Volume VI                     December 1996                    Number # 12 A







 * * *


For the Class of December 31, 1996, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time) 

NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1996 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees. We love, bless and thank you for your dedication, co-service and light!


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION #2 by Director, (see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony, or invocation of the Director's choice)  


In the name of the glorious universal I AM Presence of God, as ONE we take a combined breath in... and, as we breathe out, we know we have drawn into our beings and worlds the balanced activity of life: God―The Father, God―The Son, and God―The Holy Spirit. Within this state of perfect harmony, we lovingly and gratefully invite and invoke the great Lord of the World: Beloved Gautama. Come, beloved one! Come with your divine court of angels, elementals and cosmic beings to assist us in the expansion of our light radiation in this class today and forever. Teach us how to manifest perfect balance within our four lower vehicles, so that we may always take the Middle Way, thereby blessing our lives and those of all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family with only pure God-given energy!

We endeavor always to follow the, spiritual path of the Middle Way. For this opportunity and so much more, we are grateful, we are grateful, we are eternally grateful!

So be it, great universal I AM!

* * *

Greeting by the Director

Beloved co-servers, I welcome and greet you with all the love, wisdom and power of my heart, and I thank you for your presence here this morning! You may be seated, and please, receive these words from beloved Lord Gautama who, as the presiding master for this class, welcomes you.

"Beloved chelas, I greet you with the enthusiasm I wish to instill in your consciousness as we are about to enter a new yearly cycle. At the end of each yearly cycle the Book of Life is balanced, and in the new cycle to begin, you may open a clear book of life. You are each given the opportunity to inscribe upon it whatever you wish, whatever you feel you can accomplish to assist the Earth and all her evolutions to move forward in the divine plan of perfection.

"At the end of every year all humankind makes many resolutions as to what they will accomplish in the new year, which is opening up before them. Often resolutions are forgotten. I do not come to remind you of failures, but to assure you always of my love and support in your forward movement into the Octaves of Light!

"I know, whether you forget or not at times, that your determination is to express the Will of God toward all life, and you prove this over and over again. Because of this, peace and the grace of God will ensoul this planet and all life privileged to abide upon it.

"All the virtues and qualities of God are required to be a complete example of the Presence of God I AM within. However, when understanding, desire and ability of expression come into alignment, a peace commanding Presence of God may come forth, having a glorious opportunity to assist us in carrying out the divine edict of perfection for planet Earth."

With all the love of our hearts, we thank you―beloved Lord Gautama―for your words of wisdom and encouragement! We dedicate this class to you and to the perfectly balanced Three-fold Flame in the hearts of all lifestreams on Earth. Through our endeavors and example may this perfect flame fully manifest in the physical plane of existence! As this activity takes place may our auras take on the radiation and qualities of the expanding flame of divinity in our hearts, and may that glorious flame become the garment of our beloved Holy Christ Self, now and forever!

The aura of an individual is the atmosphere of your soul and, therefore, encompasses your world. Within it you will find your life energy constantly expressing a specific color, tone, sound and form, because your aura is also the manifest expression of your four lower vehicles. We shall then begin this class by purifying our own four lower bodies, so that our auras will carry only perfection into the world around us.

Would you please begin to return your awareness to this sanctuary of love, light and unity? Become conscious of your physical surroundings...and when you are ready, reach for your decree books, turning to Decree 2-01¾Mantle of Light Decree. (Instruction: In the fourth paragraph where you read: 'The light of God never fails!' we will decree instead: ‘The light of God is eternally victorious!') As one voice, please!

Decree 2-01, Mantle of Light

Close your eyes for just a moment and visualize your I AM Presence of God enfolding you from above, but not too far away. Accept the loving gift of this mantle of pure white light protection, as this divine cloak of love is gently placed around you. It interpenetrates your aura... and then every part your being.

Having consciously placed our attention upon the source of our existence, the beloved I AM Presence of God, we are now ready to draw into our auras the strength and faith of God's First Ray by giving Decree 2-04-Invincible Guard of Mighty Hercules. Once you have found it, would you please stand? (Instruction: After the words "seal, seal, seal, " we shall insert 'Our beings, auras and worlds') With energy, together!

