Volume IV                           December 1994                       Number # 12 A








 * * *


For the Class of December 31, 1994, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1994 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. We love, bless and thank you for your dedication, co-service and light!


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION #2 by Director, (see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony, or invocation of the Director's choice)  

Oh, Thou Great Universal First Cause, from the innermost Temple of our beings, we reverently and humbly bow before the Flame of Life I AM, and drink deeply of Your Love, Wisdom and Power. In this balanced state of God-The Father, God-The Holy Spirit, and God-The Christ Self, we, the chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, make this call to the blessed Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, home of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Beloved Lord Gautama, beloved Sanat Kumara, and especially this morning we invite and invoke beloved Maitreya―The Lord Buddha and World Teacher: Oh, beloved Ones, COME FORTH NOW! Assist us with Your full gathered Cosmic Momentum of Love, Wisdom and Power to fully awaken Shamballa within our hearts and the hearts of all humanity.

Standing beside you, with our hands stretched forth, we offer our love, our energy and our entire Beings on behalf of the beloved planet Earth¾for I AM a Being of Flame and I AM Its Light! Vested with this authority, we are grateful to be part of an Activity designed to re-acquaint all humanity with their Flame and their Light.

From this Holy Sanctuary, consecrated by the purity of our thoughts and feelings, may the Flame of the Eternal go forth and touch the hearts and minds of all the Sons and Daughters of God. So be it, beloved I AM!

GREETING By DIRECTOR: Beloved friends and co-servers, I greet you with all the love of my heart and I thank you for your presence here this morning. We are gathered today through the activity of the Divine Law of Attraction. This Law states that "like attracts like". This is true―for even though we have our own individuality and uniqueness of being¾we have come together unified in consciousness for one purpose, to serve the Eternal Light of God! We offer ourselves as a Cup, the Holy Grail for the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. We are One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Body, One Energy and Vibration, One Consciousness of Pure Thought and Feeling, One Love and our One desire is to pour forth and anchor the Light, Illumination, Wisdom, Truth, Gifts, and Blessings of our elder Brothers and Sisters from the Great White Brotherhood to all life on our blessed planet Earth.

As we constantly feel and accept the directives from our beloved Holy Christ Self, we shall now also acknowledge the Presence of God in us by consciously donning our Mantles of Light. Please take up your decree books and turn to (+) Decree 2-01 and when you have found it please stand. Together...

I thank you! Please, be seated! Beloved Lord Maitreya, as a Servant of the Universal First Cause, consciously chose to serve life through the avenue of teaching and because of His endeavors He has often been called a Teacher of Teachers. In one way or another, we are all teachers of the New Age and as such, we will continue our preparation by calling upon beloved Lord Maitreya to flash forth His mighty Light Rays into and through our consciousness―by giving Decree 11-01 We will use as our insert: beloved Ascended Master, Lord Maitreya. Together...

United in consciousness and charged with Lord Maitreya's mighty Light Rays, of Love and Enlightenment, please lay aside your decree books and center yourselves within the Flame of Divinity anchored in your hearts.

In the distant past, a long, long time ago, before we began our journey into the lower vibratory substance of the Earth, our consciousness knew no separation from our Divine Reality―the Presence of God, I AM. It is this search―to return to that Oneness―that we strive to accomplish throughout our lives. The initiation of, once again, becoming One with God prompts us to go forth into the world of form and ultimately our goal will be achieved by following the path of divine service. This is the road to the Ascension, in other words, the evolution of the spirit and beloved friends, it is an ongoing and continuous activity.

During our class this morning we will take a few moments and remember various steps which we have taken on our journey through life to get to this point in our evolution. For now, please close your eyes, if you have not yet done so and visualize yourself in complete at-one-ment with the I AM Presence of God. Wearing your eternal garment of Light, you kneel before the Lords of Karma and request the opportunity to descend into the physical substance of the Earth. As your petition is granted by the Divine Intelligence governing the planetary evolution of the Earth, the pulse beat of the Eternal becomes stronger, and the Universal Light brighter!

