Volume III                           December 1993                       Number  12 A








 * * *


For the Class of December 31, 1993, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1993 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. We love, bless and thank you for your dedication, co-service and light!


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION  by Director, (see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony, or invocation of the Director's choice)  

In the full Power and Authority of the Presence of God I AM anchored within our hearts, we the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom make this call to the blessed Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, Home of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Beloved Sanat Kumara, beloved Lord Maitreya and especially this morning we call to beloved Gautama, Lord of the World¾COME FORTH NOW! Assist us with Your full gathered Cosmic Momentum of Love, Wisdom, and Power to intensify the activity of the Sacred Threefold Flame within our hearts.

Rise up, oh Flame of Life, within the hearts of every man, woman, and child of planet Earth! Clothe each one of us in Your Majesty, so that we may know ourselves as True Sons and Daughters of the Most High Living God. Blaze forth in the perfect balance of Love, Wisdom, and Power for we realize that we are a Living Part of the Great Planetary Threefold Flame come forth to serve wherever we find ourselves upon the Earth.

In deep gratitude for the answer to this and our every call to Light, we thank You. So be it, beloved I AM!

GREETING BY DIRECTOR: Good Morning beloved co-servers! I thank you for your presence here this morning and I humbly bow before the Light of God within your hearts. This class is lovingly dedicated to and enfolded within the radiation of beloved Gautama, Lord of the World, Who has told us:

"All the virtues and qualities of God are required to be a complete example of the Presence of God I AM within. However, when understanding, desire, and ability of expression comes into alignment, a Peace Commanding Presence of God may come forth, having a glorious opportunity to assist Us in carrying out the Divine Edict of Perfection for planet Earth.

I counsel you, beloved co-servers, to daily enter the Throne Rooms of your Holy Christ Selves, and in deep humility pledge your efforts to serve in the Oneness of Being with the Spiritual Hierarchy to bring the Golden Age of Perfection to this Earth."

Acting upon His counsel, let us prepare to enter into glorious communion with the Presence of God I AM by first donning our Mantles of Light. Please turn to + Decree 2-01 - Mantle of Light. Together! Thank you. Please be seated and turn to + Decree 1-01 - Consecration for the Vehicle of the New Age. Together.

United in consciousness, please be seated and put your decree books aside. Become centered and feel the total at-one-ment with your own I AM Presence as you are enfolded within your blazing Mantle of Light. Firmly anchored within the power and protection this mystic mantle offers to us, we silently affirm:

Beloved Presence of God I AM in us; Oh Thou beloved Immortal, Victorious, Threefold Flame of Life, EXPAND Thyself within us, and in the fullness of Thy Divine Powers, raise us into the Mighty Perfection which Thou art. Blaze forth visible to the sight of all humankind and enfold all within Thy dazzling Presence. May all humanity hear and obey Thy Mighty Command for Perfection to manifest now upon the Earth. Reveal Thy Eternal Law of Life―the mighty Truth and Reality of Thine Own Self. Set all life free and hold Thy Dominion within us and all humanity forever. The beloved Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame of Almighty God is within each Holy Temple. Let all the life on Earth adore its mighty Power and be at Peace―in humble, willing, adoring, illumined Obedience to this―our One Supreme Source of Life!

Through the Harmony of our True Being, we perceive and externalize every minute Perfect Health in every cell and organ of our bodies.

Through the Harmony of our True Being, we perceive and externalize every minute God Supply in limitless abundance, filling our every need.

Through the Harmony of our True Being, we create and externalize every minute an Aura of Perfect Peace and Harmony, which acts as a natural conductor of God's Will to all life wherever I AM.

Through the Harmony of our True Being, we perceive and externalize every minute the Will of the Father in Understanding, Illumination and Freedom.

Knowing that you are now vested with the full Love, Wisdom, and Power of your own God Presence, let us further prepare ourselves by giving Decree 2-02 - Cross of Blue Flame Protection. Together! Next let us give Decree 11-02- A Prepared Vehicle. Together. We will now give + Decree 3-11 and invoke the Powers of Light from Shamballa to be with us in this class. Please stand. Together! As a response to this decree now turn to + Decree 2-06 and let us give The Shamballa Decree. Together!

