Volume VIII                     December 1998                     Number 4A










For the Class of December 31, 1998, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Year’s Conference on December 31, 1998 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.


Opening Acolyte Service (chelas stand)

See page 9 of the ivory pages in The Book of Ceremony.  

Meditation Period (chelas seated)

Silent meditation until 10:00 AM; music of your choice may be played during this time.  

Invocation by the Director (chelas stand)

You may use the invocation below or one of your choice or creation. Please see the ivory pages in The Book of Ceremony for ideas if necessary.



Dearly beloved Presence of God I AM in us, the Source of all that is, everywhere present and anchored within each of our hearts and that of all mankind. We love and adore you! We acknowledge you to be the owner and giver of our life, our intelligence, our substance, our all!  

Great Host of Ascended Masters and great Cosmic Beings, beloved Gautama, beloved Lord Maitreya and, especially today, our beloved Sanat Kumara; COME NOW and let us, together, create a powerful service of wisdom and love dedicated to our planet and all life upon it. INTENSIFY the activity of the Cosmic Threefold Flame at Shamballa, and direct this activity through the I AM Presence of each embodied soul. CHARGE us with your momentum of Light so that we may in turn, bless all life.  

HELP us to see only the beauty and perfection of God's Divine Plan fulfilled, thus removing our attention from the illusions of the lower self. UNITE us all within the true feeling and expression of peace and brotherhood. SEAL us in the mighty balancing activity of your Love, Wisdom and Power of Perfection, and let the pressure of your love enable our Holy Christ Selves to take full command of our outer personalities right here, right now and eternally sustained.  

For the answer to this and our every call to Light, we are grateful! We are grateful! We are so very grateful! So be it, beloved I AM.


Greeting by the Director

Good morning. From the Sacred Flame in my heart I welcome you to this planetary service of unity and cooperation and it is with great joy that I look forward to working together this day. Let us begin by joining our heart flames, consciously creating a Golden Chalice of Light in the center of this sanctuary. It is filled with a multicolored liquid light substance which contains all the gifts and blessings of our Father-Mother God to the people of Earth. As we do so, visualize this unifying, harmonizing and prospering energy expanding outward as our silent call to service.  

As you receive and absorb the essence and power of our combined energies, please be seated and receive the following words into your hearts and minds as we now enter the Heart of the Sacred Fire. As you listen, envision the Cup, the Holy Grail of Light overflowing with the Eternal Light of God's Love.  

"I now consciously enter into and abide within the Heart of the Sacred Fire which is the true center of my BEING. I AM now centered and I remain within the Heart of the Sacred Fire and I speak and command with authority." (3X)  

Within the heart of the Sacred Fire we are One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Body, One Energy and Vibration, One Consciousness of Pure Thought and feeling, and One Love. Our One desire is to pour forth and anchor the Light, Illumination, Wisdom, Truth, Gifts and Blessings of God through our elder Brothers and Sisters of the Great White Brotherhood, and ourselves to all life on this blessed planet Earth. We now offer ourselves to God as a Cup, the Holy Grail, for the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.  

Beloved co-servers, we come together today, in gratitude and joy, to celebrate the final day of purification by Violet Fire in the process of precipitation. During this year we have all, personally and collectively, experienced the power of the Violet Flame as it constantly blazed in, through and around us, opening every door and moving through every room of our lives and consciousness sweeping clean the last vestiges of human creation that still remain within us.  

As this took place the Sacred Flames have been very active, working to purify and transmute all energies which were not of God's Divine Will anywhere upon this planet. For in this process of precipitation which we are engaged in, only the Will of God will be made manifest in the Eternal Light and Love of our Father-Mother God. I now dedicate this service to the beloved Savior of our Earth and great Cosmic Being Sanat Kumara, to the Immaculate Concept which is held so perfectly by all members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who work with us and to the eternal Chalice of Light that we hold sacred.