Your God Presence now joins the Seven Mighty Elohim in consciousness, to assist in the establishment of the perfection of Heaven upon the Earth, as a mighty Light Ray is projected from the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

Within this vibratory activity the masculine aspect of God is fully activated. As it passes through the silver cord, your connection with God, its action slows, magnetizing certain atomic substances that gather together and begin to form the permanent atom of your physical existence―your heart.

During this process, the feminine nature of God also begins its activity, providing the balance necessary to allow the physical substance of your being to actually take form. Your heart has become the cause and core of your atomic consciousness and draws around itself every memory, thought, or feeling you have ever had.

Take a few moments to remember how, long ago, you made a conscious choice to come into this physical world of existence. Now take a deep breath to revitalize that memory and also the Flame of Divinity within your heart. As you breathe out, feel your Heart Flame expand to enfold all life in the memory of their true being. Breathe in again and as you breathe out, gently bring your attention back to your physical location. (Pause)

Now that we have all returned in consciousness to this physical focus, united in co-service, together we will draw some additional perfectly qualified energy into our world by giving more decrees. When you have opened your eyes, please take up your books and turn to (+) Decree 2-05. We will reaffirm our faith that God's First Cause is Perfection for all things. Let us stand for this decree. Together...

Charged with Lord Michael's Faith and Protection, we are fully prepared to call for the removal of all human creation upon the Earth. Kindly turn to (+) Decree 3-09 and we will ask beloved Lady Astrea to assist us in this activity. This great Being of Light has a focus of service within the magnificent retreat of Archangel Michael. Let us feel and perceive this example of unity between the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms as we give this decree. Together!

I thank you for your loving service! You may be seated. Enfolded in the Faith in God's Will, and sealed in beloved Lady Astrea's Flame of Purity, we shall now call upon our beloved Friend, Saint Germain, to seal the Earth in a mighty Pillar of Violet Fire. Please, turn to Decree 3-10 Together...

Put your decree books aside, take a comfortable position in your seats, close your eyes and center yourselves. Quickly you find your love of God has gently drawn your attention inward! As the pristine fragrance of the Holy Spirit permeates your being, you realize that, when your consciousness is fully focused upon the Threefold Flame of Divinity within your heart, you are able to constantly and without effort, radiate Light, the perfect love, wisdom, and power of your God Presence forth to all life.

Once again become aware of the electronic substance of your every memory, thought, and feeling surrounding the radiant sun of your existence―the Threefold Flame in your heart. Working in complete harmony with your Inner Christ, you consciously draw to your inner self all that is in need of purification, transmuting this substance back into pure Light. As these many thoughtforms spiral downward into the Flame of Freedom at your heart center, you experience a glorious feeling of release. You are purified and free and you silently affirm: *I AM a force of Violet Fire stronger than any human condition! (*3X) So be it, beloved I AM!

As this activity of transmutation continues, your Threefold Flame expands outward and upward. You now stand tall and reaching Heaven's Heights, claim your Divine Heritage right now! Your celestial homecoming is complete. Once again using your inner vision, look around. The electronic substance surrounding your purified consciousness is composed of majestic Light. You hear the Music of the Spheres in, through, and around your being. Desiring to expand this Symphony of Perfection, you begin to breathe deeply initiating the activity of the Holy Breath.

From within the sun of even pressure in your heart, you now participate in and witness the weaving of the combined electronic light substance of every lightworker into a magnificent golden chalice of living Light, which grows with each blessed breath, filling this entire Sanctuary. Every chela around this planet is also offering his or her own energy and substance to the formation of this Holy Grail, which we now lovingly offer to the beloved Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, especially to Lord Maitreya, Who is the presiding Master of our class today.

