The ‘Mother’ Aspect of God

Lady Portia New Year Conference

January 4, 1998

My beloved chelas,


As one of the many representatives of the Divine Mother, I come today to speak to your hearts, to awaken and expand in you, the nurturing, comforting, compassionate aspects of your being. I wish to speak to you this morning of acceptance. More specifically, for men to accept the new opportunities open to them, if they choose to enter the sacred circle found within the feminine aspect of divinity. It is also imperative that women accept and welcome men to enter this sacred space and help them to become more comfortable with this beautiful side of themselves.  

My dear sisters, many of your blessed brothers need to be assured that this can be done without loss of their masculine identity and ladies, you need to be assured that you will not be taken advantage of, caught once again in a lifestyle in which you are considered as little more than a possession. What is the key to this very important stage of your spiritual growth and development? It is the constant use of the sacred flames, especially the Violet Fire, in every aspect of your life, particularly those that have to do with any unresolved conflict between your masculine and feminine sides.  

You must each have compassion for every lifestream who has carried with them through the ages the memories, thoughts and feelings that does not allow the quality of balance to sweep through their male and female aspects, reuniting their energies. You must have forgiveness for yourselves and each other, for all misuse of energy in any relationship with the opposite sex, where balance was lacking and not based on equality. You must allow the Flame of Freedom to blaze through your being and release you from the past where separation of the sexes was found in every part of daily life.  

My dear chelas, as this is the era where the feminine aspect of the Godhead is flooding the Earth, you must be understanding, merciful, and considerate to the needs of each other. Please realize that men have been flung into an energy they may have little understanding of and even less experience with, so it is the women―the embodiment of feminine energy―who must be there to assist without anger, without fear, without resentment or revenge for past mistakes done to them throughout history. Otherwise, beloved ones, you will recreate the same situations, but in opposite order, and the "battle of the sexes" as some people refer to it, shall continue to govern the relationships between men and women, further dividing the people of Earth.  

Let us not make the same mistakes of the past! Instead consciously choose right now and endeavor always to come from a higher consciousness―that of Christ Consciousness. What happened in the past when the separation of men and woman manifested was primarily due to the actions, words and decisions of men. In most instances women had to remain silent and obedient without question, further fulfilling the role assigned to them by men and it has remained this way over the centuries, until now. My beloved, sisters, do not shut this door of opportunity on your brothers.

Today I stand before you beloved ones to offer several of the many gifts of the Mother Aspect of God. Are you ready to accept them? Are you ready to release them into the sacred Violet Flames of transmutation, freedom and justice for all? If your answer is yes, take a deep breath in and prepare to receive these sacred blessings from our Father-Mother God. Dear friends, of Saint Germain and myself, open your minds, hearts, feelings and memories to me now, by breathing deeply and rhythmically, as I fill your entire beings and worlds with: gentle strength, infinite wisdom, unconditional love, healing comfort, perfect peace, limitless compassion, divine freedom and the purity of your being to hold the immaculate concept for all life .... It is done!  

Go forth and incorporate these blessings into your daily lives, developing them to the fullest of your ability, lifting and raising all life on our dear planet Earth. The time has now come to feel complete-ONE within yourself and all your brothers and sisters with whom you have separated from for many reasons since the time of Atlantis forward.  

Blessed Spirits of Shamballa, you who have been prepared by us over eons of time, come forth now! As beloved Saint Germain stands beside me this day, step through the Golden door of God Acceptance and claim your divine heritage! Right this moment, take command of your four lower vehicles and stand ... stand beloved ones and be counted as one of our Friends of Freedom! At the request of beloved Ćolus, I invest you with the full power and authority of the Cosmic Holy Spirit, representative of the feminine aspect of God in this system of worlds. With the assistance of the entire Spiritual Hierarchy especially my beloved and myself, may you manifest this spirit right here, right now and forever sustained in the physical world of form. From this moment forward be God in Action at all times. My beloved brothers and sisters; May I be the first to welcome you home into the heart of God!  

With your infinite love, joyously look to a future, filled with God's good as, from a much higher level of consciousness, you now assist your fellow travelers, the Earth, beloved Saint Germain and myself to bring forth our new and permanent Golden Age. As you do, remain always in a state of listening grace, beloved ones, exemplifying in the world of form who you truly are―a Disciple of the Holy Spirit! What you have begun here at Shamballa is magnificent and has not gone unnoticed!  

As we now prepare to close this magnificent conference, one which marks a very important transitional point in your planet’s evolution be aware that you are a very different person then when you arrived a few short days ago. Upon your return to the outer world, take time to assimilate the energy and all the knowledge you have been given. Also be aware that your friends, loved ones and co-workers will undoubtedly perceive you differently. It may even appear that their actions seem very inappropriate for no reason whatsoever. However, please be aware they are just responding to your increased light and vibration. Whenever this happens instantly call upon one or more of the many gifts of the feminine aspect of God you have received during this conference.

To quote beloved Arcturus, "... it takes practice, practice and more practice!" Throughout this year of 1998 my beloved Saint Germain and I will speak to you often, sharing our wisdom and our radiation, to assist in balancing the energies within yourself and in your relationships with others concerning the masculine and feminine aspects of God, to bring balance to your lives and freedom to your spirit.  

As you continue to listen to our words you will quickly come to know that the truth will set you free if you will but allow yourself to receive, understand and put this knowledge to use in your daily lives! My beloved sisters, be assured there is a great deal for you to also learn from your beloved brothers as well. It is my hope that we are soon able to share time together again. Peace and God speed until then. Also know that I love you more than words can say and enfold you always in a magnificent cloak of violet fire. Wear it proudly!

I AM Lady Portia,

Goddess of Justice




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