Volume V                     December 1995                    Number # 12-A









 * * *


For the Class of December 31, 1995, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time) 

NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1995 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. We love, bless and thank you for your dedication, co-service and light!


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION  by Director, (see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony, or invocation of the Director's choice)  

In the Name of the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, and the Holy Christ Selves of all people everywhere, we invoke the Sacred Powers of Light at Shamballa to COME FORTH NOW!

Radiant Lord of the World, Gautama, beloved one who holds the dear Earth enfolded steadily within your consciousness, increase within our hearts the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power, which thou art!

Blessed Lord Maitreya, great Cosmic Buddha; may your mighty Presence of love and wisdom guide us into the New Age on a steady course, as the awakened Christ within our hearts takes full command and dominion in our lives! and...

Beloved Sanat Kumara, for your great sacrifice of love to the children of Earth there is no parallel. Your great light will always illumine the path before us and the remembrance of your love will never pass from the minds of the children of God throughout this universe! We are grateful and happy for your presence as Presiding Master for our class today.

As we come to the close of this year, when the flame of God's divine love has been dominant upon our Earth, we also gratefully acknowledge and accept the presence of the Sponsors of 1995; beloved Elohim Orion, Archangel Chamuel, the Maha Chohan Paul, and the Enfolding Spirit, Lady Rowena. Anchor in our consciousness the teachings you have brought to us this year, enabling us to perfectly manifest your love throughout our Earth.

Blessed beings of light, we stand before you, offering our hearts, our minds and our hands, to be used for the expansion of the kingdom of our Father-Mother God throughout infinity! We thank you! SO BE IT, BELOVED I AM!

GREETING BY DIRECTOR: Beloved friends and co- servers, on the final day of this magnificent year of divine love, I welcome you here to Shamballa with all the love of my heart. Let us now enter into and abide within the heart of the sacred Threefold Flame, which is the true center of our beings, becoming ONE with it. (Pause) Centered in this ONENESS, let us expand this unity to include all chelas and light workers who are connected in consciousness with us today, and―as one living flame, let us bow in reverence before the Threefold Flame of the Christ in the hearts of all our brothers and sisters everywhere. (Pause) Thank you! Let us now acknowledge the infinite love and protection of our I AM Presence, by donning our mantles of light.

2-01 Mantle of Light

Protected by our mantles of light, let us now activate the Violet Fire by giving Lord Zadkiel's decree together, three times: I AM A FORCE OF VIOLET FIRE STRONGER THAN ANY HUMAN CONDITION! Feel the sacred Violet Fire¾the most powerful aspect of love, blazing in, through and around your four lower vehicles, purifying and aligning them with your Threefold Flame. In the name of beloved Lord Gautama, let us now give an affirmation of personal consecration to the light of God that is eternally victorious!

* * *

(+) 1-10 Affirmation of Dedication and Consecration

Thank you for your consecration to the flame of life within your own hearts! Please be seated. As you are aware, chelas and light workers everywhere are connected with us from many locations upon the Earth, giving this class today, together with us. Since 1990, the class on the morning of New Year's Eve offers a unique opportunity for unity in service and ceremony. Let us take a few moments to realize the power of this service as the OPEN DOOR of God's gifts to the entire planet Earth!

Let us close our eyes for a few moments and listen to the information given by beloved Sanat Kumara about the golden chalice, so that our minds and hearts may be refreshed by this knowledge. The golden chalice was first established by Lord Gautama for the physical focus of Shamballa. Sanat Kumara told us that this chalice has expanded greatly in size and scope of purpose, until this Sanctuary has become a part of the golden chalice. The cup is raised into the etheric realm above, to receive the constant stream of light from The Great White Brotherhood and all ascended and cosmic beings upon whom we call. In his own words, Sanat Kumara said: "This chalice is the Heart Center of Shamballa."

He further explained how the chelas who gather here form the base of the chalice, thus becoming the connection with the Earth plane. All chelas around the planet may consciously join in service through streams of their own light energies, which merge with those of the Holy Triumvirate and all of us here. At the close of the class, these energies are released to cover the Earth and love all life free.