* * *

As we now continue to prepare ourselves for service, please take a comfortable position and listen to the following words from the Chohan of the Fourth Ray, Ascended Master Serapis Bey, whose topic this morning is the path of the ascension:  

"Every lifestream, from the moment they choose to serve life and come into embodiment, begins the process of further expanding the light of the universe, as they ascend into an ever higher state of consciousness through their individual efforts to channel the light of God to the Earth. Beloved chelas, the activity of the ascension is constant and certain, yet gentle and ever-caring for the lifestream's well being, just as all God's blessings are!  

"Every day as you walk the path toward the full ascension into the light of your own I AM presence, I see your struggle between accepting the mastery of your Holy Christ Self and the controlling desires of human consciousness. To help you master your energies, always remember to look to the inner Christ in your heart.  

"The Christ within offers peace, harmony and unity of life. Once your consciousness has ascended to this higher level of awareness through the ceaseless use of the Sacred Violet Fire and the raising powers of the Ascension Flame, all life will answer your every call to manifest the perfection that God desires for you. It is within this state of mastery that a true balance of energy is attained, and you are also able to perceive the needs of others as they, too, progress upon this same spiritual path. At this point in your evolution you are then much more easily able to give according to the collective needs of the group.  

"In closing, I offer you this final thought for your consideration and meditation. It is true that your Threefold Flame is kept pure and perfectly balanced by your Holy Christ Self in the inner realms. However, it is your task and responsibility to manifest such balance and purity on the physical plane of Earth and this manifestation begins to take place by consciously making the free will choice to do so. You must now choose to take the necessary steps of purification and transmutation to allow the Christ to become one with you, bringing perfect balance to your Threefold Flame. As you then become one with your Holy Christ Self you will consciously take over many additional responsibilities fully manifesting the divinity of your true being here and now. As your light continues to expand and you channel additional light into the Earth, you will become even more free to perform ever-higher levels of tasks taking further responsibility and assuming your new role in the divine plan of creation.  

"Beloved ones, as you do this, know I shall enfold you in my love that carries all the gifts and blessings of the mighty Ascension Flame. Your brother in the Light, Serapis Bey” . 

Further understanding what our responsibility is, please gently bring your attention back to the sanctuary. Together we will call forth and intensify our Mantles of Light by giving Decree 2-01. Please stand when you have found this decree. We will begin:

Decree 2-01, Mantle of Light

(chelas stand)

* * *

Remain standing and close your eyes for a moment. Enfolded within your Mantle of Light feel the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy enter the Sanctuary to join us in this service and intention. Feel the Light of God surround us and the Power of God enfold us, as the Peace of God now becomes our Truth. Within your protective Mantle of Light, breathe in gently and deeply. Feel, as the power of the flame within your heart, is enfolded by the limitless, eternal, all powerful Light of God. Now, allow yourself to fully stand within this great love, wisdom and power by expanding your heart flame out even more with each and every breath you take. Through this expansion of energy, know the perfect peace that has descended into and throughout this sanctuary as it moves in, around and through us, connecting and uniting us with the entire Spiritual Hierarchy as, together, we become the one true Chalice of Light.  

We are now ready to call on the faith and protection of Archangel Michael's magnificent Blue Flame. Returning your focus to this service, please turn in your decree books to Decree 2-03, The Armor of Blue Flame Protection. Together, with energy!  

Decree 2-03, Armor of Blue Flame Protection

(chelas stand)

Continuing our powerful momentum, turn now to Decree 2-04, the Invincible Guard of Mighty Hercules and with our combined group energy, we will call upon mighty Hercules to seal us and all life everywhere in his Herculean love, energy and invincible protection now and forever. At the asterisk in this decree please use inserts: # 3: Shamballa, the Heart Center of this Activity of Light, #4: All Humankind and All Life everywhere; and in that order. Decree 2-04 together.

Decree 2-04, Invincible Guard of Mighty Hercules

(chelas stand)

Please take your seats and put your decree books aside for a few moments. Once again find a comfortable position. Allow your breath to gently deepen. Breathing in, concentrate on your recent declaration of faith offered to Archangel Michael and Mighty Hercules. Feel the energy increase in this room, as it further unites in purpose and intensifies in radiation. With the power of our words still lingering in the atmosphere around us, observe how they now reach up and out of this sanctuary.  

