Volume VIII                     December 1997                    Number 12 A










 * * *


For the Class of December 31, 1997, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1997 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.


(+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.  

(+) OPENING ACOLYTE SERVICE  (page 9, ivory pages)  

MEDITATION PERIOD (until 10:00 AM: Music of your choice may be played during the meditation period.)  

(+) INVOCATION #2 by Director, (see ivory pages in the Book of Ceremony, or invocation of the Director's choice)  


In the Name of the Presence of God, I AM in us and all our brothers and sisters in the Family of Man, we gratefully adore your one universal Presence of Love pulsating through all life. From Thy Eternal Heart do we now invite and invoke, focus and concentrate, project and sustain, and precipitate with mighty Ascended Master Light Rays, the very substance of Ascended Master Consciousness-the Sacred Fire―the Living Body of God, from: Beloved Alpha and Omega, Beloved Helios and Vesta and all the Sun Gods and Goddesses; Beloved Lady Circulata, Beloved Lady Immaculata, Beloved Lady Clove and all the Silent Watchers over all activities; the Beloved Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, the Home of the Spiritual Hierarchy; The Royal Teton Retreat, Home of the Great White Brotherhood and the collective Ascended Master Consciousness available there; The Sponsors of this year: Archangel Raphael, Elohim Vista, and the Goddess of Truth, Lady Pallas Athena; and the Enfolding Spirit, Ascended Master Hilarion. The Divine Hierarchs of the current Retreat Cycle... Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya and the qualities of the divine love, wisdom and power. The current Sun Temple of Aquarius and the divine qualities of progress, stimulation and intensification of spiritual growth.  

Oh, beloved ones, we raise our consciousness to Thee now until the two become one and we are truly your divine representatives here in the world of form, working in full partnership with divinity for the good of the whole. This shall be and is for we so decree it from the heart of I AM Consciousness now and forever! As God's Most Holy Name. . . I AM!

GREETING BY DIRECTOR: Beloved friends and co-servers, on the final day of this magnificent and often not so easy year of truth, healing, concentration and consecration I welcome you here with all the love of my heart. Let us now enter into and abide within the heart of the sacred Threefold Flame, which is the true center of our being, becoming ONE with it. (pause) Centered in this ONENESS, let us now expand this unity to include all chelas and light workers who are connected in consciousness with us today, and¾as one living flame¾let us bow in reverence before the Threefold Flame of the Christ in the hearts of all our brothers and sisters everywhere. (pause) Thank you! Let us now acknowledge the infinite love and protection of our I AM Presence, by donning our mantles of light.  

(+) 2-01 Mantle of Light

Protected by our mantles of light, let us now activate the Violet Fire by giving Lord Zadkiel's decree together, three times: ‘I AM A FORCE OF VIOLET FIRE STRONGER THAN ANY HUMAN CONDITION!’ Feel the sacred Violet Fire¾the most powerful aspect of love, blazing in, through and around our four lower vehicles, purifying and aligning them with our Threefold Flames. In the name of beloved Lord Maitreya, let us now give an affirmation of personal consecration to the light of God that is eternally victorious!  

(+) 1-04 Call to the Flame

Through the harmony of our true being we have now become one with the Presence of God I AM. Let us silently affirm within our souls: I AM a Being of Flame and I AM its light. I AM part of an Activity designed to reacquaint all humanity with their flame and their light. I AM the flame which is the vibration of the Godhead. I AM the flame which is the cohesive love which holds the sun and stars in place. I AM the flame whose power projects light rays from the sun. I AM the flame which fills all the universe with the full glory of itself.  

I AM the flame, the animating principle of life. Wherever I AM there is God Activity. I AM the Alpha and Omega of creation. I AM the beginning and the end of manifestation―all externalization. For I AM the flame which is the source of all and into which all returns.  

The flame which I AM is a power. The flame which I AM is a substance. The flame which I AM is an intelligence. The flame which I AM is the all of everything: energy, vibration and consciousness in action, ever fulfilling the Divine Plan of Creation. The flame which I AM will restore this planet Earth and set her free eternally!  

The flame which I AM is a fourth dimensional activity. The flame which I AM is the higher law of God come to assert its full dominion over all the lesser laws of the third dimensional world of man. It is master over all vibration less than itself. It is all loving, all knowing and all powerful and I AM this flame in action among men.  