As we lovingly dedicate this class to beloved Sanat Kumara, feel his mighty golden star pulsating in the ethers overhead, as he directs a magnificent ray of love into this sanctuary, enfolding all of us. We accept his love with gratitude, and offer ourselves as one unified chalice of light, through which his blessings may flow to the Earth today. Turn to decree 1-01, and we will now form the golden chalice of unified consciousness, through which all blessings shall flow into and through the Body of Light today.

1-01    Consecration for the vehicle of the New Age

Thank you, beloved chelas!

Sanat Kumara says: "lf you can visualize and feel this Activity of light clearly, you will truly realize yourselves as the golden chalice, acting as ONE with the Holy Triumvirate and The Great White Brotherhood on behalf of the entire Human Family and the planet Earth! As our cooperative service continues to increase and grow throughout the planet, so will the chalice grow, until it holds the Earth within itself, lifting it aloft into its higher orbit.

"To prepare for this, the major task to be accomplished during the remainder of this century is that of balancing the sacred Threefold Flame in the heart of the planet Earth. This shall be done by first balancing the Threefold Flames within the hearts of the chelas, because it is you who are receiving and accepting the understanding necessary to accomplish this work. As you do so, you constantly become more perfect receivers and transmitters of the Sacred Flames to all life on Earth. Secondly, through you, who serve as the Body of Light on the planet, the Threefold Flames in the hearts of all humanity shall also be balanced. Finally, the Earth itself shall be the recipient of these perfected and enlightened energies."

In this class today, it is our desire and purpose to manifest the perfect balance of the Threefold Flames within our hearts, and those of all chelas and light workers on the planet, so that we may truly act as the Holy Christ Self within, bringing forth this same perfection for all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family. Sanat Kumara will guide us with his teachings. He has told us that our part in working with the Holy Triumvirate is threefold. After first calling upon our I AM Presence for help, we may then merge our auras with theirs.

Having recognized and invoked our I AM Presence with our Mantle of Light decree, let us next recognize and enter the Holy Christ Flame within our hearts by singing 'HOLY CHRIST FLAME'. Please stand when you have found it. (page 9 of class supplement)



Thou Holy Christ Flame within my heart,

Help me to manifest all thou art;

Teach me to see thyself in all;

Help me to show men how to call

 All of thy glory from the sun,

'Til Earth's great victory is won!

I AM, we love thee, thou art our all!

I AM, we love thee, hear our call!


I hear thy call, my children dear;

I AM thy heart, so never fear!

I AM your mind―your body too;

I AM in every cell of you.

 I AM thy earth and sea and sky;

And not one soul shall I pass by!

 I AM in thee; thou art in me!

 I AM! I AM! Earth's victory! 

* * *

Thank you, chelas. That was truly beautiful! Feeling the love and constancy of our I AM Presence in its ever-expanding glory of expression, we listen as Sanat Kumara tells us: "Instruct your Support Groups to join us!" Let us silently call for our angels right now! (Pause) As our Angels respond, feel and accept a great increase of joy and power of service immediately. As we do, let us give the magnificent statement given to us by Lord Maitreya, three times:

"I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE of the perfection of my divine plan MANIFEST in the world of form, right here, right now and forever sustained!" (3X) (pause)

Sanat Kumara now directs us in our next step: "Your Blue Flame activity is to make the calls for divine assistance." Turn to decree 2-03 and we will call upon Archangel Michael and his legions for the divine protection of Shamballa and all students of light everywhere.

2-03 Armor of Blue Flame Protection

Clothed in our armor of Blue Flame, our feeling worlds protected from anything not of the light, we will next call on Mighty Hercules for the invincible protection of the Elohim from all human creation in our mental worlds and outer expressions.

2-04, Invincible Guard of Mighty Hercules

(with inserts 3, 2, and 4, in that order)

Thank you. Finally, let us affirm our faith and our consecration to the service we have determined to give! Let us stand for this decree.