Slowly become aware of a single musical tone softly beckoning you. Now, there is another, and another as the energy intensifies. Listening closely, it has now become a beautiful piece of music, clearly recognizable to you. Within moments you find yourself breathing to its rhythm. It is an ancient rhythm. It is a powerful rhythm. It is the answering call of the energies of power and protection just called forth and you eagerly join your energies with this sacred call.  

The music quickly becomes part of you. It matches the rhythm of your breath and the pulse beat of your heart. As this takes place, your consciousness expands and you rise gently upward filled with an ancient longing to become one with the answer to your call.  

As the music intensifies you become aware of a spiraling blue light off in the distance that appears to be the source of this wonderful song. You watch intently as this spiraling blue light dances through the universe; descending, expanding and then ascending again with every note. Continuing to rise ever upward in consciousness, feel the power, light, love and beauty of this light becoming stronger and stronger. With each passing moment, it becomes more magnificent and you begin to see, within its motion, all the Angels of God's Magnificent First Ray who make up this glorious, spiraling, blue, liquid, light substance.

Knowing now that these are the faithful Legions sent to you by your protector Archangel Michael, you see their swords of blue flame raised high, always ready to offer service. The atmosphere fills with these beautiful angels who hold aloft their flaming swords of Blue representing God's Faith and Protection for all who will to use them. With great joy and gratitude, you welcome their appearance. In return, they quickly and silently invite you to join them on their sacred quest, as they follow the eternal song of faith and protection.  

Still amazed at how many have come in answer to your calls, you accept their invitation and immediately become aware that a Cross of Blue Flame has been gently and lovingly placed all around you, sealing you in a mighty wall of faith and protection. You see this glowing Cross of Blue Flame in front of you, behind you, above and below you, and on either side of you. Completely enfolded at all levels by the power of this magnificent Blue Flame, its eternal and invincible protection is energized in, through and around you.  

Feeling the power of Michael's faith as it permeates your consciousness, it awakens old memories. Your breath and your physical body, your thoughts and feelings take on the intent of this energy. It was your call that allowed you to become the perfect channel of this energy. This divine essence now flows through you freely and easily, becoming your one purpose and your only focus, to become a channel for all God's Blessings. With every breath you expand this energy out in waves of blue light, and the faith and protection you experience quickly moves out from you, entering the world of form. You truly are the Invincible Guard of Mighty Hercules!

With your remembrance and recognition of your true calling in life, feel the happiness and joy of the angels in response to your acceptance. Rays of gratitude and love flow out from your heart, sending a clear message of dedication to the All Pervading Power of God. Holding this re-consecration deep within your heart and mind, and keeping the energy of faith strong in your consciousness and convictions, ever so slowly begin to bring your awareness back to this sanctuary, reuniting with your vehicles, especially your physical body.  

When you are ready, please breathe in deeply and as you breathe out, open your eyes and let us begin our work with the Violet Fire. We know that whenever called forth, this great gift forgives, transmutes and purifies every part of life. Remaining seated, please pick up your decree books and we will further prepare ourselves this morning. This is the portion of our service where we work with the Violet Fire. Let us first call upon beloved Lady Kwan Yin. She is always with us to gently remind us that the Law of Forgiveness can and should be the Joy of Forgiveness. Please turn in your decree books to decree 3-03, The Joy of Forgiveness Ready to begin.

Decree 3-03, joy of Forgiveness

(chelas seated)

Thank you for that invocation and expansion of the ray of mercy and forgiveness in which Kwan Yin constantly embraces us. Ready now to put forth the energies required in order to draw the Violet Flame of purification, transmutation and freedom into all that is not of God's creation, turn to decree 3-05. Through the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love, we will off this decree for ourselves and all chelas everywhere. Let us stand for this decree. As one voice.  

Decree 3-05, Violet Fire of Freedom's Love

(chelas stand)  


Empowering that Violet Fire with the spoken word by our Heart's call, we shall now call to Master Saint Germain and ask to truly become and remain the Violet Fire in action at all times. Continuing our preparation for Saint Germain's New Age of Spiritual Freedom, please turn to decree 3-10, Living Within the Violet Fire. Now we will expand our energies out even further to encompass the entire planet earth and all its lifestreams within the Violet Flames of the Seventh Ray.  