Thank you and please be seated. As you become centered, see the Angels of Protection as They descend into this Sanctuary, sealing each of us within the blazing Cross of Blue Flame, cutting us free of all imperfection ever generated during countless embodiments upon this planet. See these lines of force dissolved and transmuted by the currents of Violet Flame, which now fill your blazing Mantle of Light. Your human consciousness is completely transmuted into purity and perfection aligning your lower vehicles with those of the Masters, especially Lord Gautama, with Whom we will serve in this class. Together we are One Body of Light!

In the Name of the Presence of God I AM and with all the Love, Wisdom, and Power of the beloved Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, we make these calls:

We decree that the perfect Will of God manifest now through all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family! May each one call forth the full release of the gifts of their Causal Body upon the Earth.

May the Wisdom of our Father-God be reflected in our every experience and in each decision made.

May the Love of our Mother-God permeate our every thought, word and deed.

May the perfect balance of the Middle Way be the chosen pathway for every lifestream belonging to Earth's evolutions.

For the answer to this and our every call to Light, we are grateful. We are grateful. We are so very grateful.

The Pink Flame of Love is truly one of the most practical in bringing results into your world―especially when there seems to be a barrier of some kind between individuals. All humankind, in fact, all life responds to the Love and Peace of the Pink Flame.

Experiment with It. Try blazing It through every cell and organ of your physical body. Visualize this activity as It moves through your brain and mind structure. Saturate your feelings with Its essence and see how It becomes a magnet that draws people and things into your world for a blessing. Visualize the Flame of Love bringing Comfort and Peace to all life everywhere, especially to the Elemental and Human kingdoms. Use it to bless everything you contact. Call upon the Great Beings Who serve on this Ray to give you the added pressure of Their Love and watch the Perfection that you draw into your world.

Listen now as Lord Gautama has a few words to share concerning one of the greatest tools of love, the Violet Transmuting Fire.

"...I ask that you not rest before the task is complete, for with all the work that has been done, there is much in the mass consciousness still to be transmuted, and the main focus of work will be the expanding and acceleration of the use of the Violet Fire of Purification in all areas. When I speak to encourage you and let you know of the gratitude I hold for your efforts, I must always remind you to watch yourselves at all times lest you be caught in any snares of human consciousness. It has held you captive for so long and the lower vehicles are well trained in the art of deception. . ."

Let us begin the process of purifying and balancing the Threefold Flame within our hearts. Please turn to Decree 3-05 - Violet Fire of Freedom's Love. Together! Please put your decree books aside and center yourselves. Feel the gift of Divine Love flowing through your being as you become one with your mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. You immediately feel the desire to free yourself from all negativity that surrounds you and hampers your ability to serve God perfectly and you begin to breathe rhythmically in and out. Breathe in and breathe out...

Help me, oh Flame in my heart, to love myself free from all returning energy, as I AM about my business of loving all life free. In all my day to day experiences, I AM reclaiming all my energies back into the Heart of Love... I AM reclaiming all my energies back into the Heart of Love... I AM reclaiming all my energies back into the Heart of Love... I AM the Violet Fire in action, loving me free... I AM the Violet Fire in action, loving me free... I AM the Violet Fire in action, loving me free... I AM grateful to the Sacred Violet Fire, the most powerful aspect of Love, that instantly transmutes all outstanding energy back into perfection. I AM again made whole with Thee! Gently return your attention to this Sanctuary and when you are ready take up your decree books and turn to Decree 3-03. Let us invoke the presence of Lady Kwan Yin to assist us in feeling the joy forgiveness brings into our lives. Together! Now turn to Decree 4-02 and let us affirm the Power of Love. We will give this decree reverently as a prayer. Together!

Thank you. Please put your decree books aside. We will now turn our attention to the Golden Flame of God Illumination, as we work to further balance the Threefold Flame in our hearts. First I ask you to remain centered and receive a few words of instruction from beloved Master Kuthumi concerning one of the gifts of this Sacred Flame.

"...The Illumination of the outer consciousness, the awareness that comes to the mind of the purpose behind all the rituals, all decrees, all activity that takes place, enables the individual, as well as the collective group, to happily join in the ceremonial activities required to magnetize the Gifts of the Godhead. When there is no illumination, there is reluctant energy. It then becomes 'duty' service¾beloved ones, this shall no longer be! In the New Age and Era under the direction of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, it is a fiat of Cosmic Law that man shall know why he must purify his physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies and to what purpose he must remain harmonious. Then there will be loving cooperation on the part of the students. . ."