2-05 A Declaration of Faith

Thank you, dear chelas, for serving as the open door of faith! You may be seated and put your books aside for a few minutes. Close your eyes and let us visualize the activity of protection we have called forth. Breathe deeply, and feel the Threefold Flame in your heart expand outward to fill your being and surround you in its perfect balance of love, wisdom and power. As it does so, your consciousness rises gently upward, entering the magnificent City of Shamballa. Looking up, we can see Micah's beautiful blue star of cosmic proportions, shining brightly overhead. Rays of light are blazing downward, now and constantly, to intensify the quality of unity and sustain divine protection for The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, established between the octaves of light and the people of Earth. This light is a constant outpouring of Micah's strength in unity, so this quality may continue to flow over the bridge and into the Body of Light. From there, it will enter into the hearts and minds of all those who are awakening from their spiritual sleep of the centuries. Looking around, we see that we, ourselves, are clothed in Michael's blue armor of light, and—like his angels and our own support groups, we also hold swords and shields of light in our hands. Looking downward, we see the physical focus of Shamballa, and—over it, the magnificent, translucent canopy of light formed by Hercules' slowly revolving wheel of protection. Around the property are mighty columns, formed by the Blue Flame of faith and there are angels everywhere, directing their great light outward to protect Long Island. It is so beautiful, and our own faith is strengthened and intensified by the opportunity to see and take part in this pageant of light.

Continuing to breathe gently and deeply, we join the angelic legions surrounding us, and discover we can fly with them, cutting life free with our swords of Blue Flame, as we encircle the Earth. As we take part in this activity, Chelas and light workers everywhere join us, each working in the area to which we feel most strongly directed. (Pause) Returning in consciousness to Shamballa, we see Lord Michael and Lady Faith directing their love and faith into the Body of Light, replenishing the energies of all who are serving with them in this way. Knowing these great beings of light and love are fulfilling Michael's promise to give us his faith in return for ours, we now send a ray of love and gratitude from our hearts to them for their service to us and all the people of Earth.

Having fulfilled our Blue Flame Activity, we breathe in deeply once more and again hear the voice of beloved Sanat Kumara: He tells us: "Your Golden Flame activity is to act as the open doors of I AM Consciousness into the Earth plane; to be a channel of the love, illumination and healing required." As we receive this instruction, let us turn to decree 6-03 and call for the universal supply needed to serve the light, both for the physical focus of Shamballa on Long Island, and for all activities of light on the planet Earth.


As GOD'S OPEN DOOR to this world, I KNOW the greatest love we can give is the activity of the sacred Violet Fire, to clear the way for illumination and healing to come.

The Masters have taught us that there are two major activities that take place at the end of the year in the Etheric City of Shamballa. The first of these is the mercy of forgiveness. Paul, the beloved Maha Chohan, has told us: "No wise and loving parent would punish a child for a sin of omission or commission where there was no deliberate intent to do wrong. How much more then, does the Heavenly Father desire to extend the hand of mercy to his children. Yet, law is law. Primal life is invoked by the individual consciousness and qualified through the priceless gift of free will. Some intelligence, some place, somewhere, must redeem, purify and return that life to the pristine purity with which it was endowed when it first came forth in obedience to the summons of the individual.

"At the close of each twelve-month cycle the process of such purification of the countless tons of misqualified life is performed by voluntary intelligent beings who utilize the same Violet Transmuting Flame which humanity has been taught to invoke. Blessed is the unascended lifestream who chooses to join in this planetary purification in preparation for the descent of the cosmic energies for the New Year."

Thank you, dear Maha Chohan, for your teaching. We lovingly offer our energies to assist in this purification. Let us begin with the Law of Forgiveness.

3-01 The Law of Forgiveness

Grateful for the Law of Forgiveness, let us next blaze the Violet Fire through the astral realms of our planet, clearing the way for the second major activity which takes place at the end of the year, which is the descent of the cosmic energies for the New Year. Let us call on beloved Lord Shri Magra and his powers of light!