Decree 3-10, Living Within the Violet Fire

(chelas stand)  

You are the Violet Fire! Know it! Accept it! Become this sacred Flame and it will serve you proudly. Remaining within its essence at all times you may be seated. Put your decree books aside as we now use the powers of visualization to formulate, create, and consecrate the qualities of this Flame, which we have so powerfully called forth. Breathing deeply, begin to feel the intensity of the energy around you once again. See now, within your mind's eye, the descent of the violet light of purification as it fills our sanctuary, enfolding all chelas of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom in its majesty of deep pure violet light. The momentum of energy that has been built up and brought forth through our decrees, has now entered our third dimensional world of form and as it touches us it activates in our physical world and become Flame.

The deep violet color of the Flames of Transmutation resonate deeply within your heart and your memory. Feeling the activity of purification as the energies surround and move through your being, feel your consciousness raise and you are able to achieve a higher level of active participation. Totally empowered now by the activity of the Violet Fire, feel the peace and purity of your true being. Become aware of the inter-dimensional activity taking place around you, as another shift in your consciousness occurs. Empowered and charged with the activity of the Violet Fire, feel yourself slowly ascending upward again. This time find yourself walking across the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom into the great City of Shamballa.  

The path you walk is lined with violet flowers and the air around you is filled with angels whose auras radiate all the colors of the rays. Joining their energies with yours, they lovingly welcome you to Shamballa and tell you they shall be your guides during the time of your visit. Gratefully you follow their lead and quickly find yourself standing at the entrance of the central Focus in the City of Shamballa¾the Temple of Love, Wisdom and Power. This Temple is more pristine in its classic design than anything your eyes have seen. In fact, it is pure perfection of both design and energy. Looking up at this magnificent Temple of iridescent white marble, see the beautiful violet light emanating and extending out softly from the structure into the atmosphere around it. The angels, who have accompanied you and now surround the Temple, also take on a violet glow as they reflect the brilliant Light of this Temple.  

Walking up the stairs to the entrance, you come to the simple threshold. The symbol of the Great White Brotherhood is engraved on the floor here, constantly radiating forth rays of blue, pink and gold to all those who are members of this ancient and sacred Brotherhood. Standing for a moment in the center of this symbol you feel the power and majesty it contains as you draw these energies up into your physical body, your etheric body, your mental body and finally your emotional body.  

Ready now, to enter the Temple of the Threefold Flame, you step across the threshold. You have entered a large round open portico enclosed only by the Temple's beautiful, white marble pillars. In the center of the room is the sacred brazier which holds the constantly interweaving flames of blue, pink and gold representing the God qualities of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power in its purest form. Approaching the brazier, you bow before the flames to offer a silent invocation. Rising to you feet, with dignity and grace, you slowly and gently move around the brazier three times in honor of the sacredness of this holy place. Returning for the third time to where you began, you stop, and raising your arms in a prayerful position you speak to the flames: 






*  *  * 

Through the power of the spoken word, the flames in the brazier rise and expand in their magnificence as if fueled by your powerful affirmation. Bringing your arms back down to your sides, you feel fully alert, focused and attentive. Becoming one with the Threefold Flame before you, a small marble platform now rises from the altar in front of you. Upon it lies a book, its cover blue, the pages pink and the words are written in blazing gold light. Looking upon its pages, you begin to read:  

"Long centuries ago, the planet Earth came to a point of crisis where it was destined to be dissolved by those Powers of Light in charge of planetary affairs. Due to the coming of 'laggard souls' who were given embodiment upon the Earth, the atmosphere, the people and the planet itself were contaminated to the point where there was no illumination or radiation from the Earth in return for the use of life. The harmony and music of the spheres were so affected by the discord in the thoughts and feelings of the people, that the great Solar Lords called a meeting of the Cosmic Council. It was decided that the Earth should be dissolved and the elemental substance of which it was composed, return to the unformed primordial substance to be used in a new and constructive creation which would manifest God's Will....  