United in consciousness, we are the vehicle for the expression of the Christ in every human heart; and through the activity of this mighty Body of Light which surrounds the Earth, the Cup expands, expands, and expands¾drawing to itself all the pure electronic substance necessary to manifest its full glory, signifying the perfection of the Will of God. Holding this magnificent pattern of beauty on the inner screen of your minds, please receive these words from beloved Sanat Kumara, the great Lord of Love as He speaks on the subject of the Golden Cup:

"My Dearly Beloved Ones,

“…This Golden Chalice is the Heart Center of Shamballa, formed by the ascending Love of every chela on the Earth, merged with the descending Love of the Holy Triumvirate for all life upon this planet. One day, all of your brothers and sisters in the Human Family will seek the Love and Light of the Holy Spirit that is constantly poured through this Chalice. It is our mutual task to continually replenish the sacred Elixir, until every lifestream has sought and received the opportunity to drink from this sacred Cup.  

"When Lord Gautama first established this Thoughtform for the physical Focus of Shamballa, it was placed within the etheric realm over the Sanctuary. Now, in response to the Light that has been magnetized through it over the ensuing years, not only has it expanded greatly in size and scope of purpose, but the Earth Itself has been drawn into a higher vibratory activity. Thus, the Sanctuary has become a part of the Golden Chalice, with the cup raised into the etheric realm above, to receive the constant stream of Light from the Great White Brotherhood and all Ascended and Cosmic Beings upon Whom you call. . . "

Let us take this opportunity to intensify the Light that is poured forth from this Holy Chalice through the activity of the Holy Breath. We will breathe in the qualities of Love, Wisdom and Power, joining our energies with those of the beloved Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa and then breathe out. Once again, breathe in the vibration of Shamballa, hold your breath in and absorb this quality in your heart flame. Breathe out, expanding the vibration of Shamballa throughout your four lower vehicles. Hold the breath out and project it forth to all life. Breathe it in ... and breathe it out, as we prepare ourselves to give the breathing statement. Breathe in ... and breathe out.

*I AM inbreathing the full momentum of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM absorbing the full momentum of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM expanding the full momentum of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM projecting the full momentum of the Planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa. (*3X)

Breathe in the vibration of Shamballa . . . and breathe it out... Gently begin to return your breathing back to its normal rhythm. Let us now send our love and gratitude to the beloved Holy Triumvirate and slowly and gently return our awareness to our own personal chalices of expression on the Earth¾our physical bodies and let us always remember our connection to the combined chalice of consciousness.

We have been taught that we can visualize perfection and purify misqualified energy without having to touch the imperfection. This complements the understanding that where our attention is, there we are, for our consciousness ties into whatever our attention draws to itself! With these thoughts in mind, let us call upon the Law of Forgiveness and channel the perfection and beauty of the Mercy Flame into the Earth. When you are ready, please turn to (+) Decree 3-11 and when you have found it please stand. Together...

As we constantly receive and project the Flames of Mercy and Compassion, we shall strengthen our oneness with the Holy Christ Self by singing "Holy Christ Flame". Would you please remain standing, take up your class supplement and turn to page 13.


Thou Holy Christ Flame within my heart,

Help me to manifest all Thou art;

Teach me to see Thyself in all;

Help me to show men how to call

All of Thy Glory from the Sun

'Til Earth's great Victory is won!

I AM, we love Thee, Thou art our all!

I AM, we love Thee; Hear our CALL!

I hear thy call, my children dear;

I AM thy heart, so never fear!

I AM your mind¾your body too;

I AM in every cell of you.

I AM thy earth, and sea, and sky;

And not one soul shall I pass by!

I AM in Thee; thou art in Me!

I AM! I AM! Earth's VICTORY!

That was a beautiful release of energy! I thank you. Did you feel the expansion of your Heart Flame as we lifted our voices in song? Remember that the flame in our hearts responds to our every call. Please be seated and turn to Decree 3-08 Together!

* * *

As we feel the magnetic power of the sacred Violet Fire flowing to and through us to all life, we are once again reminded by our beloved Support Group of Angels that we are working as One Chalice of Consciousness. Through our unified efforts, we also further manifest the perfection of the Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals, and Humankind. Once again let us listen to the words of beloved Sanat Kumara, as He continues His insightful explanation of the Golden Cup:  

“…Those of you who are gathered here this day are seated around and within the base of the Chalice, forming the connection with the Earth plane. Your combined energies not only hold the cup aloft to Us, but your physical vehicles actually form the stem and base through which these energies may flow into the body of the Earth. From every location where a chela is joining in this class, a stream of Light energy is pouring into the cup of the Chalice, merging with the combined energies of the Holy Triumvirate and all of you present here today. At the close of the class, it shall be released to cover the Earth and love all life free.