(+) Decree 2-04, Invincible Guard of Mighty Hercules  

Receiving and accepting the, strength of Mighty Hercules into our beings and worlds, please be seated, and listen to a few more words from beloved Lord Gautama:

"Many are the beautiful songs of praise which come forth from the hearts of men at this time of year. Join the Angelic Host, and through thought, feeling, word and deed, let the radiation of your being assist in the project of purification to make this holy planet one of perfection. This Earth can blaze the light of the Sun to which she belongs, and in so doing, be the perfect expression she was when she first came forth from the hearts of beloved Helios and Vesta.",

With joy in our hearts, let us join the angelic host, devas, and highly evolved elemental beings in the process of purification by calling upon the combined energies of Lady Astrea, Archangel Michael and Lord Zadkiel. We realize that¾upon purifying our auras and beings¾we are most definitely assisting in the purification of the entire planet Earth, because we are an integral part of it. Please, turn to Decree 3-06¾Purifying Powers of the Sacred Fire. (Instruction: In the fourth paragraph we shall replace 'the planet Earth with our beings, auras and worlds’ ) Together please!

Decree 3-06, Purifying Powers of the Sacred Fire

You may place your decree books aside for the moment. Gently close your eyes, relax your being, and breathe in a rhythmic pattern―slowly breathing in... and breathing out. Focus your attention on the Three-fold Flame anchored in your blessed hearts. This flame is the anchorage of your own God Presence in the world of form, and manifests as the Holy Christ Self―the Master within―who patiently awaits the right moment to come forth. The perfect time is determined by the degree of purification that has taken place within our auras and beings. So, for this reason we shall now join our energies in transmuting back into God's perfection all misqualified energy that still exists in our emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies.

Far off in the distance, you begin to hear an ethereal melody of great beauty, love and perfection. The goodness of your heart reaches out and helps you focus your attention upon it, drawing it closer and closer to this sanctuary, and yourself.... With your inner vision, you look around, searching for the source of such uplifting songs of praise and adoration. As the beam of your attention reaches the perimeter of the sanctuary, you gaze upon a spiritual caravan of angelic beings, carrying in their right hands a Blue Flame of elemental light substance, and in their left hands an ever-glowing Violet Flame―also of effulgent elemental substance. They are lead by your support group of angels, and as they move forward approaching the sanctuary entrance, they dance the ritual dance of protection and transmutation.

Further directed by your eight angels of protection and eight angels of restoration, the angelic caravan forms small groups surrounding each one present in this sanctuary. The almost intangible music you hear slightly shifts in tone becoming a melody you seem to be more familiar with, however maintaining its beauty and perfection. This magnificent music now resonates perfectly with your entire being, traveling deep into every cell of your physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles.

At the same time you experience this raising vibration of love and purification, the angels surrounding your aura dance according to a very specific sacred ritual of protection and purification that applies only to you. See them gently moving in, out and around your aura. Still carrying the sacred flames in their hands they charge, charge and charge your personal atmosphere with the Blue Flame of protection and faith; and the Violet Fire of transmutation and freedom. You have now become a mighty pillar of protection and purity to the cause and core of every cell and atom of your being, beloved ones! (Pause for a few moments)

Grateful to God, you thank and bless the angels requesting them to remain with you during this class and work with you to further expand your light; and so it shall be!...Take a slow breath in, and on the outbreath, please return your attention to your physical location. (Brief pause)

Now that our individual and collective beings are protected and purified, we are ready to expand our auras outward to enfold the entire physical focus of Shamballa. Let us remember that this we will do, by focusing our attention on that part of Shamballa that is anchored within our own hearts, for we are an integral part of this sacred and holy focus of great light on Long Island, regardless of where we presently live on this blessed planet Earth. Thus, as we are protected and purified, so is our beloved Shamballa!