Those who serve the Golden Ray of Wisdom endeavor through the service of collective and individual instruction, to widen the capacity to understand within humanity. As understanding grows, tolerance emerges and love naturally ensues from the individual who has developed an understanding heart. When the motive behind an action is understood, you react to the various situations encountered with more kindness and more wisdom than when you allow the general concepts of humankind to close the mind.

We will now raise our voices in song. Please stand and let us sing + SILENCE.


Silence great!

Silence sweet!

Silence deep within!

Come I now...

Here I bow...

To Thy LOVE sublime!


Holy Will...

Here ALL is Divine!

Deep within...

WE are ONE...




* * *

Thank you and please be seated. Center yourselves and see before you the beautiful Planetary Threefold Flame blazing forth its pink, gold, and blue fire, radiating the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power throughout the planet Earth. Take a deep breath and breathe in the essence of this magnificent Flame. As you hold the breath in, absorb it deep within your being.

Now begin to breathe out and expand these qualities throughout your four lower vehicles. As you hold the breath out of your body, project the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa to all life everywhere. Take another deep breath and prepare to give the breathing statement. Breathe in and breathe out.

*I AM inbreathing the perfect Balance of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM absorbing the perfect Balance of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM expanding the perfect Balance of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM projecting the perfect Balance of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa. (*3X)

Breathe in and breathe out and returning your attention to this Sanctuary, please take up your decree books once again and turn to Decree 9-04. Let us call for Divine Illumination not only for the leaders of all activities, but also for ourselves, so that we will have the knowledge and wisdom necessary to share the information concerning the Sacred Fire with others. Together! Let us now focus our attention specifically upon a very important part of our work, that of assisting the youth of this planet, for they are our future. Turn now to Decree 9-05 and we will invoke their Silent Watchers, Sponsors and Guardians. Together! Thank you for that energy, especially for all children. Please turn to + Decree 11-08 affirming that we are the Light of the World. Why don't we stand for this decree. Together!

Please be seated. The path of Wisdom is a time of listening and waiting. It is a period of peace and quiet, for you are now tested, not in strength, but in patience. Once you hear the Voice of the Silence, you no longer need to run on the periphery of Life shouting with the multitude the hollow hosannas that resound nowhere but in your own ears.

Let us now take a few moments during this portion of our class to enter the Silence of our hearts and offer our gratitude to the Enfolding Spirit and Sponsors of this year for Their Selfless service to us and all humanity. Please become centered and welcome their Presence with us today.

BELOVED ARCHANGEL MICHAEL―Archangel of Deliverance and Guardian of the Flame of Faith in every human heart―we love You! We offer You the deepest gratitude of our hearts for Your service to us and all our Brothers and Sisters in the Human Family. We thank you for assisting us to strengthen our faith and become ever-more centered in the Flame within our own hearts. We especially thank you for the gift of our Seven Angels of Protection from Your Legions, and¾together with Them¾we bow before the magnificent Light of Your Being, and say "I AM THE WILL OF GOD, MANIFEST ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW AND FOREVER SUSTAINED!" We thank You!

BELOVED ELOHIM HERCULES―Great Builder of Form and example of the Strength and Constancy of God's Will to this Earth, we thank You for Your loving assistance to the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. We are grateful for the confidence in the Perfection of God's Will that You have projected into our forcefields during this year. Knowing You always hold us in the Beam of Your Attention―we ask Your continued assistance. As we enter a new year, help us to expand the Perfection of God's Will through Understanding, to all life we contact. With deep love and gratitude, we offer you a permanent place in our hearts and our homes. We love You, and we thank You!

BELOVED LADY MIRIAMFor all You have done in the past to help create the physical focus of Shamballa upon the Earth, and for all You do now from the Inner Realms of God Perfection to teach and guide us in co-service, we thank You! We, the chelas of the Great White Brotherhood, are grateful beyond words, for the example you have given as a Founder of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. We are grateful that You come to teach us now, and we ask that You hold us in Your radiant Love and Light, as we walk steadily forward in our service, determined to do God's Will. Accept our love and service, as a gift of gratitude to You, beloved Lady Miriam. We thank You!

BELOVED GOD PRINCIPAWE greet You in silent adoration and thank You for coming forth from the Heart of the Universal I AM PRESENCE, to restore Divine Principles in the hearts of all humanity. As we have made the call, so do we now receive the answer; the Cosmic Laws by which we may live, move, breathe and have our Being in the world of form. Abide with us in the still, White Flame in the silence of our hearts, where we receive the Truth, before which all humankind may humbly bow.