"If you can visualize and feel this Activity of Light clearly, you will truly realize yourselves as the Golden Chalice, acting as ONE, with the Holy Triumvirate and the Great White Brotherhood on behalf of the entire Human Family and the planet Earth! As our cooperative service continues to increase and grow throughout the planet, so will the Chalice grow, until it holds the Earth within Itself, lifting it aloft into its higher orbit.

"To prepare for this, the major task to be accomplished during the remainder of this century is that of balancing the Sacred Threefold Flame in the Heart of the planet Earth. This shall be done by first balancing the Threefold Flames within the hearts of the chelas, because it is you who are receiving and accepting the understanding necessary to accomplish this work. As you do so, you constantly become more perfect receivers and transmitters of the Sacred Flames to all life on Earth. Secondly, through you, who serve as the Body of Light on the planet, the Threefold Flames in the hearts of all humanity shall also be balanced. Finally, the Earth Itself shall be the recipient of these perfected and enlightened energies. . . "

In gratitude for beloved Sanat Kumara's Love and Illumination, we kneel before the Altar of Life within our hearts, sending a Ray of Praise and Thanksgiving to the Universal Source of Love, Light and Life!

He has reminded us that I AM is the Eternal Stream of Life; and as our consciousness becomes Christ Consciousness, we are the chalice through which Divine Love flows to bless all life. As we hold our Cup straight up to the Great Presence of all Love, Wisdom and Power, let us visualize the beloved Holy Triumvirate standing before us in this Sanctuary, As you look at them you see they have formed a triangle. Beloved Sanat Kumara stands to the left, and Lord Gautama stands to the right. Beloved Lord Maitreya, fulfilling His role as the presiding Master, stands in the middle, a few steps ahead the other two. Let us join as one with the Holy Triumvirate as we now offer our love and gratitude to the great Beings who have served the Earth so well during 1994. A choir of Angelic voices is heard in the distance preparing the way, when―patiently and humbly―the Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit enter our Sanctuary and position Themselves in front of Lord Maitreya. The Cosmic Keynote of Divine Love is sounded and beloved Archangel Jophiel steps toward Lord Maitreya and a perfectly balanced Light Ray now connects their hearts.

Beloved Archangel Jophiel, from the Sun behind the Sun, You have brought us Light¾Light into our souls, into our spirits, into our consciousness. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Illumination Flame, which You so perfectly express. With Your loving radiation and assistance we have glimpsed the understanding that, as we serve the Will of God, our service is indeed infinite and we now stand forth in full freedom! We welcome Your Shining Presence into our worlds at all times through the Ritual of Friendship and Co-service! As the Light You have sent forth into our hearts returns to You, we charge It with all the momentum of the good stored in our Causal Bodies! We love and bless You!

Jophiel steps back and the Cosmic Keynote of Divine Mind now sounds. Beloved Elohim Cassiopeia steps toward Lord Maitreya and a perfectly balanced Light Ray connects their hearts.

Beloved Elohim Cassiopeia, from the Point of Light known as the Mind of God, You have so perfectly bridged that space, offering to us the Divine Ideas of Perfection, teaching us how to precipitate them into the world of form to bless all life. Spiritual Enlightenment radiates forth ever brighter from the Golden Sun of our true being, re-awakening our minds to a broader understanding of the Crown of the Elohim upon our brows. Grateful for Your constant blessings, we reverently and lovingly send a call to the One Supreme Source of All Life, asking that the Mighty Hand of God will raise Your Spirit to limitless heights of Light and Perfection. We thank You!

Cassiopeia steps back and the Cosmic Keynote of Wisdom and Gentleness sounds, and beloved Master Kuthumi steps toward Lord Maitreya, as once again a perfectly balanced Light Ray now connects their hearts.

Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi, our gentle Friend of the Ages, We thank You for your limitless instructions which will assist us to become perfect teachers and leaders of the New Age! Your knowledge and understanding of the many pathways of life, which we, too, must tread, will greatly help guide us on our forward journey. Your radiation of Spiritual Leadership through Wisdom, Illumination and Understanding has taught us that we must first become the directors of our own Temples of expression before we can help others find their way to their own Christ Flames. We bless you with all the love of our hearts, gentle Brother!

Kuthumi bows His head and steps back, as the Cosmic Keynote of Illumination and Reverence for Life now sounds. Beloved Master Dwjal Khul, the Enfolding Spirit for this great year, steps toward Lord Maitreya and a perfectly balanced Light Ray connects their hearts.

Beloved Ascended Master Dwjal Khul, Your Divine Understanding of the Power of the Silence is a treasure to us and we are grateful for the privilege of being enfolded in Your Mantle of Quietude during this year of Enlightenment! With Your continued support, may we learn how to manifest and sustain our own mystic Mantles, further realizing the Oneness of all life. Only in the Silence are we able to perceive ourselves as One cell in the multitude of Ones! We reverently bow before Your example of anonymity, and we pray that we may express Your Divine example in the physical world of form. For Your Friendship, Illumination and Assistance―there are no words and we call upon Cosmic Law to bless You in ways that even You know not of!

As the Cosmic Keynote of Unity sounds, the combined Heart Flame of the Holy Triumvirate merges with the Heart Flames of this year's Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit. We now behold the beautiful vision of a steady, pure white flame slowly and gently becoming One with our Golden Chalice of living Light and we are grateful.

Beloved chelas, we are all an integral part of Shamballa, because there is a physical focus of Shamballa in every human heart. Breathe in―feel and experience this at-one-ment. Breathe out and expand the Flame of Shamballa to all life. Breathe in again and on the outbreath, begin to return your attention to your physical body. (Pause)

Once you have become conscious of your physical surroundings, I ask you to take up your decree books and turn to (+) Decree 2-06. When you have found it, please stand! Together!

As Shamballa is resurrected in every human being, we will next call upon the Powers of Light at Shamballa by giving (+) Decree 3-11. Together.

Accepting the full Power of Shamballa in every human heart as the governing force of this planet, please be seated and turn to Decree 11-10 Together...

* * *

I thank you for that call for Perfect Balance! Once again please put your decree books aside and place your attention upon the Flame of Divinity within your heart. The time has come for us to take another journey in consciousness, as we begin our climb up the Mountain of Spiritual Attainment. First take a moment to visualize the focus of Shamballa in your heart, for it provides the base of the great mountain we will be climbing.

The path we follow is the path of Unconditional Love, which beloved Sanat Kumara so aptly expressed during the time He served as Lord of the World for the planet Earth. With reverence, beloved Sanat Kumara fans the Flame of Love within your hearts, expanding and intensifying your expression of the Love Nature of God through your entire beings and worlds!

The Love of God prompts you ever upward. On the way you face the inevitable Initiation of Divine Will, where you are given the opportunity to choose between human will and Divine Will. This initiation is felt in the Throat Chakra, as you call for the assistance of beloved Gautama, for He represents the Power, Protection, and Divine Will of the Father. As you successfully complete this step, you are charged with Lord Gautama's cosmic momentum of patience and illumination of the Middle Way. You recognize that this is a new beginning and from this day forth, you will speak only words that glorify the Presence of God, I AM!

Traveling further up this Mountain you find, through your inner sight, Truth has clearly become evident in your life. Your third eye, now fully open through Divine Illumination, offers you glimpses of your Divine Heritage. The Golden Flame of Wisdom blazes brightly upon your brow and you completely unify your consciousness with that of the Buddha, beloved Lord Maitreya. Now having received full enlightenment, your four lower vehicles become one with your three higher bodies and the chalice of your being is in perfect balance. You truly have come home and are reunited with the Holy Triumvirate. They stand, arms outstretched, welcoming you into their loving embrace and you are at perfect peace. Long have they awaited your return, as they held the Immaculate Concept for the completion of your adventure close to their hearts and deep in their minds. Grateful for their service, you now feel beloved Lord Maitreya, as He expands His aura to enfold you in His radiation, preparing you to receive His words.