* * *

With this important concept fresh in your minds, always remember the full responsibility of your own energy. Please turn to Decree 2-02¾Cross of Blue Flame Protection. With Archangel Michael's faith, we shall decree, together!

Decree 2-02, Cross of Blue Flame Protection

As we forgive ourselves and others, we are clearing the way for the focus of Shamballa to more fully manifest its perfection here on Earth. Surrounded by a pillar of Blue Flame and remembering the angels working with us within our auras, we will now give Decree 3-01¾The Law of Forgiveness. Together!

Decree 3-01, The Law of Forgiveness

Thank you for that wonderful release of constructive energy! With our beings qualified with mercy and compassion, our auras are a radiating center of joy of forgiveness for all life. Within this state of being we now invoke the Powers of Shamballa with Decree 3-11, and when you have found it, please stand.

(+) Decree 3-11, Invocation to the Powers of Shamballa

As we accept the full Power of Shamballa within every heart as the governing force of this planet now, we will also give the answer to our call with Decree 2-06¾The Shamballa Decree. (Instruction: In the second paragraph, we will give only the first statement three times.)

(+) Decree 2-06, The Shamballa Decree

Please be seated and put your decree books aside. It is time to relax your physical body, mind and feeling worlds through the conscious use of the holy breath. (Pause) With your support group of angels and many other beings of light standing within and around your aura ready to co-serve with you, you silently call to the shining jewel in the center of your heart flame. Immediately you receive an answer:

"Beloved, I AM your higher self, the Christ who is the Jewel in the heart of your Three-fold Flame! As you spiritually grow and expand your light, your aura will develop into a mighty sun, expanding its radiation from the heart of the Sacred Lotus―offering a particular quality of comfort, healing, light, illumination, peace, balance and so forth―so that beloved Lord Gautama and many other cosmic beings may work with this perfect substance for the benefit of all life. Know that contemplation of this holy truth shall bring illumination; illumination shall bring peace; and peace will bring self-mastery! "

We bow before our Holy Christ Self, thanking 'the master within' for this precious knowledge so lovingly imparted to us. Continue to breathe in a gentle rhythmic pattern. We breathe in... and breathe out¾preparing for the breathing statement.

At Shamballa, a specific breathing exercise is performed with the purpose of unifying our individual holy breaths into one holy and sacred breath. This is done by using a particular breathing statement, which I will give four times for each full breath. The first time, inbreathe the flame into your body. The second time, hold the breath in, absorbing the God quality deep within yourself. The third time, breathe out, expanding the quality and increasing the power and momentum of the flame. The fourth time, hold the breath out of your body and project forth the magnificent God quality called forth to all life.

Before we begin, please visualize on the inner screen of your mind a Scintillating Pink, Gold and Blue Flame, representing the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power. Breathe the flame into your being, and breathe it out. Once again, breathe in... and breathe out as we begin:

* I AM inbreathing beloved Gautama's masterful, balanced Flame of the Middle Way.

I AM absorbing beloved Gautama's masterful, balanced Flame of the Middle Way.

I AM expanding beloved Gautama's masterful, balanced Flame of the Middle Way.

I AM projecting beloved Gautama's masterful, balanced Flame of the Middle Way. (* 3X)

Breathe in divine love... and breathe out illumination. Breathe in illumination... and breathe out protection. Breathe in protection... and breathe out peace to enfold the property of Shamballa; and then outward to encompass the entire planet Earth, adding this pure energy to the aura of beloved Gautama, who enfolds the Earth at all times within his loving, balanced embrace. (Pause)

Beloved Lord Gautama, before serving in the office of Lord of the World, served the planet Earth as The Buddha. In honor to this great being and as a teaching to us, let us listen to the words of beloved Lord Himalaya―the Manu of the Fourth Root Race―on the evolution of a Buddha.

"Beloved children, the purpose of the evolution of a Buddha is to hold a spiritual aura around a planet long enough to nourish the souls of all evolving consciousness who are unfolding toward God-mastery in that scheme of evolution. The aura of the Buddha, himself, becomes for the soul what the atmosphere of Earth and the forces of the elements are to the bodies and nature kingdom.

