Chelas Thoughts on the meaning of

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom

(Taken from a Teaching Session during the 1998 Spring Conference.)

 The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom is an international spiritual organization utilizing the works of the Ascended Masters in our lives to promote God's First Cause which is perfection for all things. As with all things, it can be as simple or complex as we wish, to convey our message. It incorporates many aspects of religion, some known and some unknown. It appears to remove the dogma of religion, placing the emphasis on the chela (student) as an active co-server and co-creator in life. Through the use of decrees as affirmations we direct light and energy where we feel it is needed. Also, as with anything strong faith and conviction centers us in all that we do."  

"The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom is an international organization dedicated to the purification and transformation of the Earth and her people necessary for Christ Consciousness to manifest (in the world of form). Through discourses, visualizations and affirmations, The Bridge seeks to spark each individual's awareness of God within in order to manifest love, peace and harmony on the planet. The activities focus on raising energies to permit an individual to become centered and whole, enabling her or him to live a Christ-like life in the world of form. Thus each person becomes the Christ-In-Action and a Light Bearer, able to make the way clear for (the manifestation of) Saint Germain's New Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom."  

"The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom serves as the conduit or the bridge to move in consciousness from the human to the divine. Spiritual is the activity that will give each soul on Earth the freedom necessary to ascend back into the heart of the Supreme Source of all Life (God)."  

"The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom is a universal, nondenominational, spiritual activity that teaches one how to use their higher energies, or Christ Consciousness, with the ascended masters and messengers of God to help heal and raise ourselves and the planet Earth. The multi-dimensional activities that we engage in are further enhanced by The Bridge's philosophy which is explained in our literature, ceremonial services, focused meditations, decrees, affirmations and spiritual conferences."  

"The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom is a spiritual activity that offers its members a pathway to higher spiritual consciousness by teaching us how to purify our thoughts, feelings and memories. It provides each person with a direct connection to God and the spiritual hierarchy, manifesting through publishing, the spoken work and religious ceremony, God's First Cause which is perfection for all life!"  

"The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom is an international, non-denominational Christ based organization dedicated to assisting all people in becoming aware of the Presence of God that abides in each human heart. Through publications, service and other educational activities, we emphasize and teach how to be the Christ-in-Action in our daily lives, constantly seeking to raise, improve and enhance the quality of life for all our brothers and sisters in the Human Family."  

"lf there is one central purpose for the activity of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, it is to bring unity, peace and brotherhood to the people of Earth; to help all people everywhere realize and understand that we are all of equal value in the sight of God. Each of us is loved and cherished for his or her individual self and for their importance to the group no matter how large or small."







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