"As Ruler of the planet Venus, the beloved Sanat Kumara attended this Cosmic Council, and when he heard the decision of the Council, he offered to come to Earth and release from his own heartflame the Light and Love required to sustain the planet until her own people could again pour forth the Light and Love to do that for themselves. . . .'

"There are no words to express the love that this great Being pours forth, or the patience that he has had to exercise in remaining on this Dark Star century after century. One of the Ascended Ones has said: 'Even the Masters themselves can scarcely comprehend his love and his patience as he looked upon the sleeping race, all potential Light Bearers, choosing to slumber on while he gave his maximum radiation to keep the Earth, which is their home, in existence'. . .  

Moving ahead several pages, you begin to read again.  

"Of all the blessed ones on Venus who stood before the Universal Lords of Karma and offered to come to Earth before their Lord, Sanat Kumara, and prepare a home for him, thirty lifestreams were accepted as the advance guard.  

"Drawn together by the bonds of a common interest in One Cause, these people began the work of finding the right location for the beautiful city which was to be the home of their Lord. They had to find the material of which it was to be built, and by the labor of their own hands, design and build from the marble and stone the physical counterpart of the vision they held within their minds. It was not very different from that which our chelas are doing today. There were no clouds of celestial glory; no coming and going of Angelic Beings. There was only a vision held within the minds of dedicated people.  

"... Some traveled across seas and continents, drawn by the magnetic pull of what they thought, many times, was just a dream, hoping to find others of like mind and heart.

They came together as strangers, of different families, of different races, but became bound to one another by this ephemeral dream. Then joining their energies and believing in their vision they commenced their colossal task.  

"More than once during that period after they had build strong foundations for their temples, laid with care the wide streets, and planted the small saplings that were to grow into magnificent trees, great hordes of uncivilized and savage members of the human race descended from the hills, killed the inhabitants of the city, and destroyed the beautiful edifices which the people had worked so hard to create. However, as soon as possible, they returned again into embodiment and commenced to rebuild according to the former dream and pattern. . .  

"Sanat Kumara and those who came with him from Venus have been called the Lords of the Flame of Immortality because in his descent into the Heart of Shamballa. He brought a concentration of the Flame that had never been known before on Earth because it represented the vibratory action of Venus. The Flame which was externalized at Shamballa has intensified during the millions of years since his coming to Earth...  

"The action of the Flame from Shamballa was designated to create self-conscious generating centers of Light through each lifestream inhabiting the Earth. Each man, woman and child is a potential Light Bearer, the sole purpose of Sanat Kumara's presence upon the Earth has been to develop those light centers within everyone belonging to this planet....

Skipping several chapters, your eyes quickly fall upon another passage of importance.  

"The forming of the Great White Brotherhood by Sanat Kumara was prompted by the necessity of re-establishing a conscious communion between the Ascended Master Realm and the outer consciousness of humanity. When the veil of human creation, spun by humankind from their secret thoughts, feelings, spoken words and actions, separated them, IN CONSCIOUSNESS, from their own "I AM" Presence the kingdom of angels and the cosmic and ascended beings, truly was humanity in a state of confusion and outer darkness. Thus, the Order was established in an endeavor to reach the minds of the few who retained some memory of the real consciousness in which Master, Angel, Elemental and Man walked together toward the fulfillment of God's Divine Plan...  

"Those who represent the Brotherhood in the world of men may take example from its Cosmic Founder and its members. In becoming such a magnetic power of Love Divine, they will find drawn to them those whom the Father has called and who will remain, because of the affinity of the soul Light with the Spiritual Essence which is the Brotherhood's Nature in this universe.  

"It is the custom that when a member of the human race becomes a member of the Great White Brotherhood, such a one is invested with a Blessing from Sanat Kumara's own blazing Star of Light. The initiation, which takes place, unites the consciousness of the outer self with Sanat Kumara's own body for all eternity. However, this does not take place until within the heart of the student and disciple, there is created an individual Star which, when externalized, signifies to the Brotherhood that such a one is ready to merge his own personal life with that of God's Life in service for the good of the whole.