"The very nourishment which sustains the soul's life and keeps a continuity of pulsation within it, is provided through the living presence of an individualized intelligence who chooses to radiate through his own heartflame a sufficient intensity of love and light to stimulate the breathing of the Three-fold Flame within the heart of those in embodiment, and those belonging to the evolution, awaiting incarnation. Without the aura and that stimulation, the flame itself would not pulsate.

"Exactly as you draw breath into your physical bodies and expel it, so does the flame, which is your spiritual identity, draw in and expand in the pulsation, pressure and stimulus of the aura of the Buddha, who upon completion of his service becomes, in turn, a Lord of the World.

"You will see then, that the development of a world-engulfing aura which contains within it no element that would have an effect of discord upon the soul life, is the preparation for such a God-intelligence to become the light of a world, as Sanat Kumara was. Throughout all the ages that have been, Buddhas have been provided for every new-born planet and in the everlasting arms of that one's love the evolution has evolved, developed and matured. Finally, from within the evolution itself, candidates for Buddhahood have applied and those who were given the opportunity for such direction and instruction were taught how to expand the sphere of influence and the quality of radiation." (Pause)

* * *

We send a combined ray of love and gratitude to beloved Lord Himalaya for his very enlightening instructions on the evolution of a Buddha. It truly helps us to understand, in a more profound way, the work the Spiritual Hierarchy imparts to this blessed planet in assisting the lifestreams presently evolving on it. With a feeling of deepest gratitude in our minds and hearts, we shall again listen to a few more words, this time from beloved Lord Gautama, as he prepares the way for our next activity and service:

"Beloved ones, I AM grateful indeed to have the opportunity to speak to those lifestreams on Earth, who are dedicated to expanding the light and who wish to be a living, vibrant part of the dawning Age of Freedom, which is under the direction of our beloved ascended Master Saint Germain. I AM grateful indeed to so have the loving cooperation of your life, understanding and willingness to accept and assimilate knowledge and put it to good use."

As our auras grow ever stronger in power and radiation through our combined service of love and light, may we continue always to hear the words of beloved Lord Gautama, speaking to us from within our Three-fold Flames. As this information comes to the fore of our conscious minds and feelings, they are often intensified by our decrees. Please, bring your attention back to this focus of great light, knowing and accepting that you can remain within a state of perfect balance while working in the physical world. (Pause)

We will now further expand our auras to enfold our brothers and sisters in the one human family by first declaring our faith that God's First Cause is perfection for all things. Would you please turn to Decree 2-05―A Declaration of Faith? As one voice, together!

Decree 2-05, Declaration of Faith

Accepting ourselves as an open door for God's limitless faith in man and man's returning faith in God, we have firmly anchored our consciousness within the Immaculate Concept of God's infinite Perfection; and we are now ready to call upon the removal of human creation by giving Decree 3-09. When you have found it, please stand! (Instruction: In the last paragraph instead of decreeing: '... and victory of the light of God that never fails to produce perfection,’ we shall decree:...and victory of the light of God that is eternally victorious and always produces perfection.') Together please!

(+) Decree 3-09, Removing Human Creation  

As beloved Lady Astrea blazes her sword of purity into the cause and core of all imperfection, we will continue our co-service by calling upon the blessed Violet Fire to assist us in this process of purification and redemption. Please turn to Decree 3-12¾Fill my World with Violet Fire. (Instruction: In the second paragraph, we will give the statement three times for each insert as follows―1) Our auras; 2) Shamballa; 3) All humanity; 4) The Earth.)

Note: The Director may wish to quickly repeat each insert right before decreeing each statement.

(+) Decree 3-12, Fill My World With Violet Fire

With our auras, Shamballa, all humankind and the Earth filled with the sacred Violet Flame, we shall now call upon beloved Saint Germain to assist us in living always within the Violet Fire: Please turn to Decree 3-10.