BELOVED CHOHAN EL MORYAEnfolding Spirit of 1993―We love, bless and thank You for Your ever-presence with us. We especially thank You for pouring forth the living substance of Love, Wisdom and Power of accomplishment from Your Diamond Heart to us―Your chelas in the world of form. Feeling the Power of God's First Ray, we sincerely affirm our faith that God's First Cause truly is Perfection for all life. Strengthened by Your gifts to us, we pledge our eternal love and gratitude to You. We vow to give our best in co-service with You, to build The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom strong, so that all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family may safely enter the Realms of Eternal Light.  



* * *

It is time that the Will of God is impressed with such strength and power into the consciousness of humankind that there can no longer be any dallying in the shadows nor acceptance of limitation as part of the great Universal First Cause. Remember the Will of God is good. The Will of God is Light. The Will of God is Happiness. The Will of God is Peace. The Will of God is Purity. The Will of God is Balance. The Will of God is Kindness. The "Will to Do" shall now manifest through your lives, your energies, your senses, into every appearance that enfolds a son or daughter of God, who has forgotten their Divine Destiny of Mastery.

I ask that you now listen with your heart and follow the Star. A Crystalline Diamond Heart directs Rays of Pink, Gold and Blue through the physical Focus of Shamballa into the Heart Center of the Earth.

Returning waves of Love, Wisdom and Power gently raise the Earth upward until it is enfolded within the Diamond Heart of God's Holy Will.

Please join me as we intensify the activity of the First Ray by giving the Theme for 1993. Together. Through the activity of the Sacred Violet Fire, I AM conscious only of God's Holy Will, the restoration of Divine Principle in the hearts of all Humanity. Feeling the Power of God's First Ray: I affirm my Faith that *God's First Cause is perfection for all life! (*3X) So be it, beloved I AM!

Center yourselves. Begin to breathe rhythmically in and out. Focus your attention upon the breath―the Holy Breath of God. Breathe in and breathe out. We will now use the power of visualization to work with the higher energies available to us in the Octaves of Light. Take a moment and consider the reason you took embodiment. Relinquish your self and human will. Feel your joy of service and desire to do God's Will. Acknowledge the greater Presence here in action.

Feel your Mantle of Light, as the activity of Its electronic Light Substance surrounds you. See your own Angels of Protection and Restoration standing before you. Acknowledge Their Presence. One of these beautiful Beings of Light from the First Ray, His sword and shield held high, steps into your forcefield, enfolding you within His blazing aura of faith and protection. You are now shining and invincible.

Mercy and compassion fills your Mantle of Light. You forgive all wrongs done to you from the beginning of time and you freely send the gift of love forth to all life. As this takes place, you are instantly forgiven for all your misuse of God's Holy Energy.

The Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love heals your body, harmonizes and stabilizes your feelings, raises your consciousness and sets you free! See yourself as a purified chalice of Light, prepared to receive the gifts of God's Will into your being and world.

An Angel of the Second Ray of Illumination directs rays of Golden Light into the very center of your being, awakening you to the truth of your own individual Divine Plan.

A loving Angel of the Third Ray sends rays of pink light into your physical body and it becomes healthy and strong. Your etheric body radiates love and transmutes the past. Love in your mind and feelings reaffirms that God is the only power acting and insures the expression of only divine thoughts.

These beautiful Angels are now joined by your other Angels of Restoration. From the Angel of the Fourth Ray, you are charged with the Flames of Purity and the buoyancy of the Ascension Flame. The Angel of the Fifth Ray fills you with His Flames of Consecration, Healing and Truth. The gentle Angel of the Sixth Ray fills your being and world with Peace, Healing and Grace. Finally, the magnificent Angel of the Seventh Ray fills you with the transmuting and freeing power of the Violet Fire, forblazing in, through and around your four lower vehicles, the full momentum of the Violet Transmuting Flame, the most powerful aspect of love, instantly transmutes all outstanding energy back into perfection.

From this day forth you will see, hear, speak and be only perfection, never again descending into a state of consciousness that is less than Divinity.

The quality of faith shines forth into all that you think, say and do. You receive a much deeper meaning of some information you have been considering recently, and now know exactly how best to proceed. Your emotional body is peaceful and you look to the future and the tasks ahead with joy and enthusiasm.