3-13 Decree to Beloved Lord Shri Magra

Thank you for that great release of energy. With the atmosphere of our planet now clear, let us call on Saint Germain to blanket the Earth with Violet Fire, so all life may breathe in freedom! When you have found decree 3-10, please stand.

(+) 3-10 Living Within the Violet Fire

Thank you, beloved chelas! Be seated and close your books for now. Breathe deeply, and turn your attention within. Immersed in the law of forgiveness, we easily let go of all the effects of misused energies impinging on our lives. We know we have come to love life free, and so we shall! This is now the heart center of our existence, and we receive the JOY OF FORGIVENESS. Accepting it fully into our beings and worlds, we become the joy of forgiveness, truly feeling it as the most powerful aspect of love, blazing in, through and around us. We breathe it in, and as it enters our heart flames, we are again gently lifted into the City of Shamballa.

Now we can see the Body of Light, stretching out in all directions, surrounding the Earth in all its glory. The Body of Light begins to glow with Violet Light, and as we use the power of the Holy Breath, we find we can direct more and more light into it. Wherever a chela is joined with us in service, the light intensifies, until the entire Earth is encircled with blazing Violet Light. This light now descends to the body of the Earth and enters the auras of people everywhere. It enters the homes where children live, and gives of its many gifts to the members of the families there. See, as all life receives a measure of the joy of forgiveness and the gift of transmutation, each to his or her own ability to receive. Happy to be a part of this service, we know that each person may start the new year with clearer vision, greater understanding, and the loving support of those around them, as they are now enabled to move forward on their paths.

As we watch the merciful activity of forgiveness and the healing it brings to all people everywhere, the pink flame of divine love begins to move deeply within our consciousness, bringing with it the deepest gratitude we have ever experienced, to be a part of this activity of light.

With our next deep breath, our attention gently returns to our physical sanctuary. Sanat Kumara instructs us in the third step, the use of the pink flame of divine love: "Finally, the pink flame activity is to act as a Silent Watcher, holding the concept of divine love and perfection in the mind and heart of God until the manifestation is complete."

Beloved chelas, let us begin with the divine quality of UNITY. Turn to decree 5-09, the Affirmation of Unity. Please stand.

(+) 5-09 Affirmation of Unity

Thank you. Now, we will sweep the flame of cosmic peace through our Earth.

4-06 Flame of Cosmic Peace

Please be seated and, holding the immaculate concept of unity, peace and brotherhood for all humankind, once more become aware of the golden star of Sanat Kumara pulsating in the purified atmosphere over Shamballa. As we watch, a perfectly balanced beam of pink, gold and blue light projects forth from within the star, coming to rest before us. Within the light stands the radiant presence of our Lord, Sanat Kumara. Receive his words:

"Beloved students of the one light,

“...Just as you have come to Earth with specific missions to accomplish, so have we. I first came to this planet, offering my light to nurture and sustain those who had lost a conscious connection with their own God Presence. My light was given for all, for at first there were none in embodiment who could sustain a vibratory level powerful enough to give this service.

"There may be those among you who ask why such a sacrifice should be made. While it is true that the evolutionary progress of any cosmic being is hastened through service, the motivation is often simply that of divine love. Expanding outward, this divine love then becomes the undeniable force compelling one on to greater service.

"It is important that you know that I did not come alone, but received the voluntary support of my family, and of great beings from many parts of the universe.

Even though the decision to serve was mine, there was enough love throughout my planet and the universe of which we are a part, that rose to support my own."

With Sanat Kumara's words, the luminous Presence of beloved Lady Rowena becomes visible beside him: Listen as she tells us about the reason she has come to the Earth:

"I come from the planet Venus, together with my divine complement, Mighty Victory. Some years ago, when beloved Paul, the Venetian, was elevated to the position of Maha Chohan, I was granted the opportunity to fill the position of Chohan of the Third Ray of divine love in his place. We came to assist the Earth during these times of transition, because it is possible for us to magnetize and amplify the vibratory nature of the planet of love, Venus, into the very fiber and nature of the Earth."

(Sanat Kumara now asks us...)