(+) Decree 3-10, Living Within The Violet Fire  

We are powerful pillars of Violet Fire purifying, purifying and purifying all misqualified energy and transmuting it back into its original God-state of absolute perfection... So be it, beloved I AM! You may be seated; and please lay aside your decree books for the moment and center yourselves within the Three-fold Flame in your heart. Consciously breathe upon this flame and see the expansion of its light manifest in the radiation of your aura... As your heart flame expands it also brings with it the marvelous quality of transmutation by the Violet Fire, for you have previously drawn it into your being and world through the power of invocation and decrees.

Realizing that the Path of the Middle Way is loving and peaceful, feel the benediction of beloved Lord Gautama as he assists you in rising in consciousness into the marvelous etheric City of Shamballa...Standing at the portal located at the Southern entrance of this glorious city of great light, beloved Lord Gautama now sends forth a call to all angels and elemental life. Even before he raised his arms in silent invocation the answer was received as angels and elementals joyously and gratefully span the many bridges of light to the sacred focus of Shamballa. One of these magnificent rainbow bridges shall be our pathway now, from Shamballa to the Cathedral of beloved Saint Germain in the Palace of Man's Purpose, located in the etheric realm over Mount Avila, in Caracas, Venezuela.

Upon our arrival the doors of this great Retreat Complex reverently open wide in welcome and we are escorted to beloved Saint Germain's private temple in answer to a summons sent forth at inner levels to all chelas and lightworkers everywhere. As we enter this shimmering sanctuary of violet light, we see beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain kneeling within the majestic Royal Violet Flame that constantly burns upon the altar of this great room, with a crystalline globe representing the Earth lovingly cradled in his arms. His attention is focused entirely on blazing the Violet Transmuting Flame into the world and his physical form quickly becomes barely discernible within the flame. As his great light flows forth and enfolds the Earth in his loving embrace, beloved Saint Germain implores the Supreme Source of All Life to save this sacred planet speaking with such abiding love:

"I believe in my students here on Earth. I know they will accomplish all that is asked of them, as we now prepare to enter the new millennium; and their loving dedication and powerful support shall continue and be maintained forever! "

Upon hearing these words of love and trust, beloved Lord Gautama moves closer to beloved Saint Germain and as their auras become one, a radiant ball of effulgent light enfolds the entire planet Earth... As the energy of their combined activity reaches us, the radiation of God's love enters us and coursing through our beings, we kneel before beloved Lord Gautama and Saint Germain and vow that we are fully willing, ready and able to offer our energies, our love, our light and our lives to re-kindling the spark of truth in each lifestream's heart—filling them with enthusiasm and the fullness of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom, now dawning on Earth. (Pause)

Following the inner guidance of these two great masters, we rise and turning to face outward, we send forth the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power which is the Middle Way through our three upper chakras and hands to all life on Earth. (Pause)

This specific service to life now completed, we bid farewell to beloved Saint Germain and then follow Lord Gautama back over the magnificent rainbow bridge of light from whence we came... Upon our return to Shamballa, we bow within our hearts in love and gratitude for such opportunity of co-service!  

Centered within the sacred Three-fold Flame of our own divinity and charged with the raising, buoyant power of the mighty Ascension Flame, the desire to serve the highest good of all life becomes the divine directive in our lives.  

To this end, we joyfully surrender now in deep humility, every thought, feeling, word and deed less than Cosmic Christ Purity, elevating our consciousness and becoming one with our Father-Mother God.  

From this day forth we will channel through our collective I AM Presence—The Body of Light—the perfectly balanced activity of love, wisdom and power, ever expanding the gifts of harmony, peace and brotherhood throughout our entire planet Earth.  

In response to this magnificent thoughtform, would you now join me in giving the Theme for this year of 1996? Together, please!  

Purified by the sacred Violet Fire and fully aligned with the perfect will of our Father-Mother God, I AM filled with the love of Holy Spirit. Within this state of consciousness, I now command the Flame of Purity to expand, expand and forever expand through every electron of my being.

As my four lower vehicles become one with my higher self, I AM gently lifted above all illusion by the mighty Ascension Flame and I now know: My light... my life... touches all, for I AM part of an activity designed to reacquaint all humanity with their flame and their light!

