Volume IX                         December 1999                     Number 4-A



In the spirit of Peace, Grace, 

Healing and Ministration. 

This class is lovingly dedicated to 

Lord Gautama and the many Great 

Beings of Light who serve on 

Godís magnificent Sixth Ray.




For the Class of December 31, 1999, 9:45 AM

(Eastern Standard Time)


NOTES: Following is the service that will be given during The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Inc. New Yearís Conference on December 31, 1999 starting at 9:45 AM with the Three candle Acolyte Service. We will be using the 1989 Revised Edition of The Book of Ceremony and Ordered Service for all decrees.


 (+) Indicates that the chelas will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the Director.

 (+)Opening Candle Acolyte Service:

All hail to Thee, Almighty All-Pervading Light of the Universe, Supreme Source of All Life I AM! We acknowledge the magnificent Light of the Cosmos and draw forth this sacred flame representing the Three-fold Flame of Divinity within our hearts! 

(-) Meditation Period (until 10:00 AM, music of your choice may be played during this period)

(+) Invocation by Director: (or invocation of choice)

In the name and by the authority of the beloved Presence of God I AM within each human heart, we make this call to the beloved Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, the home of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  

Beloved Sanat Kumara, beloved Lord Maitreya, and especially this morning we call to beloved Gautama, Lord of the World - COME FORTH NOW! Assist us with your full gathered cosmic momentum of love, wisdom and power to intensify the activity of the Sacred Threefold Flame within our hearts and within the heart of our dear planet Earth.  

Rise up, oh Flame of Life, within the hearts of every man, woman and child of planet Earth! Clothe each one of us in your majesty and peace, so that we may know ourselves as true sons and daughters of the Most High Living God. Blaze forth and enfold us in the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power as we now acknowledge we are truly a living part of the great Planetary Threefold Flame. To this end, help us take command of our outer selves this day and every day so we may go forth to serve life wherever we find ourselves upon the blessed planet Earth.  

In deep gratitude for the answer to this and our every call to Light, we thank you. SO BE IT, BELOVED I AM!  

GREETING BY DIRECTOR: Beloved ones, on this the final day of a magnificent year of peace, grace, healing and ministration, I welcome you here with all the love of my heart. Let us now enter into and abide within the heart of the Sacred Threefold Flame, which is the true center of our beings. Experience the ONENESS. (pause)

Centered in this ONENESS, let us now expand this unity outward to include all chelas and lightworkers who are connected in consciousness with us this day, and, as one living flame of love and light, let us bow in reverence before the Threefold Flame of the Christ within the hearts of all our sisters and brothers everywhere. (pause) Thank you, please be seated!  

Breathe in deeply, and feel the Threefold Flame at your heart center expanding outward, surrounding you and every person in this room with its perfect balance of love, wisdom and power. Gently, your consciousness continues to expand and you now rise up and enter the magnificent City of Shamballa. See Micah's beautiful iridescent pale blue star of cosmic proportions shining brightly above you. Its rays of light are brilliantly aflame, intensifying the quality of unity and sustained divine protection for The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, which was established between the octaves of light and the people of Earth many years ago. This light serves as a constant outpouring and reminder of the strength in unity. As it continues to flow through The Bridge Activity, into the Body of Light, so may it enter the hearts and minds of all those who are just beginning to awaken from their spiritual sleep of the ages.  

Now, from within the cosmic heart of all creation, feel the pulsation of the flame of divinity, as we acknowledge the infinite love and protection of our I AM Presence by donning our mantles of electronic light substance. Please pick up your decree books and turn to (+) Decree 2-01, the Mantle of Light Decree. When you have found it, please stand.... Together!  

As WE ARE truly the light of the world, let us now dedicate and consecrate our conscious mind and feelings to the Presence of God within . . . Please turn to Decree 1-10, Affirmation of Dedication and Consecration      ... As one voice!  