Within the flame which I AM is every good and perfect thing; every thought and feeling our God Parents have ever had for the blessing of their creation. This perfection is externalized as light. Within the flame is the seed of all things and within the light is the full manifestation of all things. I AM this flame and I AM its light.

The flame which I AM is like air or water. It is everywhere present, available to those who perceive and accept it. This is my reason for being―the flame and the light embodied in a form acceptable to all. I AM the flame, again reaching the questioning souls of man, filling them with light―the substance of myself, my Holy Self. I AM embodied for this reason and no other, for I AM part of an activity designed to reacquaint all humanity with their flame and their light. I AM a being of flame and I AM its light. I AM the flame of life! I AM that I AM!  

Decree 2-02, Cross of Blue Flame Protection  

Decree 2-05, A Declaration of Faith  

(+) Decree 1-01, Consecration for the Vehicle of the New Age

Thank you, beloved chelas! Let us continue to focus upon the qualities of the Blue Ray; remembering always that where our attention lies, there we shall find ourselves. Through the power of visualization let us now work further with the higher energies available to us from the Octaves of Light. Please close your eyes and center yourselves.  

From within the perfectly balanced Threefold Flame in my heart I AM the Christ grown to full stature―in charge of my life and one with the great Body of Light. As the Christ in action, I once again call forth the protection of my four lower vehicles with Lord Michael's mighty Cross of Blue Flame. Breathing in I see and feel a glorious sapphire beam of light enter my silver cord and move down into my head. As I hold my breath, absorbing God's Holy Breath, it gently moves along until it touches and merges with the blue flame in my heart center. As I now breathe out, I expand these effulgent rays of blue light from the Sun beyond the Sun through my four lower vehicles, releasing all misqualified energy still present within me to the very cause and core and instantly I purify these energies with the sacred Violet Transmuting Fire.  

Holding my breath out of my body I AM now fully free. Filled with God's Light I consciously send forth this liquid light substance into everyone around me. Immediately we realize we all firmly hold in our hands a magnificent sword of concentrated blue lightning―Lord Michael's great tool of liberation and power! With our other hand we now draw close to our body an equally beautiful shield of protection as we prepare, with the assistance of Lord Michael's limitless legions, to release all imprisoned life on this Earth.

Additionally, with a cape of Violet Fire draped over our shoulders, we are assured that through the balancing activity of love that accompanies an activity such as this, the results will always be for the highest good of all concerned! As our attention begins to return to our physical location we know without a doubt that anytime we come across imperfection of any kind, either from within or without, these divine tools, along with many others, are instantly at hand for our use. We are also reminded by Lady Faith to invoke her momentum of perfect faith in God's first cause of perfection in all things at all times. Through our confident trust in this divine truth we now have within our consciousness uninterrupted harmony, joy and peace. With this harmonious confidence and unwavering faith anchored deep within please open your eyes and fully return your attention to this sanctuary of great light.

Let us now verbalize what we have just been visualizing by reading the following words together:



CHRIST I AM―with LIGHT surround me.

 CHRIST within and all around me!

Form above God's Love enfolds me,

I AM the CHRIST in ACTION here!


MICHAEL! COME with FAITH surround me,

BLAZE Thy Power of Faith around me!

From above, God's Love enfolds me,

I AM Thy great PROTECTION here!


VIOLET FIRE! Come now, surround me,

BLAZE Thy mighty power around me!

SAINT GERMAIN'S great LOVE enfold me,



* * *

We have been told by our elder brothers and sisters―the masters―that at the end of each year, the Earth and her evolutions receive two major gifts from our Father-Mother God through the Spiritual Hierarchy. The first of these is the merciful planetary purification and forgiveness of all human creation of that year.

 Our beloved Maha Chohan, Paul told us: "At the close of each twelve month cycle the process of such purification of the countless tons of misqualified life is performed by voluntary intelligent beings who utilize the same Violet Transmuting Flame which humankind has been taught to invoke. Blessed is the unascended lifestream who chooses to join in this planetary purification in preparation for the descent of the cosmic energies of the new year."  