Remaining within this elevated state of being, we shall take a few minutes to express our gratitude to the Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit of this year now rapidly coming to an end.

Beloved Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope: Your presence in our lives has assisted us to resurrect many ancient memories, consciously accepting the fact that all life is divine. With this recognition, we shall also now carry this knowledge forth as bright beacons of hope and share it with all other seekers of truth and spiritual enlightenment on this planet. Beloved Archangel Gabriel, just as you came two thousand years ago to announce to beloved Mother Mary the coming of her son—Jesus, The Christ—may you also come to us and announce our complete transformation and entrance into Christ Consciousness. We love, bless and thank you for your beautiful angelic energies!

Beloved Elohim Claire and Lady Astrea: The protection through purity, so lovingly offered to us by you has profoundly helped us to learn the higher ways of holding the pattern of perfection for ourselves, as well as all life everywhere; and for this we are so grateful! Through the elemental substance in our beings, we send to you oceans of love and gratitude from our hearts now and forever!

Beloved Archangel of Restoration: This year, your eight angels of restoration have gladly assisted us to further realize the many different ways restoration can take place, such as through faith, understanding, love, purity, truth, peace, freedom, unity, balance, compassion, clarity and transfiguration. We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity of co-service to transform and restore this sweet Earth to her rightful place in the solar crown of light of our glorious God-Parents, beloved Helios and Vesta. Thank you, beloved one, for your restoring light!

Beloved Ascended Master Serapis Bey: For your enfolding spirit constantly with us during this year we have no words to express our love, joy and deep gratitude for your service. Your full gathered cosmic momentum of buoyancy and glory within the Ascension Flame has brought us many challenges on our paths to self-mastery; but we have also felt and been blessed by your love, support and understanding. Through our endeavors and victorious accomplishments, both individually and collectively, humankind's entrance into the Fourth Dimensional Consciousness of Unity and Brotherhood at the planetary level is assured one day. We thank you, beloved Master, for your wonderful gifts of the higher disciplines and divine principles given to us, enfolded always in the Flames of Ascension and Purity!

Beloved ones, we also extend our love and gratitude to the limitless numbers of angels, elementals, and divine beings who have assisted us during this year of 1996. With this in mind please return your attention to this sanctuary and when you are ready, please take up your decree books for we shall now give Decree 4-09―The Power of Gratitude.

Decree 4-09, The Power of Gratitude

With our hearts overflowing gratitude, we also call upon beloved Lord Gautama and Saint Germain by giving Decree 11-10―Decree for Perfect Balance. Once you have found it, would you please stand?

(+) Decree 11-10, Decree for Perfect Balance  

Finally, to further prepare to receive the words of the great Lord of the World, Gautama, we shall raise our voices in song and sing "Peaceful Palace." (Please note: If you do not know the melody, this song can be read as a poem.)

Deep! Oh, deep I now abide.

Deep within the flame inside, One with Thee, my holy guide,

One with Thee, whate'er betide! Still! Oh, still I now become,

Blending gently with the One; One with Thee, victorious One;

One with Thee, forever One!


Rest we now in silence sweet

In Thy Peaceful Love Retreat! Heart and head and hand now meet...

One with Thee, in peace we greet! Resting now in peace serene,

Love comes now upon the scene; Peace and love, a gentle stream,

One with Thee in peace serene!


Peaceful Palace on the hill;

Peaceful Silence... Oh, how still Peace and love, this is God's Will!

One with Thee, all now, all still! Thanks and praise, Oh peace divine;

Peaceful Presence, love sublime; Hold me! Hold me! Ever thine!

One with Thee in Peace Divine!

* * *

That was beautiful! Please be seated. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Focus your attention upon your breathing. As you do this, feel each inbreath and the energy it contains expand outward into all the cells of your body. Know that as this takes place, your entire body is receiving vital nourishment to sustain itself¾from your crown chakra all the way down to the soles of your feet. Realize also, that as you exhale, your body is able to release all that it does not need. With this knowledge, consciously request that from this day forth, every time you release your breath, the sacred Violet Fire will be there to purify and transmute everything that you send into the atmosphere around you. Relax beloved ones, breathe in, and breathe out.

