Sanat Kumara

December 1993

My Beloved Ones,

As we are fast approaching the New Year of 1994, I again, wish to take this opportunity to address the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. As you are well aware from past history, before I was able to come to this planet, much preparation had to be made for My arrival. Not only did Shamballa require building and rebuilding four times, but a magnificent Bridge of Light was also lovingly constituted between Venus and the Earth.

So many of you were among those who chose to come and assist in this monumental task, taking embodiment time and again, until Shamballa stood forth, complete in Her glorious perfection. I watched as this process unfolded over the centuries, and My love flowed forth without ceasing, to everyone involved in this Holy and Sacred Service. Thus each individual striving to do this work also received the strength, courage, and knowledge necessary to proceed. I AM grateful beyond words for the fact that you volunteered to work in this capacity and even to this day continue so to do. Thank you, beloved chelas, for your dedicated and selfless service!

I ask that you now turn your attention to last year's conference celebrating the new year. During that time, chelas from all around the world joined together in service to all life and also received words of encouragement and instruction from many of My Ascended Brothers and Sisters. At the class in which we worked together, I spoke of many things. Of great importance this year has been the preparation received, not only by you, but also the entire Earth, in order to fully absorb the thoughtform and theme of 1993. It was during My class that the first opportunity was given to direct the Rays of Love, Wisdom, and Power through the Golden Chalice, which, as you know, is the heart center of Shamballa, into the Planetary Threefold Flame at the center of the Earth. This activity paved the way for the work that has been done this entire year.

Beloved ones, it will soon be time to again prepare the Earth to receive the thoughtform and theme for the incoming new year. To more perfectly assist in this endeavor I ask that you turn your attention to personal preparation.

Personal preparation begins long before you arrive for a class or even come to Shamballa for a conference. It should be an ongoing project in which you are constantly involved. You must awaken each day grateful to God for this new opportunity. Take the needed time to protect and purify your lower vehicles, as you prepare to engage in both the spiritual and outer world activities you have set for yourself each day.

Every moment of every hour could be spent in constant meditation with God and the Angels, if you but focused your attention upon finding and remaining in your place of perfect peace. From this place, you may still function in the world of form. This is possible, My beloved ones! Each of you have reached this point at one time or another. Some of you may even be able to remain there for a time. I assure you this can be accomplished and maintained, with the proper preparation. It may not happen today, tomorrow, or even for several years to come―but that day will come!

During this month, I ask that you focus your attention upon your personal preparation. Prepare for the activities that will take place at the end of this month. I speak especially to those of you who will make the sojourn to Shamballa. Get the proper rest now, so that you will be able to work efficiently with the Sacred Flames. Of the utmost importance, do not wait until your arrival at Shamballa to free yourselves of any negative thoughts, feelings, and memories, for then they must be transmuted and dissolved at the Heart Center. It is best if such preparation is completed well before you leave your homes.

Remember that Shamballa needs to be kept clear of all negativity; pure and pristine, to function perfectly according to God's Divine Plan. You have followed the star all this year and shall continue to do so, on your way back Home. Be not afraid of the journey; for you are not alone. Look and see who stands beside you!

Sanat Kumara






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