Beloved Maha Chohan, we gratefully offer our energies to assist in this 'clearing of the slate', by giving the following decree for all human creation. (Please note: Pause after each section of this decree to take a deep, slow breath in and out. As you do this see and feel the sacred Violet Fire enter your heartflame through your Silver Cord on the inbreath. As you release your breath project the sacred fire into all areas indicated.)


In the name of the beloved, victorious Presence of God I AM in us and all people everywhere, we call to beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and Lady Portia, beloved Lady Kwan Yin, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, beloved Elohim Arcturus and Lady Diana, Lord Shri Magra and all your angelic legions who serve on God's magnificent Seventh Ray to COME FORTH NOW and:  

*KEEP THE VIOLET FIRE OF FREEDOM'S LOVE BLAZING (*3X) through our four lower vehicles and those of all humanity, including all energy turning to us for redemption especially our own, until all human creation, its cause, core, record, memory and effect, is dissolved and transmuted into purity and God Perfection. (Breathe in... and breathe out.)  

*KEEP THE VIOLET FIRE OF FREEDOM'S LOVE BLAZING (*3X) through all the earth, water, air and fire elements evolving in through and around the Earth, until all human creation, its cause, core, record, memory and effect is dissolved and transmuted into purity and God Perfection. (Breathe in... and breathe out.)  

*KEEP THE VIOLET FIRE OF FREEDOM'S LOVE BLAZING (*3X) through all incoming lifestreams, all children, young people and their parents, every home and business, all educational, health, judicial and governmental systems on this planet, all forms of literature and areas of recreation; and every person, place condition and thing anywhere, until all human creation, its cause, core, record, memory and effect is dissolved and transmuted into purity and perfection. (Breathe in... and breathe out.)  

*KEEP THE VIOLET FIRE OF FREEDOM'S LOVE BLAZING (*3X) through all shadows in the astral realm, until all human creation, its cause, core, record, memory and effect is dissolved and transmuted into purity and God Perfection.

I now command that enfolded in the Great Cosmic Dove: *I AM A FORCE OF VIOLET FIRE STRONGER THAN ANY HUMAN CONDITION (*3X) and I shall be forever sealed in Saint Germain's Love. As God's Most Holy Name, I AM.  

Breathe it in... and breathe it out, with the full acknowledgment, deep gratitude and wonderful blessings for all those who answer our call. Thank you. With such a unified activity within the Body of Light, all life truly has been raised and we are moving every closer to our Ascension!  

Now throughly protected and purified, we are ready to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy with the second major yearly gift, that of invoking the Universal Light, Love and Peace from the Supreme Source to descend, defend, command and manifest the truth of divine perfection for all life on our planet Earth.

(+) Decree 3-07, Light Descend Decree (Please note: There are a few changes in this decree. In the first paragraph, replace 'We invoke the Light of God that never fails!' with '. . . the Light of God that is Eternally Victorious!’ At the asterisk, replace 'every nation on the Earth’ with 'Into the heartflames of Shamballa, all chelas, light-workers and all humankind.’ Finally, we will give the statements with Light, Love and Peace only one time today.)

Thank you for your light, love and energy in the fulfillment of this decree. Beloved Alpha and Omega of the great Central Sun came originally from a twelve-fold planetary system of worlds. Beloved Helios and Vesta of our Sun evolved from the system of beloved Alpha and Omega. Consequently our solar system is blessed with the corresponding twelve Aspects of Deity which enfolds our evolution: God's Will; Divine Wisdom; Divine Love; Divine Purity; Divine Truth; Divine Peace; Divine Freedom; Divine Unity; Divine Balance; Divine Compassion; Divine Clarity and Divine Transfiguration.  

Beloved ones, please be aware, every time we place our attention upon the great Cosmic Beings we open the doors for their light, love and peace to flow into the Earth. We shall now focus our reverent attention upon a specific great being of light, the galactic Archangel of Restoration for she patiently awaits our every call for her much needed service to our planet.

Decree 5-04, Angel of Restoration: Prayer for Gratitude, 

Enfolded in the Flame of Gratitude allow God's Perfection to anchor within you and the world around you as you receive these words to assist in further manifestation: I AM Love! I AM Joy! I AM Peace in my feelings; I AM Happy and free as a bird. I AM Faith! I AM Kindness! I AM Comfort and Truth! I AM all that I need for God's Healing. I AM Grateful for life! I see Beauty―not strife; I AM Victory in all that I do; God abides within me, only Perfection I see! I AM WHOLE! I AM HEALED! I AM FREE!  