Feeling calm, center yourself within your Three-fold Flame. As you do this, become aware of a beautiful crystalline angel with a magnificent golden radiance standing before you. Looking into your eyes with deep love, she smiles in silent recognition and extends her hand beckoning you to follow. You rise and join her as she gently ascends toward the heavens. Moving effortlessly through time and space, you are drawn toward a brilliant light far off in the distance.

Quickly arriving at your destination, you see that you are not alone. Chelas and lightworkers from all over the planet Earth have come, just as you have, to receive a message from the great Lord of the World this day. Slowly, the familiar form of Lord Gautama emerges from the light and you silently ask yourself if you are prepared to receive his message. Yes, you are ready, and making yourself comfortable, you wait as Lord Gautama prepares to share his wonderful message with the multitudes who have gathered before him today.



Lord Gautama 

Please Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand while the reader or director faces the altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the discourse. If it is available, you may listen to beloved Gautama’s musical keynote, the Shamballa Keynote, or other appropriate music for meditation.


December Supplement 1996

Beloved Lord Gautama

My beloved examples of the Middle Way,

Once again, I AM grateful for the opportunity to address you in this manner and enfold you ever closer to my Heart Flame with my love. The spiritual path you have consciously chosen to follow has proven to be one of the greatest challenges in your life.

The spiritual development of the people of this planet, in fact, every planet in the universe, is very much desired and decreed by God. However, it is only by your freewill choice that this cosmic law is set into motion. Once this takes place, your human consciousness, or ego as I prefer to address it, then quickly recognizes the fact that its days are numbered and uses every trick and illusion it has come to know over thousands of lifetimes to keep you firmly anchored in a lower level of consciousness.

This, beloved ones, is when the challenges in your life really begin! Suddenly, you are afraid to let go of the old habits and outdated concepts that have been part of your beings and worlds for so long, due to a fear of the unknown. Remember always, beloved ones, the quality of fear is a creation of your ego and the basis and root cause of every negative trait that tries to control your life. When the time finally arrives and you truly come to know and accept through the gift of illumined faith that God is in control at all times, this quality simply fades away and divine consciousness comes to the fore to guide and direct you quickly along your spiritual path.

Beloved chelas, the time has come to meditate upon the words of beloved Micah, when, as Jesus, he said: "Leave all and follow me!" As the perfect example of the Immaculate Concept of your divine reality in physical form, he showed everyone who would listen to this simple statement the way to follow, the life to manifest and following his advice, the being of light you would one day become.

For eons of time, the Human Family based their faith almost entirely upon the physical appearance world, but when beloved Jesus came and issued forth his mighty fiat, with my added assistance at inner levels, the spark of divinity in your hearts began to pulsate more powerfully and your minds began to wonder and ask the questions that have ultimately led you to the point at which you now stand.

As The Buddha, it was my happiness and privilege to encompass all humanity's consciousness, beings and worlds within my aura, offering the constant rhythm of my balanced Heart Flame as the means of providing your individual Three-fold Flames with the spiritual nourishment required to allow you to come forth and develop in this physical world of form. Realize here and now, my beloved ones, that I was one with you then, and I remain so even now as The Lord of the World.

The successful completion of my service as The Buddha was not an individual accomplishment on my part. My success was determined by each lifestream's victory in moving forward into the light of their individualized I AM Presence and eventually, completely transforming and reunifying with the Great I AM THAT I AM. When it was finally determined that the Earth was beginning to emit enough of its own light to progress further in that light, I was summoned and asked to become the successor of the great and beloved Sanat Kumara, to carry the victorious accomplishment of all humanity to all Earth's other kingdoms and upon the further expansion of my aura in vibration and consciousness, I began to enfold the other kingdoms eventually including the very core of the planet Earth and her entire atmosphere.

My service to life is not unlike yours, my beloved co-servers, for when you take embodiment, a similar activity takes place in, through and around your physical form. Eventually, you will come to fully embrace the elemental substance that makes up your four lower garments of light, just as I do now―only in a much larger scale.