Thank you! Please be seated and place your books aside. Each year during this morning service on New Year's Eve, chelas and light workers everywhere are uniquely connected. This service offers us an extraordinary opportunity for unity in service and sacred ceremony. Let us take a moment to acknowledge the power of this service, as an Open Door for God's Gifts to the planet Earth. (pause)  

As each year comes to a close and a new year comes forth there are two major activities that take place in the etheric City of Shamballa, which grant us two wondrous gifts from our Father-Mother God. The first is the planetary purification and forgiveness of all misqualified energy of the year, through the use of the Violet Transmuting Fire. The second is the descent of the cosmic energies for the New Year, to assist in manifesting the truth of divine perfection for all life on the planet Earth during the following twelve month period. These two important activities take place through our invocations, decrees, visualizations and united co-service with the Ascended Masters and other great Beings of Light to bring forth universal light, love and peace from the Supreme Source of All Life.  

Let us begin to give rise to this wonderful opportunity by once again picking up our decree books and turning to Decree 2-05, A Declaration of Faith . . . Together!

Beloved ones, centered within our deep inner conviction of God Reality, let us now give our God Presence dominion over our outer selves this day, please turn to Decree 11- 12 ... As one voice!  

Thank you, please put your decree books aside and find a comfortable position. As you concentrate on your breathing gently close your eyes  . . . Breathe in . . . breathe out . . . breathe in ... and, breathe out ... (pause)


... (spoken softly and slowly by the Director only)  

I AM a being of flame and I AM its light.

I AM part of an activity designed to re-acquaint all humankind with their flame and their light.  

I AM the flame which is the vibration of the Godhead. I AM the flame which is the cohesive love which holds the sun and stars in place. I AM the flame whose power projects mighty light rays from the sun. I AM the flame which fills all the universe with the glory of itself.  

I AM the flame, the animating principle of life. Wherever I AM there is God activity. I AM the alpha and omega of creation. I AM the beginning and I AM the end of manifestation; all externalization. For I AM the flame, which is the source of all and into which all returns.  

The flame which I AM is a power. The flame which I AM is a substance. The flame which I AM is an intelligence. The flame which I AM is the all of everything: energy, vibration and consciousness in action, ever fulfilling the divine plan of creation. The flame which I AM shall restore this planet Earth and set her free eternally.  

The flame which I AM is a fourth dimensional activity. The flame which I AM is the higher law of God come to assert its full dominion over all the lesser laws of the third dimensional world. It is master over every vibration less than itself. It is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful and I AM that flame in action among all human beings.

Within the flame which I AM is every good and perfect thing: every thought and feeling the God Parents have ever had for the blessing of their creation. This perfection is externalized as light. Within the flame is the seed of all things and within the light is the full manifestation of all things. I AM the flame and I AM its light.  

The flame which I AM is always available like air or water. It is everywhere present, for those who perceive and accept it. This is my reason for being―the flame and the light embodied in a form acceptable to humankind. I AM the flame, again reaching the empty souls of the people of Earth, filling them with light  ... the substance of myself, my Holy Self.  

I AM embodied for this reason and no other. For I AM part of an activity designed to re-acquaint all humankind with their flame and their light. I AM a being of flame and I AM its light. I AM the flame of life. I AM that I AM.  

Beloved ones, breathe in the flame. . . absorb it. . . and, breathe it out. . . projecting it forth into the entire planet Earth! Breathe it in again ... absorb ... expand and project this sacred life giving essence (pause)  

Please gently return your attention to the sanctuary. Breathe in deeply. . . and, breathe out. . . In preparation for the balancing of the sacred Threefold Flame in the heart of the planet Earth, we must first balance the Threefold Flame within our own hearts. We will begin this process through the use of the sacred violet flames of purification and transmutation, by giving the Law of Forgiveness, please pick up your decree books and turn to Decree 3-01. Together!

Let us now invoke all the angels and legions of the Order of Zadkiel to purify by violet fire all the mass karma of the Earth from the beginning of time. Please turn to Decree 3- 14, Mass Karma. As one voice!  

Thank you, you may put your decree books aside. Transformed by the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love and filled with the pure essence of God's Perfect Peace, visualize the mighty Planetary Threefold Flame, gently expanding and blazing forth across the face of this Earth. Behold the energy and vibration of the Blue Ray constantly blazing the Will of God into all life. See the Golden Flame of God's Illumination blazing forth true wisdom and awakening that spark of divinity in all life. Finally, visualize God's magnificent Pink Ray enfolding the world in pure unconditional Divine Love.  