* * *



Note: At Shamballa, the Chelas stand while the Reader or Director faces the Altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the Discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the Reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the Discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Maitreya, the Shamballa Keynote, or other music for meditation.

Children of the One Universal Presence,

It has been stated that much more information would be released during this Year of Wisdom and Illumination and many of you are still patiently waiting for this material. Beloved ones, I ask you to stop and consider what you have been given in 1994 and how your understanding has expanded, as you further developed your personal relationship with those of Us Who work with you from the Ascended Realms.

As you each accepted the higher initiations that have been offered, your paths may have taken slightly different courses, as required for your own personal growth and development. Many of you have experienced a much broader understanding of the information previously given to you through books, magazines, other individuals, and your direct communication with the many Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, who patiently await your every inquiry. Some of you may have faced a major challenge in your life, which offered you the opportunity to use the wisdom you have developed, confirming the truth that you are rapidly moving forward on your own path toward Self Mastery.

In fact, so much information has been given to you this year, that it may take some time for you to fully assimilate the profound illumination that is currently being offered to the children of Earth. At times you may feel overwhelmed and confused, possibly even doubting your ability to receive and work with the very strong energy and radiation now being released. To assist you, may I offer this simple advice; whenever you become aware of qualities such as these entering your consciousness, seek out your place of perfect peace and enter into silent communion with your I AM Presence. For it is there you will find comfort and the answer to your every question and feelings of doubt, renewing your faith in your abilities.

You will then be enfolded in your cloak of quietude very quickly and once again feel the magnificent flow of love and light that is offered to every individual evolving on this Earth, when they become quiet enough within themselves to hear the Voice of the Silence. Remember, beloved students of the One Universal Light, this is where We patiently await you, with Our arms outstretched to enfold you in Our love, wisdom, and power! Remember that, by your example, the time will surely come when many of you will enter and remain within Our embrace forever, working at a much higher level of consciousness for the good of all life!

As The Buddha, it is I Who embodies the Love of God that sustains the Spiritual Fire within the souls of all humanity. As a part of this work, I also step down the energies and vibrations of the Higher Realms to a point that can be tolerated by those of you who have chosen to inhabit and serve the Earth at this time. By providing this service to you, I enable you to be of the same assistance to the rest of your brothers and sisters who walk the Earth. I request that you seek additional guidance from within, becoming fully aware of the task which you must now begin to perform, as over the next year, the vibratory activity of this energy and radiation will be increased. You must be fully prepared to temper and command this great energy which flows through you to others at all times, as so many individuals, just now awakening, are not ready to receive the full release of this radiation.

This is but one way those of Us in the Ascended Realms and those of you who reside upon the surface of this planet, work together for the good of the whole and over the next several years, you will receive many more examples of our co-service. Beloved ones, your work will become more and more important to the Earth, as her vibrations are raised at an ever increasing rate. The prophesies of the past demanding that negative activities will take place throughout the planet must be transmuted and dissolved. This will be accomplished, for as I look upon the light of every chela and lightworker, it is done! Feeling My Spiritual Fire blazing in, through, and around you at all times, know that I hold you in the palm of My Hand and what I do so lovingly for you, I also do for all life.

I ask that you now go back to a time seven and one half years ago. An event occurred that has been marked for all time as the 'Harmonic Convergence'. It was the ‘clarion call’ for all lifestreams and included a glorious release of energy directed into the Earth, with the express purpose of awakening Our unascended co-servers around the planet to the work of the years ahead. Its anniversary is celebrated every year by individuals who still do not yet fully realize the significance of that day.