Fully centered and at perfect peace, feel the harmony of your true being. As you breath in, feel the inflow of harmony from your God Presence filling your four lower vehicles. The tensions within your mind and emotions dissipate and fade away.

See the Threefold Flame at your heart center expand. You are completely enfolded within this Flame. I AM Flame… I AM Flame ... I AM Flame... My Light... My Life... touches all! Forever ONE in the Great Divine Plan of Life. My Light... My Life... My Love! Hear us, oh Life Eternal, as we make this call for the Human Race, Angels in embodiment, and Elementals.

We give to you this day, this moment, the Love of our hearts in the purest form we are capable of and with it the purest thoughts of our minds! Multiply and expand without limit this energy, saturating all life on our sweet Earth now and forever! I AM Flame... I AM Light... I AM Life and I AM most thankful! Centered within the Flames of Love, Wisdom, and Power, nothing of a negative nature in this world can ever again affect your life.

Once again feel the Presence of the Angels surrounding us. So many people have forgotten the reality of their true being. They have forgotten the many gifts given to us every minute of our existence. God's Life flows to and through us at all times, and it is up to us to qualify that life harmoniously. As we feel the tangible Presence of the Angelic Host, let us also feel the Peace and Love radiating forth from their Beings and worlds.

Feel the security, the absolute Faith we receive when we are centered and perfectly balanced within the Flames of Love, Wisdom and Power. These qualities are intensified when we place our attention upon the Angels. As more people accept Their reality, they, too, will receive the gifts offered by these blessed Beings of Light.

High above the atmosphere of the planet Earth, a point of Light appears. This Light, originating from deep within the hearts of Alpha and Omega, traveling through interstellar space, is the Light of Purity. As this Ray comes ever closer to the Earth, it draws the attention of all the people of this planet. As they look upward, their hearts are filled with Light and they feel the pressure of God's Love filling their entire beings and worlds. This great Light surrounds them and they are now unaware and untouched by the negative conditions that have been created around them by the minds of humanity.

There is nothing but the Pure Light of God blazing through their consciousness and they are sealed within an Oval of Purity for nine feet in every direction. The Golden Light of God Illumination travels down their silver cords and their mental vehicles merge with the Mind of God, opening their consciousness to the directions of their higher selves.

See them inbreathing the Golden Flame of Illumination and as they do, they are charged with the Flame of the Cosmic Christ and their Holy Christ Selves take command of their outer personalities. No longer will they desire to take part in the pursuits of the lower nature of humankind.

See as each man, woman, and child is surrounded by the Angels of Protection, Who assist them at all times to remain free of the concepts that have dominated their existence on this planet. In the Name of the Ascending Christ in the hearts of all humanity, we claim every person on this planet into the Victory in the Light right now. The Will to Do God's Will becomes the overwhelming desire within their hearts and each person proceeds accordingly to their individual Divine Plan.

Once again see the Light, the Love and the Peace descending from the Hearts of Alpha and Omega to Shamballa and from there it expands outward in blazing rainbows to each outpost group of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. See as each focus of Light expands until the Light of God that is eternally victorious, enfolds the Earth, manifesting perfection everywhere upon the Planet.

See all races, all cultures, all people in harmonious accord with one another, co-operating and helping their fellow travelers, especially where the well being of children and young people are concerned.

In unity of mind, feelings   and purpose, the Body of Light is fully aware of this service to the planet Earth. From this day forth it will be ready to go into action every time the calls are made, until all humanity―especially the children―are free from the many chains that bind them. We accept this call fulfilled as God's Most Holy Name, I AM! Gently return your attention to this sanctuary, but remain centered within this higher state of consciousness. Continue to feel the perfect balance of the Threefold Flame in the hearts of all humanity, as we are united in service and prepare to receive the words of beloved Gautama this morning.  

* * *





Note: At Shamballa, the Chelas stand while the Reader or Director faces the Altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the Reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Gautama, the Shamballa Keynote, or other music for meditation.

* * *


Beloved Chelas of My Heart,

As each year draws to a close, I AM privileged to receive the harvest of all the Kingdoms of expression, who serve the Earth, including that of Our chelas. In gratitude, it is My joy to bring you an understanding of the progress made during this year now ending, to give you an idea of the purpose of your endeavors.

As I address you this day, we complete one full cycle of the Power aspect of the Planetary Threefold Flame. Together with Lord Maitreya, beloved Sanat Kumara and Myself, each one of Our chelas has experienced a complete planetary breath. You have felt and known the beloved Earth inbreathing, absorbing, expanding and projecting the qualities of God's magnificent First Ray. During this time, you have consciously joined your loving energies with Ours, using your free will choice to unify your love, wisdom and power with that of the Earth.