"It brings great joy and happiness to Beloved Sanat Kumara to place that Star within each aura as soon as the heart's Light signifies that the individual is ready to accept both this blessing and responsibility to become a Light Bearer vested with the power to change the feeling world of all with whom he comes in contact - not through human will - but through the Power of the Flame that is each one's heartbeat. "  

Beloved chelas, feeling your heart's Light ever expanding in this radiation know that your individual Star is vital, vibrant and visible to all the members of the Great White Brotherhood. Feel their acknowledgment and gratitude for your dedication as Light Bearers of God's Eternal Light and your acceptance of this responsibility. Aware of your aura ever expanding and filling you with Light know you have been blessed by Sanat Kumara's own blazing Star of Light. Your consciousness is now united with Sanat Kumara for all eternity. Silently accepting this blessing and feeling his powerful radiation, you bow your head gently in obedience to the Law of Service to God for the good of the whole. Now, looking up towards the Three Fold Flame once again, see it brilliantly blazing forth the Light of God That is Eternally Victorious. Its radiance extends out, enfolding you in the pink, blue and gold crystalline, pure and perfect light that now becomes and will eternally remain part of your spiritual aura.

Breathing in the energy of the Flame before you, feel how it fills and energizes your body. Breathing out gently, observe how this energy expands out from you in wave after wave of multicolored light. Continuing this breathing pattern, breathe in deeply, hold your breath in, and then breathing out and holding your breath out of your body, think for a moment of the purpose, power and importance of the Holy Breath. We breathe in God's Light, absorbing this life-giving energy. We then breathe out, expanding it within ourselves and projecting this sacred and holy energy out to all life everywhere.  

Focusing your attention upon this rhythmic breathing pattern, breathe in to receive and absorb the energy.


* I AM inbreathing the perfectly balanced Flames of Love, Wisdom and Power from the Heart of Shamballa.  

I AM absorbing the perfectly balanced Flames of Love, Wisdom and Power from the Heart of Shamballa.  

I AM expanding the perfectly balanced Flames of Love, Wisdom and Power from the Heart of Shamballa.  

I AM projecting the perfectly balanced Flames of Love, Wisdom and Power from the Heart of Shamballa. (*3X) 


Breathe in and breathe out. Maintaining your vision of the Threefold Flame gently return your breathing pattern to its normal rhythm and begin to bring your consciousness back to this sacred sanctuary of love and light. Breathe in again and as you breathe out, open your eyes. When you are ready please take up your decree book and turn to Decree 3- 11. As active and energized members of the Great White Brotherhood we will participate in our responsibility to all life, by invoking the Powers of Shamballa and continuing to expand the three fold flame in the hearts of all people..  

Decree 3-11, Invocation to the Powers of Shamballa (chelas seated)  

Now that we have called upon Lord Gautama, Sanat Kumara, and Lord Maitreya, we will continue with Our full expression of the magnetic power of Divine Love and reaffirm our love and support for the physical focus of Shamballa. Please turn in your books to The Shamballa Decree and let us rededicate ourselves to Shamballa, the Spiritual Heart Center of our Earth. When you have found it, please stand for this decree.  

Decree 2-06, The Shamballa Decree (chelas stand)  

United as one in voice and purpose with all chelas of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, we will now turn in our books to Decree 1-01 and together we will join the Great White Brotherhood as a mighty Chalice of Light by decreeing for the Consecration for the Vehicle of the New Age.  

Decree 1-01, Consecration for the Vehicle of the New Age (chelas stand)

As the Holy Grail of the New Age please take your seats once again and put your decree books aside. We will now turn our attention to the Sponsors and the Enfolding Spirit for this year of Violet Fire. To beloved Archangel Zadkiel, Elohim Arcturus, Lady Portia, and the Enfolding Spirit Saint Germain. We now extend our heartfelt gratitude for your assistance and service during this past year, now quickly drawing to a close.