Once this great release of the limitless light and the cosmic balance of the planetary Threefold Flame bas been completed all people everywhere begin to constantly receive the wise and loving counsel of their Higher Self. Quickly we find new ways to handle the many old patterns of activity in our lives. We now see the greater picture more clearly. Desiring to gain additional knowledge, new information enters our lives, generating an enormous amount of light in us which then becomes a profound source of comfort in the awakening of others. In this state of perfect peace silently affirm:

*I AM a constant expression of the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Father-Mother God. (*3x) I AM a Lightbearer! I AM the Light of the world!

In this state of perfect peace let us become one with the mighty vibration of the Planetary Threefold Flame through the activity of the Holy Breath. Let your breathing be deep and rhythmic, as you inbreathe the perfect balance of the planetary Threefold Flame at Shamballa. Next, absorb that flame of unconditional love, true wisdom and the never-ending power of Shamballa throughout your beings and worlds. As you release the breathe, project this unconditional love, true wisdom and never-ending power of Shamballa into the Body of Light. Finally, as you hold the breath out of your body, become one with the Planetary Threefold Flame.  

Continue to breathe in and breathe out, as we now breathe in perfect unity and prepare to work with God's Holy Breath.

Breathe in ... and breathe out.... Breathe in again....  

*I AM inbreathing the unconditional love, true wisdom and never-ending power of Shamballa.

I AM absorbing the unconditional love, true wisdom and never-ending power of Shamballa.

I AM expanding the unconditional love, true wisdom and never-ending power of Shamballa.

I AM projecting the unconditional love, true wisdom and never-ending power of Shamballa. (*3X)  

Breathe in ... and, breathe out ... breathe in ... breathe out ... as your breathing pattern gently returns to normal.

Lord Gautama has told us: "When understanding, desire and ability of expression comes into alignment, the peace commanding Presence of God will come forth, giving us a glorious opportunity to assist in carrying out the divine edict of perfection for planet Earth. I counsel you, beloved ones, to daily pledge your efforts to serve in the Oneness of Being to bring the Golden Age of Perfection to this Earth."  

Let us now call forth the mighty powers of Light at Shamballa to release the limitless light and cosmic balance of the planetary Threefold Flame. Please pick up your decree books and turn to (+) Decree 3-11, Invocation to the Powers of Shamballa. When you have found it please stand. Together!  

Having accepted the full power of Shamballa and centered within the balanced vibration of our own heart flame, let us fill our world with peace, harmony and joy of service through the feeling of perfect balance by always taking the middle way. Decree 11-10, as one voice!  

Thank you, you may be seated and please put your decree books aside. Let us now take a moment to enter the silence of our hearts and offer our deepest gratitude and love to the Enfolding Spirit and Sponsors for this year for their selfless service to us and all humankind. Please become centered and through your use of the Holy Breathe, acknowledge and welcome their shining presence here with us this morning.  

Beloved Archangel Uriel we thank you for the many times you have called forth your rays of blazing pink and golden- ruby flames, from the very center of the Temple of Peace Profound, within heart of our Father-Mother God, to enter our consciousness, our minds and our bodies. As our spiritual development and service to life increases, we are grateful for your gifts of quiet strength and loving faith which constant increases and fills us with the profound peace of our Father-Mother God.  

Beloved Lady Donna Grace from the Altar of Grace, in the pure land of boundless splendor and infinite light we shall forever behold you enfolded in a mist of delicate pink gossamer within a glowing soft pink radiance. The manifestation of your spirit of grace as embodied in pure divine beauty, holiness and mercy, has awakening in us the genuine feelings of love and gratitude to life. We are thankful for the existence of all other lifestreams on this planet and their service to expand the activities of God. May we always strive to invoke your assistance in allowing us to remain in a state of sustained harmony so we, too, might bear the fruit of your divine grace. We gratefully acknowledge and accept your feeling of grace as released from the very heart of our Father-Mother God.  

