In the Name of the Presence of God I AM, we call for the assistance of beloved Master Dwjal Khul and beloved Lord Lanto. Come forth now! Expand our powers of concentration, illumination and understanding with Your mighty gifts.

BLAZE! (3X) the Precipitation Flame into our worlds and affairs, so that every pulsation of life within our beings is transformed into positively qualified energy, capable of blessing all life on our beloved planet Earth.

Beloved Lord Lanto, EXPAND (3X) our love and reverence for all life.

Beloved Master Dwjal Khul, INCREASE (3X) the power of Spiritual Illumination within all humanity, especially our younger generation.

Beloved Immaculata, Silent Watcher for planet Earth, SEAL! (3X) us within Your Immaculate Concept of our pure intention, so that the love generated from our hearts may be precipitated, sustained and absorbed by all life.

We make this call as God's Most Holy Name I AM!

* * *


1993 Holy Days


Easter                                                                                     Sunday, April 11

Saint Germain's Ascension Day                                                  Saturday, May 1

Gautama's Enlightenment                                                           Saturday, May 8

Mother's Day                                                                           Sunday, May 9

Wesak Festival                                                                         Sunday, May 16

Ascension Day (Master Jesus)                                                   Friday, May 28

Pentecost                                                                                 Sunday, May 30



Father's Day                                                                            Sunday, June 20


Asala Festival                                                                          Saturday, July 3


Transfiguration of Jesus                                                         Friday, August 6

Mother Mary's Ascension                                                        Sunday, August 15


Master Jesus' Birthday                                                            Wednesday, September 8

Lady Mercedes' Feast Day                                                        Friday, September 24

Lord Michaelís Feast Day                                                          Wednesday, September 29

Angelic Harvest                                                                        Thursday, September 30


Elemental Harvest                                                                     Sunday, October 31


Thanksgiving Day                                                                       Thursday, November 25

Humanityís Harvest                                                                    Tuesday, November 30


Feast of the Angels                                                                    Saturday, December 25