At the time of your embodiment, your soul―which is your consciousness and composed of the accumulated memories, energies, and vibrations of many lifetimes―gently and slowly descends through the silver cord into the physical form created only for you by your beloved Body Elemental. Over time your Body Elemental became the efficient manager of your 'household,' as well as your dear friend. When the time of your physical birth finally arrives, your four lower vehicles fully integrate as the natural result of your aura totally enfolding your bodies. Then, as you slowly grow and mature in the physical realm, you begin to take more conscious command of your vehicles, and upon opening your consciousness to the 'wisdom of the ages,' you learn how to master them, and by your service to life, enter into full partnership with your elemental friend. Throughout this process, you are also preparing yourself to return home to the inner realms, and how well you develop your capacity to use your God given energies will determine whether or not your Book of Life shall contain another chapter based on your experiences in the physical world.

Beloved chelas, I wish to remind you once again of the oneness of all life. Know this knowledge carries an added responsibility to your lives, for once again you are reminded that all life is one. What touches you, touches all in one way or another. Your attention is the key to your safe passage through this world, and your benediction is the call to your brothers and sisters in the Human Family to leave all not of God's creation, and follow your example―journeying along the path of the Middle Way and eventually arriving back home into the full glory of God.

Many obstacles lie ahead of you on the road you are even now choosing to follow. Do not despair or lose hope when faced with these challenges, beloved ones. Remember to always use your sacred breath as the best way to re-center yourself in your own divinity. Then focusing your attention on one obstacle at a time, remove the many stones of human creation from your path by loving them free with God's gift to you and all your brothers and sisters―the Violet Fire of Mercy, Transmutation and Spiritual Freedom!

With all my love and respect, I say to you now: "Leave all of a lower consciousness and follow my example, becoming the Lord of your own world beloved ones!”  With the way energy flows and merges, your aura has become part of mine and your service to life and your light is a joy to behold!

I AM Gautama,

One of Earth's many faithful servants


* * *


As we now offer a silent prayer of thanksgiving to Lord Gautama for his words of wisdom and enlightenment, he bows deeply before our light and once again returns to the center of the brilliant light in which he always resides. Your angel friend now reappears and guides you easily back through time and space, and you soon find yourself sitting once again in the Sanctuary. (Pause)

Begin to become aware of your physical surroundings. Breathe in deeply and exhale fully. Take your time, beloved ones, and when you are ready, you may open your eyes and stand for the benediction.

(+) Benediction by the Director

You may use the Benediction below or a benediction of the Director's choice. Please see the ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony for ideas.

Oh, beloved infinite Father-Mother God of love, light and life, standing within your electronic stream of energy that flows constantly into our hearts, we bow in gratitude for your presence in our lives.

Oh, beloved Presence of God, consecrate our feelings, minds, memories, words and actions today and every day. Let us convey the divine qualities of light, faith, hope, confidence and the positive assurance of the divinity of all life to humankind, just as beloved Lord Gautama does. Let us see the full magnitude of our own Holy Christ Selves and consciously become one with this divine being of great light! Let us see the world with sufficient clarity and enthusiasm so that we bring the perfect manifestation of God's Divine Plan into physical form right now!

Oh, Infinite Power of Light, consecrate our bodies as we now consciously choose to become part of the Cosmic Christ, functioning from this day forth as the Presence of God I AM in the physical world. Give us the gift of remembrance so that every circumstance in our life is an opportunity to invoke and externalize your love, wisdom and power!

In your name, great Presence of Life, we bless and thank beloved Lord Gautama for his selfless service to this beloved planet and all her evolutions. We also extend our gratitude to all cosmic and ascended beings who remain within Earth's atmosphere to assist with their pure and perfect energies the evolving consciousness of every person on this planet, ever closer to self-mastery and full freedom in the light!

As God's most holy name, I AM!

(+) Closing Acolyte Service

See page 10 of the ivory pages in The Book of Ceremony.


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