Gently close your eyes and begin to breathe rhythmically in and out. Breathe in the Essence of Creation, and breathe it out. Breathe in the Essence of Life, and breathe it out. Breathe in the Essence of the Cosmic Holy Spirit, and breathe it out. As you exhale, consciously enter deep within the Threefold Flame in your heart.

Centered in this Sacred Flame you are instantly transported to the Temple of the Cosmic Holy Spirit. Grateful for every opportunity to serve life, you joyously place your attention upon your own Holy Christ Self. You recognize, not only your Higher Self, but those of your sisters and brothers of Light, who are also visiting this Temple today. You are warmly greeted and enfolded in their radiation of Love and Light.

After a short period of time, you are silently ushered into the Flame Room, which is filled with soft Pink Light, and its Crystalline Radiance sparkles brightly throughout the room. Every lifestream visiting the Temple at this time has been invited to engage in an activity to increase the radiation emanating forth from this Sacred Focus to all life on our dear planet Earth. As part of the necessary preparation for the upcoming activities, each of us now takes a few moments to absorb the Essence of the Flame into our Beings.

The Enlightened Ones serving in this Temple now lead the way down a long corridor toward a huge ballroom. Harmonious, angelic voices fill the air and the Music of the Spheres can be heard in the distance. Upon entering the magnificent ballroom a familiar and comforting melody filters through our Light Bodies, filling us with Divine Love. Many of the Beings of Light present, are moving in a gentle, rhythmic motion. They are engaged in the Dance of Creation, actually creating and projecting their own unique gifts to our Planet. After a few moments we too, find ourselves joining in this dance―following the rhythm of our hearts and creating our own unique patterns of Light!

Each form in turn joins with the others, creating completely new and unique patterns of Light and Life. In the Spirit of Joy and Exaltation, we are creating the Rhythm of the New Age! We... the Body of Light... working this day from the Temple of the Cosmic Holy Spirit... are creating the patterns of Life and Light needed to transform the Earth into Freedom's Holy Star!

Behold now, as Holy Ĉolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit, raises His hands, magnetizing, projecting, and radiating the Beauty of this Dance into our beloved Mother Earth, Lady Virgo. Beloved Ĉolus now faces the dancers and, as each of us, in turn, stand before His magnificent Presence, He places His hand upon our foreheads. He blesses and consecrates each of us as an integral part of the Body of Light, not only now, but for all eternity. As He leaves the room, we complete our dance and the music gently ends.

Enfolded in the Silence of our own Heart Flames, we listen and hear the beautiful keynote of the New Age and through the power of the Holy Breath, we intensify this music, directing it earthward, where it will be received into the hearts of every man, woman, and child upon the Earth, and they will now understand.

We once again return to the Flame Room and find a comfortable seat around the Flame of the Cosmic Holy Spirit. We drink deeply of Its essence and we are fully enfolded in the soft Pink Flame with a Crystalline Radiance. We remain in this beautiful sanctuary receiving all that we need to co-serve fully within the Body of Light. Filled with God's perfect Love and Peace, we slowly return our attention to our physical location. Feeling our unity with all life, we are grateful. 







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