Now, let us give three times, the magnificent statement given to us by Lord Maitreya several years ago, one which many have been diligently working with since that time as a reminder to ourselves of who we are and why we are here:  

"I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE of the perfection of my divine plan MANIFEST in the world of form, right here, right now and forever sustained!" (3X)

This same constancy and rhythmic application with deep feeling will greatly assist in externalizing the following two decrees as an example of victorious accomplishment for all the world to see and follow.  

Decree 12-01, Freedom for Shamballa  

Beloved Presence of God I AM in us, we your chelas, invite and invoke The Great White Brotherhood, Solar Lords, Silent Watchers, Angelic Kingdom, Elemental Kingdom, Great Cosmic Beings and Powers of Light concerned with the physical focus of Shamballa in any way to:  

COME FORTH NOW! Enfold us in your Christed Light, Vibration and Consciousness.  

BLAZE (3X) the transmuting, purifying, forgiving and freeing power of the sacred Violet Fire, to the very cause and core of all effluvia that has impeded the full manifestation of everything, that is in any way, obstructing the flow of all inspiration, dedicated co-servers, financial abundance, unity, harmony and peace at Shamballa!  

CUT US FREE! CUT US FREE! CUT US FREE! from every line of force that connects us with imperfection of any kind, in any way.  

Allow the Mother of the World to enfold this Activity of Light and all its members in the Immaculate Concept for The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, to the victorious completion and perfection of God's Divine Plan.  

From this time forth keep our calls sustained, maintained and ever expanding without limit. We so decree it. As God's Most Holy Name... I AM.


Decree for all Concerned with

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Activity 

In the name, power and authority of the Presence of God, I AM, we call to the full, gathered, cosmic momentum of the Spirit of Shamballa and The Great White Brotherhood to join and assist us as we decree:

Establish and sustain a mighty ring-pass-not of God's Will and Protection around the Inner Group Channel, the Executive Council, Staff, Guardians and Chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.  

Through the power of the Holy Christ Self within our hearts, help us to grow steadily in God Consciousness.

Teach us to focus our attention and energies, not only upon the completion of our individual divine plans, but on the Divine Plan for this Activity of Light.  

Blaze the full, gathered momentum of the Violet Transmuting Flame up, through and around each one to protect and purify us at all times, thus allowing the full light of God Illumination to flow to us, filling the cups of our consciousness!

SEAL (3X) us all in beloved El Morya's crystal diamond heart of purity, truth and anonymity! Establish and sustain divine harmony and unity of purpose within our every effort to serve the Light of God that is eternally victorious.  

Together¾we are ONE BODY OF LIGHT¾working for the mutual goals of peace, brotherhood and spiritual freedom for all life on our dear planet Earth!  

So be it, beloved I AM!

* * *

Working within the Body of Light, we have a responsibility to remain consciously connected with the mind of God at all times. This year, we had the privilege of receiving the divine qualities of the emerald green Fifth Ray; those of Truth, Healing, Concentration and Consecration through the loving service of our Sponsors: beloved Archangel Raphael, Beloved Elohim Vista, beloved Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth, and our Enfolding Spirit for 1997, beloved Ascended Master Hilarion. 

With their never ending support and guidance, we have been given countless opportunities by our Holy Christ Selves to manifest the perfect example of God's Will on Earth. Our every successful endeavor prompted the awakening of the Presence of the Christ―in some measure―in all life.  

Let us now return the love given to us during the last twelve months by enfolding and blessing the Sponsors and Enfolding Spirit for 1997 with a beautiful pink ray of gratitude:  

Beloved Archangel Raphael, this year we have constantly bathed in your glorious mother-of-pearl Resurrection Flame, and donned the gift of your many-hued cloak of consecration, accelerating our progress on the path toward the full restoration of our divine heritage. Through your momentum and that of beloved Mother Mary, we are now reconsecrated to joyous, healing service with our Father- Mother God. We love you and are so very grateful for your gifts to us and through us to all life.  