For many of you it marked a time of great change in your life. Left behind was the comfort and security of your previous life, as you were born again into higher spiritual service. That day signaled the Act―the Beginning―of a group of harmonious lifestreams, both ascended and unascended, who would one day come together and remain connected forever to one point on this planet—Shamballa. The great Body of Light was then fully activated for all involved, uniting their energies in service for one purpose, with one common goal, thus greatly intensifying the process of the Ascension for this planet, which began some time ago and was just waiting for this cosmic moment in Earth's evolution.

Think about what this means for the entire Universe! For you and the others who have accepted the higher initiations, I await your every call, for the Light of God is eternally victorious! Know that you are surrounded by more Beings of Light than you can even imagine and each one supports you with all the love of their hearts in your every effort to serve the Will of God! Take your next step, beloved ones, for as you take time often to enter the silence, you will surely come to know what it is and remember what you must do to accomplish your mission. During this time, know that I will always be with you, for you are the resurrection and the life of the perfection of your Divine Plan, manifest in the world of form, right here, right now and forever sustained!

Lord Maitreya

* * *

From the innermost Temple of our beings, we send a Ray of Love and Gratitude to the beloved Holy Triumvirate. Especially do we give thanks to the Radiant Presence of beloved Lord Maitreya for His words of Wisdom, Illumination, and Understanding.

Through the Glory of the Ages, a magnificent Light appears. It is the First Flame of Life and all God's Creation contains its spark.

Centered within the  Sacred Violet Fire, the humankind of Earth now listen with their hearts and follow the Star.

Kneeling before the Flame of God's Divine Principle, we hold the sacred chalice of our consciousness high, receiving and radiating forth the Golden Light of God's Wisdom, Illumination and Understanding, manifesting the perfection of the Christ in all life.

Please join me in giving the THEME for this year. Together!

I stand forth purified and transmuted by Violet Fire and claim my full momentum of God Illumination right now! I AM THAT I AM, and my aura radiates the pure essence of my Causal Body.

*I AM a radiating sun of my own God Perfection! (*3X)


* * *

As we close our class today, let us once again raise our voices in song and sing to the Peaceful Palace in our hearts. When you have returned your awareness back to your physical location, I ask you to take up your class Supplement and turn to the song (+) "PEACEFUL PALACE" on page 28. When you have found it please stand.


Deep! Oh, deep―I now abide

Deep within the Flame inside,

One with Thee―my Holy Guide;

One with Thee―whate'er betide!

Still! Oh, still I now become,

Blending gently with the ONE;

One with Thee, Victorious One;

One with Thee―forever ONE! 

Rest we now in silence sweet

In Thy Peaceful Love Retreat!

Heart and head and hand now meet...

One with Thee, in Peace we greet!

Resting now in Peace serene,

Love comes now upon the scene;

Peace and Love, a gentle stream,

One with Thee in Peace Serene! 


Peaceful Silence... Oh, how still!

Peace and Love, this is God's Will!

One with Thee―all now―all still!

Thanks and Praise, Oh Peace Divine;

 Peaceful Presence―Love sublime;

Hold me! Hold me! Ever Thine!


Beloved chelas, I thank you for your love, energy, and friendship as we united in co-service with all our brothers and sisters around this planet and the many great Beings of Light Who offer their energy to the Great White Brotherhood for the raising and blessing of all life on this planet. Would you please stand for the benediction.

(+) BENEDICTION (or choice of Director, see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony):

Sealed within the perfectly balanced Flames of Love, Wisdom, and Power, we thank You, great Beings of Love, for Your outpouring to us this day. May we always be perfect channels of Your great Love and Light to the people of Earth. We know and accept that the Cosmic Christ is working through us. We feel the pulse beat of Love in all life, and the continuity of Love in all the experiences we have ever known. We were born out of Love. We are evolving through Love. We shall ascend back into Love. Grateful for this sacred knowledge, we now ask that You amplify our efforts and take them North, South, East, and West and cover our dear planet with Peace, Purity, Freedom, Victory and Perfection. It is done, for we have spoken! As God's Most Holy Name, I AM!

CLOSING ACOLYTE SERVICE (on page 10 in the ivory pages of the Book of Ceremony)


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