As the Breath of Power was experienced in all its stages, your hearts have become ONE with all life in a profound manner.

Perhaps you have begun to understand that, now, in these final years of the twentieth century, the entire activity of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom has entered the process of precipitating the Divinity of humanity on a planetary scale. You have been well prepared through your personal tests and initiations to do this work. Now you must act in a unified way with all chelas and light workers everywhere, no longer permitting confusion to enter your consciousness or doubts to block your way. You are ONE with all chelas of the Great White Brotherhoodin action, here and now! There is no separation, and you are fully integrated into ONE BODY OF LIGHT! This, My beloved ones, is one more step toward the fulfillment of your individual Divine Plans.

As this takes place, there is a great shift in consciousness, because the attention of each individual chela turns from the personal to the group efforts. It is at this point, which is critical to your forward spiritual momentum and that of the planet, that it may sometimes seem you are repeating many steps you have already taken. In actuality, you have taken these steps as individuals for your personal evolution. Now, as a member of the Body of Light, you must expand the lessons you have learned into the group awareness. This process is more complex, because you are no longer making decisions and choices only for yourself. You must now consider the well-being of all members of the group. However, you are assisted by the fact that Cosmic Law, in its impartial service, also prepares the consciousness of your group and the entire race, to enter the next phase, each one at the perfect time and at the level of evolution attained.

All of you are experiencing the truth of this process, for the actions and words of the many people you contact in your outer lives reveals that they are growing in spiritual awareness and are now prepared to receive higher knowledge and guidance regarding their next steps.

Before a chela is drawn into full unity with the Body of Light, he must be prepared through an initiation of the Fourth Ray, so his consciousness may be raised into a higher vibration. This was accomplished by the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom during 1990, under the Enfolding Presence of God Principa. Archangel Michael acted as one of the Sponsors, not only to protect this activity of initiation, but by representing the Alpha energies of the great Central Sun. This energy represented the beginning of a specific activity of Light. In that same year, Archangel Zadkiel also acted as a Sponsor, bringing both the purification of Violet Fire and the Omega energies of the Great Central Sun. These energies represented the completion of the activity of Light for that time.

Lady Astrea provided the added assistance of cutting free all energies that in any way inhibited the chela from letting go of unnecessary patterns of response in their four lower vehicles. Archangel Gabriel gave His gift of awakening your outer consciousness to what was taking place, as well as preparing your emotional natures for the acceptance of the initiation given. The great Chohan, beloved Serapis Bey, worked with each one of you during that time, and I ask that, as you consider this information, you offer your love and gratitude for the great privilege of higher consciousness so lovingly bestowed upon each one of you. I know also that the unifying activity within the Body of Light now rests greatly in your hands, as the representatives of the Spiritual Hierarchy on the physical plane.

Also during 1990, the Thoughtform given envisioned the activity of the Alpha and Omega energies provided by Michael and Zadkiel, as well as the purification received by the Earth, as it was held in the steady, pure White Flame of God Principa. The Theme, lovingly given by the chelas, affirmed their balance and readiness to accept the purification required, as they opened themselves as vessels, through which God's gifts could be poured into the mass consciousness. Thus, you were prepared for the ongoing assistance of Lord Principa, and you have been under His guidance and Maitreya's watchful eye ever since that time.

In 1991, you were enfolded by beloved Elohim Vista, Who opened your inner sight and hearing to the revelation of the teachings presented by the Sponsors. Lady Liberty brought the remembrance of your individual gifts and stimulated your freedom of choice to develop these gifts and talents from that time forth on behalf of the Body of Light. Lord Lanto presented the knowledge and understanding required by each individual chela in this respect, while Lord Maitreya guided your inner progress, balancing your intellectual and emotional responses, to protect the Christ Flame in each of your hearts carefully. Beloved Lady Nada breathed on the Flame of Love in your hearts, assisting each one of you to adhere to the Divine Plan for the unified work and sustain your desire to manifest that Plan. The Thoughtform reflected the consecration and concentration required to bring forth the truth of the Christ Flame within every human heart. The Theme affirmed this Divine Reality within Our chelas, as well as their ability to rekindle the Flame within the hearts of the entire race.