Beloved Elohim Vista, in order to make the most of the many healing opportunities we have encountered this year, we have required your quality of sustained concentration with the truth of God's First Cause¾joyous, perfection expressing and manifesting in all life. For blessing us with your mighty momentum of that quality through the All seeing Eye of God, we are so grateful! With your beloved Elohae Crystal's assistance, our four lower vehicles have been greatly purified and made more consciously appreciative of the tremendous, humble service the Elemental Kingdom offers to us during our time of evolution on this planet.  

Beloved Lady Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, from your temples of truth in Crete, Saint Germain's Palace of Man's Purpose and the mighty Sun, we have received the training that has greatly expanded the challenging Flame of Truth in our hearts and third eye chakra. With your gentle but firm guidance we have come to realize that the truth of God's Perfection is not frightening but freeing! We love, bless and thank you for your service to life! We shall always carry your magnificent Lamp of Truth in our hearts.  

Beloved Ascended Master Hilarion, you have shown us the way to heal not only ourselves but others by helping us to develop and use the tools of the deep, rhythmic Holy Breath and sustained concentration through the power of positive, constructive visualizations of only divine truth. In your capacity as Enfolding Spirit, you have enabled us to receive the energies of our Sponsors in the most perfect, balanced way of divine order for the highest good of all concerned. As we find ourselves working and serving as healers, we know we are truly anchored in the Flame of God's Truth. We thank, love and bless you for the knowledge and comfort we receive as you stand by us in our times of need, just as beloved Jesus once stood by you.

In honor of these great beings of light who have served us so well during the past twelve month please stand and, let us together give the Thoughtform for this year with reverence, power and love. Together:

Through the balancing activity of the sacred Violet Transmuting Flame, my seven bodies have truly become one and I now fully enter the consciousness of the Christ. One with this great Body of Light, I will consciously remain connected with the mind of God at all times, focusing my full attention upon the qualities of truth, healing, concentration and consecration. Manifesting the perfect example of God's Will on Earth, I will endeavor always to awaken the Christ in all life.  

In response to this magnificent thoughtform let us respond to that call by giving the Theme.

As I accept the fullness of Christ Consciousness in my life, I AM now firmly anchored in the Flame of God's Truth. From this perfected state of being, I charge the essence of healing and comfort throughout my entire being and world, and those of all humanity.  

* I AM a pillar of Green Healing Flame for myself and all my brothers and sisters in the Human Family. (*3X)

I AM THAT I AM! So be it, beloved I AM!  

Thank you. As the Body of Light in action, we have further assisted in firmly anchoring the Flames of Consecration, Concentration, Truth and Healing into the Threefold Flame at the center of the Earth. From there beloved Virgo and Pelleur will gratefully expand and radiate these blessings out to all foci of light within, upon the surface or in the atmosphere of Earth from whence all chelas and lightworkers will command their angels to perfectly distribute this goodness to all life everywhere.

Keeping in mind that the qualities of the Fifth Ray and the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh, stem from the basic first three rays of the Threefold Flame, we will now join the rhythmic pulsation of the Planetary Threefold Flame through the activity of the Holy Breath.  

This shall be done by giving the following breathing statement which is: 'divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame' four times for each full breath. The first time, breathe in divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame. The second time, hold your breath in, absorbing these qualities deep within yourself. The third time, breathe out, expanding and increasing the power and momentum of divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame. The fourth time, hold the breath out of your body and project these magnificent God-qualities forth to all life. Sitting tall please place your attention upon the Threefold Flame at your heart center and breathe in ... and breathe out ... Breathe in ...


I AM inbreathing divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM absorbing divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM expanding divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM projecting divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.  

* * * 

I AM inbreathing divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM absorbing divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM expanding divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM projecting divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.  

* * * 

I AM inbreathing divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM absorbing divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM expanding divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame.

I AM projecting divine truth and healing from the Planetary Threefold Flame into all life on planet Earth.

Breathe in and breathe out. Let your breathing pattern gently return to normal.  

See the Holy Triumvirate: beloved Sanat Kumara, Beloved Gautama and beloved Lord Maitreya, standing in the throne room of the great Temple at Shamballa, facing each other. The mighty Threefold Flame now rushes upward from the center of the Earth and enfolds them in its magnificent essence. Today, in honor of the year just now coming to completion and the new year waiting to begin, this flame has a gentle emerald green radiance and is fully enfolded in the Sacred Violet Flame, the most powerful aspect of love.  