"Do you see, beloved ones? ... your love dictates that you must still serve.

"As love calls to love, and light calls to light, the way was opened. Now it is your collective Presence which is drawing forth the constructive momentum needed to increase the light of your planet. You, beloved ones, have now assumed the responsibility through the consecration of your lifestreams."

At these words, we see Maha Chohan Paul, Elohim Orion, and Archangel Chamuel also standing in the radiant beam of light with Sanat Kumara and Lady Rowena, and we realize the unity of love they represent, as they now blaze their perfected light of pure divine love from their hearts to ours.

As one unified chalice of light, we, the chelas of the Great White Brotherhood, receive this light, and...

As the Star of Love, Wisdom, and Power brightly shines forth from within our hearts, the way to Christ Consciousness is made clear and we constantly follow the radiant Star of our True Being. Behold! The true Son of God has come forth on Wings of Light.

The Christ stands forth clothed in the Flame of Holy Spirit and offers the Pink Rose of Love to the humanity of Earth. Accepting this Eternal Gift, we receive the full outpouring of Enlightenment through Understanding and Divine Love. As the Holy Spirit in action, we charge every thought, feeling, word and deed with the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love.

Receiving the magnificent Thoughtform of 1995, we now understand it perfectly, and the ray of light within our sanctuary immediately expands to enfold us. We kneel in utmost reverence before Lady Rowena, who stands within her perfectly balanced Threefold Flame of pink, gold and blue with a pink radiance. The beloved Sponsors encircle you with their loving radiation, as Lady Rowena reaches forth to lightly touch your head. As the light of God-illumination and pure divine love pours forth from her hands into your crown chakra, it descends to your heart and expands outward to fill your four lower vehicles and form a beautiful pink rose around you. The rose expands until you are enfolded and cradled within the fragrance of petals of light. A rose-violet radiance emanates from the petals of the rose, which penetrates inward to the center of your being. You feel so protected, so safe and so loved by this light that you begin to breathe in the light and fragrance of the rose. As you hold the breath, this radiant light merges into your heart flame, balancing it perfectly and greatly intensifying its activity, preparing it to receive the joy of the Ascension Flame. Breathing out, you expand the radiance of the rose outward into the world of form. See it go forth and merge with the other chelas here and expand to fill this sanctuary. As we all breathe in unison now, see the light go further and further, until all of Long Island is contained within the pink rose; then the entire country, and finally the planet Earth.

Through these eternal gifts and filled with the confidence of the Christ within our own hearts, we are now prepared to go forth and offer the pink rose of love to all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family, empowering them―each one we contact―to fulfill their own divine plan.

As our attention is gently returned to our physical focus, beloved Sanat Kumara gently touches our hearts,

lovingly sealing us within his Golden Star. We know it will always protect the Star of our True Being as we go forth to serve, each following our own individual orbits, even as he has done before us.

Beloved chelas, let us join as one voice to give the Theme for 1995 now, affirming our loving desire to be the Holy Spirit in action, as we manifest our own Holy Christ Self on our Earth:


Through the power of the Sacred Fire and the golden Light of God Illumination, I now consciously enter the flaming Presence of Holy Spirit, whose sacred essence, the Fire Breath of the Almighty, flows to and through me in constant rhythmic pulsations.

My physical body, filled with love, is now shining and invincible. My etheric vehicle radiates love and transmutes the past. Love in my mind insures the expression of only divine thoughts. Love in my feelings reaffirms that God is the only power acting. I AM THAT I AM and *My Light is daily and hourly increasing! (*3X)

Thank you, beloved Lady Rowena, for acting as our Enfolding Spirit this year. Thank you, beloved Archangel Chamuel, Elohim Orion and Maha Chohan Paul, for serving as our Sponsors, and for your great love for the Earth and all of us. By your example and sustaining presence with us, may we fulfill our vows made before the Holy Triumvirate: beloved Lord Gautama, Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya, to expand, expand, and forever expand the forcefield of divine love that will transform our beloved planet Earth into Freedom's Holy Star.

