How to Simplify Your Life

By Saint Germain

From The Primary Instruction, Book #10

Think of those of us who gained the freedom and victory alone, century after century, finding secret places where we might hide, endeavoring with a few brave souls to contact the Ascended Host of Light. We desired to receive their instruction, and then to experiment with magnetization, invocation, and the direction of the light rays. There was nobody to tell us whether we were on the right path. There was nothing but our heart flame to direct us. Yet, if we allowed negative qualities to make us fearful, we would still remain within the orthodox masses. I tell you frankly, if you are going to succeed, you must be positive, determined and confident within yourself. . . . You must decide first and foremost whether you are working with the Ascended Host or not!  If you feel that you are not, then you must wait for another opportunity at a later day. You must measure everything that we have given according to the Code of Truth according to the Code of Balance, of Purity, of Wisdom, and of Love. Then, when you have made up your mind, stay constant to that decision and move forward into the light of freedom! The greatest opportunity in the world is to use this Flame of Freedom and to stand unmoved, centered and poised within your own God Flame!  Thank you!