's Love. Through the open chalice of the 'Body of Light', beloved Lord Gautama radiates the Full Power of His Love into the Pink Flame of the Earth. The Flame blazes forth and every man, woman, and child feels the gentle touch of God's Pure Divine Love.

Now we turn our attention to the Golden Flame of God's Illumination and Wisdom. Once again, the Lord of the World pours His full Power of Wisdom and Illumination through the open chalice of the 'Body of Light' into the Golden Flame of the Planet. The Flame expands outward, until it merges with, and enhances the Golden Flame in the hearts of all life embodied on Earth.

We next direct our attention to the Blue Flame of God's Will and Protection. The Power of the Lord of the World courses through the 'Body of Light' into the Planetary Blue Flame, which blazes through the Earth, touching the Blue Flame in every lifestream. Humanity feels the resulting activity, and desires to follow only the Will of God, making all things right.

This work completed, our attention focuses upon the unified activity of the Threefold Flame at the center of our Earth. As we have given this service, the Planetary Flame blazes forth with greater brilliance and in perfect balance, radiating its Light to us and balancing our individual Flames.

In humble gratitude, we thank the Lord of the World for this wonderful opportunity to participate in this sacred work, as we slowly return our attention to our sanctuaries and homes.







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