Beloved Archangel Zadkiel: Along with your divine complement. Lady Holy Amethyst, we are so grateful for your eternal response to our calls of love. This past year your quiet strength and gentleness has enfolded us in a protective cloak of purified energy. Through you, this constant reminder of the powers available to us within ourselves, assist us greatly in the precipitation of our ongoing process of Ascension. We thank you and love you Archangel Zadkiel for teaching us the powers of invocation and consecration, and we shall hold you always deep within our hearts.  

Beloved Lord Arcturus: To you and Lady Diana, as the Elohim who works at the apex of the Seventh Ray, drawing forth and directing the Violet Flame into every aspect of our lives that requires purification, we thank you. We now extend our love and gratitude for the constancy of your rhythm of invocation and decrees in the further application of our creative energy. Your part in the creation of a perfect world for us to inhabit and the understanding that you have worked with and held this perfected energy for us throughout this past year, has been a wonderful teaching of beauty and pure divine love. As always we have learned much from you and we now join you in holding the Immaculate Concept of God's Divine Truth.  

Beloved Lady Portia: Your ceaseless guiding patience has embraced us during this entire year of purification by the Violet Fire. Your presence in the form of divine justice, mercy and grace has helped us through the many adversities, both personal and planetary, which have arisen through this process and promise of transmutation and freedom. Your steadying hand and divine counsel has assisted us in holding fast to our point of focus, our intention to transmute and purify all not of the light, helping us to stay on the Path of the Middle Way, the path of balance and purified energy. We thank you and love you for your service to life.  

Beloved St. Germain: To you who is now shepherd to us all, may you continue to lead us steadily forward, into the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. We are grateful, we are so very, very grateful for your presence in our lives. With your constant guidance and gentle reminders concerning the purpose of the Violet Fire and its application here on Earth, we are able to use the gifts of forgiveness, purification and freedom to move beyond the world of form into the higher realms of the spiritual hierarchies and understand our lives and our work from a much higher perspective. You have also re-introduced us to the sacred rituals of Light and Ceremonial Service to God, and for this, we shall be eternally grateful. You are and always shall be, our Brother in the Light, and we join you in the promise of the Eternal Will of God. Thank you Beloved St. Germain for your trust, perseverance and most of all, your love.

To further honor these great Beings of Light let us together, one more time, give the Thoughtform for this year. Through the activity of the green Flame of Truth, I relinquish all the power I have ever given to my outer self; all the power I have ever given to others; and all the power I have ever given to the shadows I have created. I now happily accept and will constantly use the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love in my life so that all imperfection within or around me shall quickly be transmuted back into perfection through the divine alchemy of beloved Saint Germain's Sacred Violet Transmuting Flame.  

In response to this wonderful vision we hold for ourselves and all life please stand as we now intensify the activity of the Seventh Ray by giving this year's theme. Purified by the Sacred Violet Fire, I AM now centered in the Immortal, Victorious Threefold Flame of Divinity within my heart. I rededicate and reconsecrate my conscious mind and feelings to remembering that as I think, speak and walk the Presence of God within me is widening the borders of our Father-Mother God's Kingdom.

*I AM a Light Bearer! I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! (*3X)

So be it, beloved I AM!

Thank you for that acknowledgment of who we truly are and why we are here on Earth. As you remain standing, please return your attention to the Temple of Love, Wisdom and Power in the glorious City of Shamballa. Standing before the flames please prepare to receive a message from Sanat Kumara as he now steps from the flames.  



Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand while the reader or director faces the altar, taking a few moments to silently invoke the MASTER to read the discourse through him. When he turns to face the class, the reader will ask you to be seated.

A few moments of silence may follow the reading of the discourse. If it is available, you may listen to the Musical Keynote of beloved Sanat Kumara, the Shamballa Keynote, or other music for meditation.

* * *

Blessed Spirit Sparks from the Heart of our Father-Mother God,  

There is a natural law, in fact it is one of God's Great divine Principles, which states: "For every action, there is an equal reaction ". How many times during this past twelve months have you reacted to the actions of another human being, beloved ones? I AM sure this number is far too great for you to count, and quite impossible for you to answer truthfully. However, there is an equally important question that I shall now also ask: "Were the responses to your brothers and sisters made from a heart of unconditional love or from the place where your lower human nature resides?"  