Now, take a deep breath, and on the outbreath, bring your consciousness to our physical focus. Earlier in our class, it was stated that there are two major activities that take place at the end of the year in the Etheric City of Shamballa. The first of these is the mercy of forgiveness. The second is the descent of cosmic energies for the incoming New Year.

Now prepared by the ray of divine love to receive these energies and serve as our own Holy Christ Selves, let us affirm our true being as the Flame of Life. Turn to decree 1-11.

1-11 The Flame of Life

Thank you for your great outpouring of love, and the full acceptance of yourself as the Flame of Life within your hearts, for this is our harvest¾our gift to beloved Gautama, Lord of the World. You may put your books aside now, and close your eyes, as we enter the activity of the Holy Breath, becoming ONE with the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa. Let your breathing be deep and rhythmic, as you inbreathe the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa; absorb that flame as you hold the breath in; expand the flame as you release the breath; project it into the Body of Light as you hold the breath out of your body. Breathe in, and breathe out, as we now breathe in perfect unity.

I AM inbreathing the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM absorbing the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM expanding the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa.

I AM projecting the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa. (3X)

Breathe in the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame, and breathe it out! Feel your unity with this flame and, as your breathing gently returns to its normal rhythm, remain centered and prepare to receive the message from beloved Sanat Kumara.

* * *

Please Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand while the reader or director faces the altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Sanat Kumara, the Shamballa Keynote, or other appropriate music for meditation.




Beloved Sanat Kumara


Beloved of my heart,

I bless you with the full gathered cosmic momentum of my being, and remind you of the wonderful gift everyone has experienced throughout this year: Through the power of divine love all things become clear! It was this ancient divine edict that assisted me in seeing and conceiving ways in which the beloved planet Earth could be raised into a much higher and more perfect level of God expression. It is this fiat of light that is drawing you ever closer to the Presence of the ascended masters, angels, and elementals every day; and it is the wisdom of this principle embodied in us all that enables us to have the same love and compassion for each slumbering soul on Earth, who perhaps is just now beginning to awaken spiritually and open their eyes for the very first time!

How magnificent and joyous each such occasion is, when a lifestream consciously and willingly chooses to accept the blazing light ray of divine love that has been directed into his or her being, and then at some point in their evolution actually embody and become that sacred flame! Look inside yourselves right now and search for that flame, beloved ones, for it has been there for a very long time, blazing brightly within your hearts and but awaits your recognition.

It is this flame of divine love that draws together all the good you desire for yourself and wish to impart to the world around you. It also makes clear to your conscious mind every single ounce of energy in need of transmutation, through the process of objectively observing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You have but to listen and learn to become God in action here and now. finally recognizing yourself as a co-creator, fully united with your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.

Beloved ones, at times I know you may think we ask too much of you. However, please bear in mind the fact that we ask only with the knowledge that you are fully capable of fulfilling our request, if you so desire. Today, come to know and accept the full momentum of divine love you carry within you for your beloved Earth, accepting that you are a very important part in God's great divine plan for this blessed planet. Understand that, as of this day, you have available to you the full measure of energy required to perform any task and many opportunities will be offered to you through the various avenues of your daily life. It will then be your responsibility to decide whether or not you are able to accomplish what has been asked and to come up with your own ideas on how best you are able to serve, using the knowledge of divine principles you have so lovingly been given over the years. Always remember that, in God's eyes, every task is of equal importance, for without each contribution, the absolute perfection of God's Divine Plan cannot fully unfold.

During this time of many important transitions in your life, some of you have often felt weary and perhaps even a little doubtful. You have realized that following your spiritual path may not always be easy and to be successful requires that you take responsibility for your life, having great inner strength, confidence, and self-worth. Beloved ones, all of these qualities you are mastering through co-service with God and with one another. There must be no separation between your 'spiritual life' and your 'outer life'. You are now conscious of your spirituality and, because of this higher awareness, you draw more of the quality of divine love into your life. Thus you receive the additional clarity needed to further balance your Threefold Flame as you become the full manifestation of your divinity in this physical world!

