The Effect of Oneís Etheric Memories

On Their Spiritual Development

Pallas Athena

New Year Conference

December 30, 1997


Beloved ones,


As this has been a year of tremendous truth and healing, I would like to continue this momentum focusing primarily upon the etheric body this morning. I believe it is quite easy to forget the importance of this powerful part of yourself, because its effects upon an individual can be so subtle. If a person is not aware of how readily it can impact their current lifetime, it is very easy to get caught up in the thoughts and feelings of the past and act out in a very inappropriate manner.  

Today I shall use as one of my examples, a small but very dedicated group of lifestreams, who came to this planet thousands of years ago and embodied many, many times after their arrival. Since the time Sanat Kumara felt the Earth was worth saving and came to this planetís aid, the specific service to life of these dedicated beings has been that of assisting in bringing forth every prominent religious age that has been the most influential in the spiritual development of this world. Back to the time before Lemuria and Atlantis, to Aknoton and the principle of the ONE GOD, Zarathustra and his many followers, Mohammad, Abraham, Moses and most recently, Jesus; these people have embodied over and over again with the same goal in mind. Even today they are coming back together once again, this time to help in fully manifesting Saint Germain's Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom.  

Looking back upon each of their lives, there were probably many good and happy times, of which countless memories of each event in their life, no matter how insignificant, were stored in their etheric memories. On the other hand, there were also memories of a not-so-pleasant nature, of the events that took place in each lifetime that left a lasting imprint in their limitless etheric vehicles. This is not only true for this small group but for many people on Earth as a large number of you carry very close to the surface of your consciousness, many strong etheric memories of all the activities that took place, especially during the time of Jesus for it is the most recent. For others it was from the time of Atlantis as there were so many powerful thoughts and feelings involved.  

These previous life experiences are even now having a profound effect on those in embodiment at this time. Feelings of guilt, anger, pain, lack of self worth and powerlessness are causing people to attempt to recreate many of the scenes from the past, so that they can "do it right" this time. In fact, many are trying very hard to recreate those days with the hope that they will, as individual personalities, be there when Christ returns in the physical, so they can be forgiven of the sins of commission and omission they still carry, that create heavy burdens on their souls.  

Beloved ones, do you not remember? You do not have to do this, for with Jesus' final earthly breath, he uttered those very simple words: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!", but this seems very difficult for the vast majority to accept and even harder to offer to others. It is time to stop reliving the past. With the gift of sacred fire, transmute and release all negativity to which you still feel bound. It is time, dear chelas, for you and all your brothers and sisters to move beyond the crucifixion and focus your attention upon and accept your ascension. The Christ has truly come again! Recognize, accept and receive this divine consciousness, for it already resides within you, and it is your responsibility to manifest God's Perfection in the physical world of form here and now, if you have not already done so!  

What other kind of etheric memories are people still carrying forward from the past? Think for a moment about what comes into your mind when you call forth your mantle of protection. Many of you may actually see yourself in a metal suit of armor, a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Some of you see yourselves enfolded in a magnificent brilliant blue light.  

Whatever form of protection you choose for yourself, it is yours forever and probably based upon a past life experience. However, once established, it is your responsibility to renew, refresh and intensify this great gift, be it only when the need arises, which I do not recommend, or on a daily or even hourly basis as necessary. Remember also, that with your relationships with others, each and every time you see the need, you may also consciously provide this service for others and, at some level, I guarantee it will be greatly appreciated!  

Back in the Middle Ages, knights wore magnificent armor for protection, revealing to their rivals only their eyes. Not only was this necessary so they could see what they were doing, but often times the area immediately surrounding their eyes was adorned in some way, with precious jewels or certain designs etched in the metal itself to draw attention to the power, strength and courage emanating from their eyes and away from the physical figure, in a further attempt to protect themselves and ultimately defeat their enemies.  

Since ancient times, eyes have played a very important role in everyday life. Not only are they the window to the outer world but to one's soul as well. As you know this is how you perceive the world and, in many cases, are perceived by others. When dealing with others you can often enfold yourself within a powerful cloak of illusion, but the truth will always be revealed in your eyes. In many cases, when someone is unable to be truthful in a situation, it is difficult for them to look another person in the eyes. The same applies to people who do not want to reveal their true feelings. However, when your seven bodies are aligned and balanced with each other, the angelic eyes of Christ Consciousness shine forth brightly, revealing to all the world beautiful eyes of light, love and perfection.  

This same idea has carried forward and exists in the world of form to this day. Focus your attention upon the women of the Middle East. In many cases their bodies are covered from head to foot, except for their eyes. Even in the countries of the Far East, such as India and Pakistan, a red dot is placed between the eyes. Beside the obvious reasons, this is done to draw and hold an individual's attention upon the eyes, and nothing else.  

Beloved ones, these are just a few very subtle examples to once again remind you not to focus on the outer, but to go deep within, and fully experience the Holy Christ Self of yourself and each and every other member of your human family. Do not be afraid of showing this side of yourself to others or of looking into the eyes of your brothers and sisters, for there will always be memories reawakened, and a spark of recognition will pass between you when you are both fully centered in the Consciousness of the Christ.  

Another wonderful etheric memory that has come forward through the ages is the importance of the "hearth". Since ancient times it has been a place of warmth, nourishment, cleansing and purification. It is also a very easy place in which to gather and everyone eventually winds up in this part of every home. Even if it is nothing more than a corner of a simple one room dwelling, this is where the Ritual of the Sacred Fire was established and maintained by whoever was considered the 'keeper of the flame' in each and every household.  

Since this was also the place where people regularly gathered several times each day, in most homes it became the location where the greatest communication took place. How many memories do each of you have in just this lifetime, of sitting around a table sharing thoughts and ideas, discussing daily and worldly events or working out any difficulties within the family unit? Why do you think the kitchen is in the center of the Ascension Focus across the street? I assure you it is not a coincidence! During each and every conference, is this not the place where everyone gathers, happily uniting their energies and sharing themselves with each other? As you make your many observations during this conference, I AM sure you will see the same happening in each and every kitchen on this sacred property, for this room is the heartcenter―the heart of the feminine energy―of every house on Earth. Think back, delve into the memories you still carry forward from the past.  

Can you now begin to see the importance of your etheric body? It is time, beloved ones, especially as you are preparing to enter the year of Violet Fire, to let go of all the stuffĺall the negativity of the past, so that the foundation of the New Golden Age you are now creating together will be pure; it will be balanced; it will be harmonized; it will be unified; it will be prosperous and above all, it will be permanent! Even as this year is so rapidly drawing to a close, know that I will remain with you and my lamp of truth will continue to light your way as you search for God's Truth that will set you free eternally.

One of your many Spiritual Guides and Teachers,

I AM Lady Pallas Athena






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