As a chela of the Ascended Masters and a member of The Great White Brotherhood, you know what your answer should and must be. Actually putting divine love into practice in your daily life is not always easy but all that you think, speak, remember and do must come from the heart of love! My personal gift to the universe is the ability to see the good in life even when it lies in dark shadows and this is the gift I wish to give to you today.  

Dear chelas, open your hearts and minds to my blessing now. It is yours to have and to hold inviolate within you, but you must also take responsibility for this gift and use it well. Use it wherever you see injustice, wherever you see pain and distress. Wherever you see negativity of any kind, call forth my gift and, through the activity of the sacred Fires of creation, transmute, transmute, transmute and change all less than the pure Light of God's Perfection that you observe and participate in anywhere in the world.  

If someone’s attitude seems inappropriate, blaze the Sacred Flames through their lower vehicles. First and foremost, use the Violet Fire to purify their entire being. Then, depending upon the particular situation, you may wish to call upon the Golden Flame of Wisdom and Understanding to give them another way of looking at what they are really involved in. Perhaps theirs is an unconscious response to memories brought forward from the past by the actions of another.  

Possibly, the distress a person finds him or herself in is caused by something in their physical body. If so, send the green flames of healing and the ruby-gold flame of ministration to lessen their discomfort. It might be that the person you are working with needs nothing more than joy in their life to lift their spirits high and raise them out of darkness. If so, the crystalline white flame becomes the appropriate one to use. Or you may need do nothing more than call forth the Blue Flame of strength, protection and faith to allow the individual the space they require to calm their physical body and still their emotions so they can begin to work in a more appropriate manner.  

Do you not see, beloved ones, there is so much you can do for your fellow human beings, but only, I repeat, only if you do not allow yourself to be caught up in the outer situation and use these divine gifts. For from that place of consciousness, you can be of no assistance to anyone, including yourself. Remember to hold your vision high, dear chelas! Constantly use the gifts and blessings you have been given from your Father-Mother God. Always keep our wisdom, the words we have given so freely and lovingly into your keeping, at the forefront of your mind. By doing this, dear chelas, you will be ready to go into right action at all times.  

My beloved co-servers, you have no idea how much depends upon your reactions, especially at this critical time in your Earth's evolution! Since the fall of man, a tremendous monster has been created which, even now, still prowls your planet seeking victims. I implore you; the time for sacrifice is over! Never again should one soul be lost to this lower consciousness and you, beloved ones, have within you the ability to keep this from happening. As you prepare to enter a bright and beautiful new year, I offer the sign of the heart, head and hand to you, each one, as I keep you safely enfolded in my wise and loving cloak made from a magnificent tapestry of soft pink, blue and gold.  

Sanat Kumara

 * * *

From within the sacred Threefold Flame of our hearts we send our eternal love and gratitude to you beloved one. We also thank you for your presence during this service and for the loving guidance and wisdom with which he has so graciously shared with us this morning.  

To you beloved friends and co-servers, at Shamballa and everywhere upon this planet, may we continue always to serve the Earth with the perfectly balanced love, wisdom and power of the Holy Triumvirate. Now, may the benediction and blessing of the most high living God, and the peace, which does surpass the understanding of the human mind, be with you, each one. May the God of Mercy protect and guide you on your Spiritual Path towards Enlightenment and Freedom.  

Benediction by the Director (chelas stand)

Sealed within the perfectly balanced Flames of Love, Wisdom and Power, we thank you, great Beings of Love for your outpouring of Love and Wisdom this day. May we always be perfect channels of your great Love and Light to the people of Earth. We know and accept that the Cosmic Christ is working through us. We feel the pulse of Love in all Life, and the continuity of Love in all the experiences we have ever known. We were born out of Love. We are evolving through Love. We shall ascend back into Love. Grateful for this sacred knowledge, we now ask you to amplify our efforts and take them North, South, East and West. Cover our dear planet with Peace Profound and the Light of God is Eternally Victorious. It is done, for we have spoken! As God's Most Holy Name, I AM!  

Closing Acolyte Service (chelas stand)  


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