Assimilation and Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern

June 1994


ELECTRONIC PATTERN: See a beautiful dove, gently and lovingly enfolding the Earth in its embrace as every man, woman, and child, join together in unity and brotherhood, raising the chalice of their combined consciousness high, receiving the Peace and Love of the Cosmic Holy Spirit.

Beloved Ones,

I offer a beautiful Blessing to you this month, which can be used as often as you desire to remind you and your loved ones of the power of the Presence of God in every lifestream. Also, the absolute necessity of the constant use of the Blue Flame of Protection and the Sacred Violet Fire is shown to you within these words. You will be reminded, too, of the importance of the Consecration Flame, so that whatever you have accomplished will be sustained, now and forever, through the Ritual of the Sacred Fire.

In addition, I have included some Ideals, based upon My Code of Conduct for a Disciple of Holy Spirit, for your use to complement your work. The affirmations are given in such a way that they can be easily shared, discussed, and understood by your family and friends.

Upon further examination, you will find that, whenever you use this Blessing, you are not only giving it for your home, for―as is true with every activity in which a chela is involved, the energy and radiation expands outward. Thus, it will include every home and family, all sanctuaries and places of business or service across the Earth.

You can also take this Blessing deep within, and use it at a very personal level, protecting, forgiving, purifying, and consecrating your bodies, or those of a loved one. Take time and enter the Silence of your heart. Listen and receive your own ideas concerning your use of this blessing, for I offer it―not only to you―but to all life!

For a time, you may want to enter into this sacred activity every day and build upon its momentum. I AM sure it will remind each one of you how to respond to life as one of My Disciples of Holy Spirit, while you still walk upon this planet.

You have each taken another step upon your individual paths toward self-mastery and those of Us in the Ascended Realm are grateful for your continued dedication and service to all life. We look to the future with joy and happiness, as we all work together, assisting our brothers and sisters, as they, too, awaken to the Light and Truth, and begin their journey toward the complete acceptance of the Presence of God within themselves and in each other.

It is about this assistance that I wish to share with you today. Often, as individuals awaken and search out people who understand, desiring to discuss new ideas, they are brought into contact with people with whom they have worked a very long time ago. As they open themselves to long forgotten ideas, they may begin to experience thoughts and feelings they have not had or felt during this lifetime.

As you are aware, past life embodiments and all that they bring forward, often enter into your present relationships. As a chela, most of you have learned to recognize when this occurs. These individuals will often try to involve you in what they have felt or experienced, in an attempt to re-establish previous relationships. Most often, you will find that you will have no desire to engage in a relationship based upon the past. You may even have no personal awareness or memories of such information.

As you know, the reasons for this are many. I will share with you just a few, to remind you of your right response. First, there may be no reason for you to have knowledge of old information, for you have already been able to fully integrate every part of that lifetime into your being and it has become a unified part of who you are now.

Second, while in your presence, people may often feel or experience things that bring up ideas from the past. When they are with you, they are reminded and experience the same feelings, memories, and thoughts they had during those times, as someone else. In instances such as this, it may or may not always refer to a past life.

When things like this occur, you must remain an objective observer. In this way, you may use this as an opportunity to assist another person in looking at and understanding whatever they may need to see and learn. At times, this is accomplished by remaining silent and listening. One thing is certain: you do not need to negate the information they are sharing with you unless it is absolutely necessary. There is always a reason why they are sharing with you in this manner and you must ask the Presence of God to assist you to respond in the proper way. Always remember to go to the Principle, sharing this information with them only if you feel it is appropriate.

Beloved ones, there is also much you can do to assist others through your use of the Sacred Flames. This year, especially, you are receiving the necessary illumination and understanding concerning this and other gifts you have been given. During the coming year and beyond, many of the teachings you have previously received will be clarified for you, allowing you to move rapidly forward in your work as a teacher of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

The Language of the Heart is extremely important and I hope that each of you are turning you attention to this activity. It is time for you to begin to experiment with this ability, learning how to put it to use in your world in the best ways possible. As with each of the gifts from the Godhead, you must work toward mastery in every case at your own pace. You will find that Divine Order is in place with all things.

Sometimes, when dealing with your personal spiritual development, many things must take place before the 'door of opportunity' may be opened to you. Do not become discouraged if you are not yet able to tap into certain higher energies you may wish to experience, even if you feel others are already doing these things. Instead, focus your attention upon what you are doing right now and the day will soon come when you are truly a master of energy.

It takes time to learn to use these gifts for the greatest good of all life. In every case, you must be at a specific level of consciousness and understanding for certain abilities to be revealed. In these situations, when you find that you are unhappy with yourself concerning your progress, ask your Presence what you must do to find the key that unlocks the door, allowing the flow to begin.

Be patient with yourself, for I lovingly remind you once more, all is in Divine Order. You must be ever aware that, when human consciousness rushes in and tries to command these gifts, the flow will immediately stop, and not resume until you have regained your place of perfect balance and peace.

Every time this happens, beloved ones, thank God for showing you an area of your life that needs improvement. Use every opportunity given to learn and move forward on your path. I will always be at your side to assist you with your ultimate goal―that of Perfection and Ascension.







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