In 1992, beloved Saint Germain held the Earth in His enfolding embrace, as the chelas and all life received the fullness of the most powerful aspect of the Sacred Violet Fire. As It blazed in, through and around Our chelas, you were given the Perfect Peace that comes with such Love. Master Kuthumi nourished you with His Wisdom and Understanding; Elohim Hercules brought you His Protection and restored the Power of God's Will within your hearts, especially for the work to come. Finally, Lady Hope filled your hearts with Her quality, and poured it through you into the consciousness of all humanity, so they would lift their vision to a higher focus and be prepared for the process of Restoration taking place.

This, My beloved chelas, is the way in which the sacred Threefold Flames of your hearts were prepared for the steady march forward, begun under the banner of the First Ray, with which you have worked so courageously this year. Now, strengthened in Faith and having reached a higher plane of consciousness, you are unified within the Body of Light, which is the Cosmic Christ Consciousness for the planet Earth. Nothing of a negative nature can enter this sacred Body. In this New Age, the Law and the Fulfillment will be proven in the lives of Our chelas. As your unity strengthens, and each one of you takes responsibility for the good of the whole, you will also see the governments of the Earth becoming more successful in their efforts to unite. You will see the mass consciousness awaken more and more fully, and many will be drawn into the Body of Light to receive assistance in their struggles to move forward. Youeach onewill find these blessed ones drawn to you by your increased Light of Understanding, your ability to love unconditionally, and your God Powers, now released throughout your four lower vehicles with your every thought, word and deed. With each passing moment, you will truly depend more completely upon the full control and command of your Holy Christ Selves. You will become ever more aware of the support of the entire group of chelas, worldwide, as well as your deepened unity with the Octaves of Light. This is a blessing so profound that you shall meditate upon it day and night in the secret place of the Most High Living God in your hearts, doing everything you can to intensify this blessing and project it forth to all life everywhere.

In closing, let Us take a few moments and prepare for your active participation in the Sacred Ceremonies at the Great Teton Retreat that will take place tonight. See and feel the reality of the Presence of the Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit of 1993 standing before you now. Silently and in your own way, accept the great gifts each one of Them now offers you, starting with Archangel Michael. Feel His great love and constancy enfold you. Now accept the God Power and Strength of Elohim Hercules, knowing it will flow through you in your work ahead. Feel the love and closeness of Lady Miriam. Accept Her enlightenment and the joy of Her companionship from this time forth. As God Principa looks upon you, accept the Laws of Light He imparts, into your being and world. Know that only Divine Principle will guide your every thought and action in all time to come. Finally, bow in gratitude before beloved Chohan El Morya, as He places His Mantle of God's Will and the courage of Spiritual Integrity around you.

Know that I, Lord Gautama, hold you ever closer within My Aura. I thank and bless you for every step you take upon the path to perfect balance, and for giving these gifts to all life upon the Earth we serve together.

I AM Lord Gautama


* * *

Thank you beloved Gautama, great Lord of the World for your loving words of wisdom to the children of Earth. This morning let us close our class by enfolding all the work we have done in Peace. Please stand and let us sing + Prayer for Peace.


This is my prayer,

0 Lord of all the Nations;

A prayer for Peace

For lands afar and mine. 

 Heaven is my Home;

All humankind's HOME Eternal!

And loyal hearts are calling to Thee!

Yes, loyal hearts in other lands are calling¾

For Peace on Earth...

Goodwill to all humankind! 

My country's skies

Are blue; and so the ocean;

And sunlight bright

From Helios here shines;

But other lands have sunlight,

Rain, and flower;

And skies may be as blue there as mine!

Oh, hear my prayer, 0 God of all Creation!

A prayer for Peace

For every land and mine! 

* * *

+ BENEDICTION (or choice of Director, see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony)

Sealed within the perfectly balanced Flames of Love, Wisdom, and Power we thank You, great Beings of Love, for Your outpouring this day. May we always be perfect channels of Your great Love and Light to the people of Earth. We know that the Cosmic Christ is working through us. We feel the pulse beat of love in all life and the continuity of love in all the experiences we have ever known. We were born out of love. We are evolving through love. We shall ascend back into love. Grateful for this sacred knowledge we now ask that You amplify our efforts and take them North, South, East, and West and cover our dear planet with peace, purity, freedom, and perfection. As God's Most Holy Name, I AM!

+ CLOSING ACOLYTE SERVICE (on page 10 in the ivory pages of the Book of Ceremony)


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