These three beings of great light breathe the flame in, absorb it into the very center of their life sustaining energy field, intensifying each aspect of the perfectly balanced threefold nature of love, wisdom and power within each of them.  

As they breathe out, the planetary Threefold Flame expands outward to encompass all of Shamballa, including the physical focus and the heartflames of all people, wherever they may be upon this planet. This simultaneously allows us to breathe in this effervescent light. As we breathe out in unison, our energy is then absorbed by this great flame, in turn creating beautiful, rhythmic pulsations of living, loving light.  

Our attention is now drawn especially to the Pink Flame of Love blazing from Lord Maitreya's heartcenter. As we breathe in again, the Threefold Flames in our own hearts blaze forth in joyous recognition of the Buddha who has so faithfully nurtured and protected these precious flames for so long. Breathing out deeply, we settle back comfortably and prepare to receive his loving and gentle message of divine truth.  

(Please open and read the Discourse here) 






Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand while the reader or director faces the altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Lord Maitreya, the Shamballa Keynote, or other music for meditation.


* * *


My dedicated chelas of living, loving light,  

Listen to my words this morning and beloved ones, the truth will set you free! Back in 1991 to some of you may recall I stated that this Activity will bring forth the love vibration needed to balance the Threefold Flame of the entire planet Earth and that the greatest gift and example of love possible is for each individual lifestream to take responsibility for what goes on within and around them. As a Disciple of Holy Spirit, this has been your task since and as many of you will attest, at times this has been a very difficult and monumental task indeed.

Why is this you ask? To answer your question from a point of divine principle, you must first recognize and understand the meaning of the word 'disciple.' In your case the doctrines are the teachings of the Ascended Masters and many other great beings of light. How this task is accomplished is twofold and very simple but not always easy to do. To accept our teachings you must first consciously choose to step upon a higher spiritual path. If you depend mostly upon your feeling nature, once you open yourself to us and our words, at the beginning of your journey they may be heartfelt more than understood with your mind. In other words: It isn't right until it feels right!

On the other hand, if your mental body is the way you understand the world more than your feeling body, you need to mentally understand all of our teachings before you can truly accept them into your being. For you, all information must fit perfectly and make complete sense. Then over time, however you have chosen to perceive life and live your day to day experiences, you begin to see how our teachings can be helpful and you attempt to implement them, receiving even more enlightenment as you do so. Eventually, because of what you exemplify for others, some of your brothers and sisters in the Human Family will begin to seek out your advice and you must be ready to share your knowledge with them.

When this happens your spiritual growth begins to move forward very rapidly for you must now understand the teachings and the divine principles contained within them well enough that you are able to explain them to others in a way that they too are able to understand. Beloved ones, does any part of my explanation strike a chord within you? It should, for all of you are going through this very process. You may not all be at the same point in your evolution but if you take a few moments to really think about it, you will agree that this is truly what is taking place within you and all your fellow chelas and lightworkers on this planet.

It is time for you, each and every one of you, to now accept and take full responsibility for your own divinity. There is no more room for fear of any kind, no more room for reluctance on your part. You must be strong; you must be loving; and you must be very wise for the sake of your planet and all life upon it!

Beloved ones, please realize that six years ago I also said: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Activity is now in the process of taking responsibility for its divine plan―that of assisting in bringing peace and brotherhood to this planet by raising the consciousness of all life upon it. The first step was to open this Activity and all knowledge contained within its teachings to all people. However, especially to those of you who live near the Heartcenter, by opening the doors Shamballa has been opened to all levels of consciousness.  

Many people have come and gone and this will continue. To the best of each one's ability they have worked with the teachings of this Activity and given of their gifts and talents but it has been at their level of consciousness, not necessarily at the level of consciousness of this Activity of Light. The time eventually comes when they can no longer remain but with the gifts and blessings they too have received, they will go forth, continuing to fulfill their divine plans. However, please be aware that at many levels, a connection has been created and this special bond will remain for all eternity.  