Throughout this process your life may not necessarily become easier, but it will certainly become much more meaningful and beautiful each day! Ever-enfolded in the Flame of Compassion and Forgiveness, think for a moment of past challenges and difficulties you have experienced. Do this―not to feel pain or grief―but to recognize what you have learned. Be grateful for all the gifts you have been given and for knowing how you may now share your experiences with all your brothers and sisters, as they too follow their own spiritual paths. In those past times you might not have recognized your divinity and rightful place in this universe; but you faced each so-called problem, attaining a level of accomplishment according to your ability at that time. Keep on moving ever upward on the wings of divine love of your Presence. Each one of you has tread a long and magnificent path, and it is now time for you to express the beauty and perfection of your true being more fully!

Beloved ones, visualize with me the planet Earth as the most exquisite and glorious garden ever imaginable, in which each individual blossoms and opens fully with the rays of the sun, enhanced by this God energy and then adding their own particular momentum and spiritual gift to this life-giving essence. Enfolded in the ever-expanding colors of this vibrant energy, each person benefits from the blessings of all other lifestreams and forms a magnificent Maltese Cross around this planet, signifying that the perfect balance of humanity's four lower vehicles with the four elements has now been attained. All life on the planet responds according to this perfect equilibrium, further manifesting the Earth as Freedom's Holy Star!

Beloved co-servers, I AM a part of you and you are a part of me, for I have held you and all life on this planet within the compass of my aura for millions of years. As you feel my comforting presence and benefit from my radiation, know that I AM also blessed by yours! Remember to offer your energy from a pure and sincere heart, rejoicing always in the works of our Father-Mother God, and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this manifestation!

Enfolding you in my loving embrace, I AM Sanat Kumara,

Regent for the beloved planet Earth


From within the sacred Threefold Flame of our hearts, we send our eternal gratitude to the beloved Holy Triumvirate. We especially thank you, beloved Sanat Kumara, for your presence and loving guidance during this class, and for your message of love and wisdom today.

Beloved chelas, please reach for your decree books and turn to 2-06, the Shamballa Decree. Knowing that there is a focus of Shamballa in every human heart, as we give this decree for the physical focus of Shamballa on Long Island, we are affirming the unity of all life we so deeply desire. Please stand.


Thank you for your love, consecration and service during this class. As we leave the sanctuary today, let us remain in the silence of the sacred flame of life within our hearts. Contemplate the great gifts we have received throughout this year and during this service of love and unity today, further preparing to receive the cosmic energies of the Ascension Flame tonight.

(+) BENEDICTION (or choice of Director, see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony)

"Beloved Infinite Presence of God, by whose life I have being, I honor thee this night as I stand within the atmosphere of the planet Earth.

I honor thee for giving me the opportunity of sustaining this planet in our solar system.

Let not thy children honor me, 0 Lord, for I, myself, am nothing. Without thy light, thy intelligence, thy direction and thy sustaining energy, I should be but unformed, elemental substance.

It is thou, great infinite source of all good, who has endowed me with self-conscious intelligence. It is thou to whom honor and glory and gratitude belong.

May the humankind of Earth come to know that service is opportunity to use thy great light in whatever sphere life has placed them.

To thee, 0 great star Venus, do I send my love and gratitude for all the energies you have given to sustain my activities during my exile here.

To you, 0 beloved and glorious powers of light, I AM so grateful.

To you, unascended beings, everyone, everywhere, who have taken interest in my service, let me say: I AM SO GRATEFUL! SO GRATEFUL! SO GRATEFUL!"

Sealed in the mighty balancing activity of the Threefold Flame from the hearts of beloved Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama and Lord Maitreya, we thank you, great beings of love, for your outpouring to us this day. Let it pour through us to bless every part of life we contact into its divine plan fulfilled. We love, bless and thank each one of you for your long and selfless service to our Earth and to all life everywhere. We call to the Infinite Presence of all life to bless you and bless you and bless you, in ways that even you know not of. We thank you!

(+) Closing Acolyte Service See page 10 of the ivory pages in The Book of Ceremony.


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