Recently you have been calling for Freedom for Shamballa. This mighty fiat is a decree given by most of you at every service conducted on behalf of life on Earth. In fact, many of you give life to these words each and every day during your personal period of meditation and we are grateful for your service. You have often called for the transmuting, purifying, forgiving and freeing power of the sacred Violet Fire to blaze through Shamballa. You have asked that this mighty focus of great light be cut free from all imperfection and as you well know, each and every call you make for Shamballa you also make for yourselves. Did you think that these words would not go forth and do their work? Well, they have and they shall continue to do so to the completion and perfection of God's Divine Plan for both you and Shamballa.

A little more than ten years ago a harmonic convergence of energy took place and at that time many harmonious lifestreams united and fully connected with Shamballa for one purpose, one common goal―that of creating the perfect foundation and platform for the ascension of the entire planet. Well, beloved ones, whether you realize this as yet or not, at that time you accepted the challenge to become the Presence of the Christ. Since then those of us in the ascended realms have worked with those of you who sincerely reached forth your hands for assistance with this process. We have shared information and created many opportunities for you to become that mighty presence and power―perfectly balanced with the wisdom and love of your Father-Mother God which is constantly available to each and every one of you.

My challenge to you this day is; throughout this year you have accepted the fullness of Christ Consciousness in your lives. Now, firmly anchored in the Flame of God's Truth are you ready to continue to manifest in the world of form this perfect example of God's Will on Earth, continuing always to awaken the Christ in all life! It is this divine truth, beloved ones, that will set you and all your brothers and sisters free for all eternity!

I welcome each and every opportunity to communicate with you and today as you contemplate my words and perhaps make a choice that will surely change this world, know that, just as with Jesus two thousand years ago, you are enfolded in my love, shielded in my protection and filled with the wisdom of God as you continue on your journey home, back into the heart of our Father-Mother God.


* * *

From deep within the sacred Threefold Flame at our heartcenters, we send our eternal gratitude to you beloved Lord Maitreya for your presence during this service and your message of love, wisdom and strength this day and every day.  

Beloved chelas, please reach for your decree books and turn to Decree 2-06. Knowing that there is a focus of Shamballa in every heart, as we give this decree for the, physical focus of Shamballa on Long Island, we are affirming the unity of all life we so deeply desire.  

(+) Decree 2-06, The Shamballa Decree  

Thank you for your dedication, love and unified service during this class. Today, as we leave the sacred and holy space we have created by our presence here let us remain within the silence of our hearts and contemplate the many wonderful gifts we have received not only today but throughout this entire year.  

(+)Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages of the Book of Ceremony)  

Sealed in the mighty balancing activity of the Threefold Flame from the hearts of beloved Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama and especially today, Lord Maitreya, we thank you, great beings of love, for your constant outpouring to us. May your gifts continue to flow through us at all times and bless every part of life we contact to God's Divine Plan fulfilled.  

We love, bless and thank each one of you for your long and selfless service to our Earth and all life everywhere. We call to the infinite Presence of all life to bless you and bless you and bless you in ways that even you know not of. So be it, beloved I AM.   

* * * 


(+) Closing Acolyte Service (see page 10 in the ivory pages of the Book of Ceremony) 

Service Complete and chelas may be seated. (short period of personal silent meditation and contemplation)


Prayer of Gratitude 

Dearly beloved I AM, we thank you,

And blest Lord Maitreya for your presence here too.

Thank you, mighty friend of light,

For this class―transcendent and bright.

Masters dear, in gratitude sincere,

For your love and service to us here,

We wish for you―your heart's desire,

As we now permanently reunite our energies and serve together again.


God of Love, BLAZE now Protection's Flame!

Round THE BRIDGE in blessed El Morya's name!

Bless, supply, protect and guide;

Angels stay always by each of our sides!

As our hearts overflow with love and praise,

Seal us forever in Rainbow Rays, Helping us fulfill Earth's Plan

As we now permanently reunite our energies and serve together again.


Dearly beloved mighty Hosts of Heaven...

Bless each one for their love and service given.

Guide and guard us throughout each day;

Hold us in Thy Middle Way!

Let our light shine forth to free all life

From all human concepts and miscreated strife.

 Seal us in Perfection's Flame

As we now permanently reunite our energies and serve together again.


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