Beloved Tranquility, Elohim of Peace this year you have constantly bathed us in your ruby and brilliant golden radiance from within the Hall of Serenity and Quietude in the Great Central Sun anchored on Earth in the South Pacific Ocean. We gratefully thank you and send you our deepest love for filling the minds, hearts, memories and beings of all people everywhere with the gifts of harmony, friendship and unity through your positive power of sustained peace.  

Beloved Lady Nada visualizing you always enveloped in magnificent ruby robes with a violet radiance, standing within your Temple of Transfiguration over Mount Meru in Tanzania, we shall continuously request your assistance in the transformation of all imperfect conditions through the power of your divine love. In gratitude we thank you for assisting us in taking time each day to send our love to all life on planet Earth, through all we say and think, by using God's Gifts of Compassion, Understanding, Wisdom, Purity and Truth. We love and thank you for your encouragement, by enfolding us in your spirit of courageous love, and for giving us the strength of your confidence in our ability to succeed.  

John, the Beloved, Enfolding Spirit for 1999 and Chohan for the Sixth Ray of Peace, Grace, Healing and Ministration we love, bless and thank you for your presence in our lives this year. As we strive so diligently to become still enough to recognize and accept the Peace of God, which is already within us, may you continue to enfold us in your gifts of divine love and illumination. Give us the strength to hold our peace at all times and in all situations, so we may rise up and become a perfect example of peace and healing in the world of form. With your continued guidance and direction may all chelas and light workers on this planet unite their energies to create and hold the base of the sacred eternal chalice of living, loving light, as it reaches ever upward and outward from this world. For this and all your loving attention to the children of Earth we bless and thank you with all the love in our hearts.  

I AM grateful, I AM grateful, I AM so very grateful ... So Be It! Beloved I AM. (pause)  

Now, with the continued guidance and encouragement of John, the Beloved and the other Sponsors for this year let us give life and substance to fully unifying our energies and creating a sacred chalice of living, loving light, by picking up our decree books and turning to Decree 1-01, Consecration for the Vehicle of the New Age. As one voice!  

Having received this sacred knowledge, we also receive a Cloak of Quietude directly from the Heart of God and begin to breathe in deeply and rhythmically, absorbing the Peace and Grace of God's magnificent Sixth Ray.  

The return current of the Planetary Threefold Flame now quickly and easily forms a Golden Chalice of liquid, loving Light, which rises gently upward from the Heart Center of the Earth. As this takes place, the Heart Flames of chelas everywhere on the Earth, who are joined together in the magnificent Body of Light, now lift this planetary Chalice aloft to our beloved Lord Gautama.  

All the Powers of Light at Shamballa combine with all the Powers of Illumination and Precipitation from the Temple of the Great White Brotherhood at the Teton Retreat. A mighty river of pink, gold and blue light flows into and through the golden chalice, then into the Body of Light itself, raising the Earth and all life upon it into a much higher vibratory activity. The pure white city of light, Shamballa now stands visible to the sight of all humankind, with the members of the Body of Light moving outward in all directions, completely enfolding, protecting, loving and bringing peace and unity to the Earth.  

Feel the power of love, beloved ones, connecting all chelas of Light everywhere in one united purpose―one brotherhood and sisterhood of Light, working in full partnership with Divinity―our Ascended Brothers and Sisters in the Octaves of Light, and countless Cosmic Lords and Ladies, Who have come from the Great, Great Silence to assist the Earth at this time. Realize that our petitions―yours and mine―have already been accepted, and we all stand ready with the WILL TO DO our part in fulfilling the Divine Plan for the Earth, carrying it forward in the perfect time of divine order, using our powers of invocation and the sacred flames which have been so lovingly placed at our command.  

Visualizing this activity of light clearly within your minds dear chelas. Deeply feeling it to the very core of our beings we now know and accept that we are the golden chalice, acting as ONE with the Holy Triumvirate and the Great White Brotherhood on behalf of the entire human family and the planet Earth! As our cooperative service continues to increase and grow, so will this sacred chalice grow, until it holds the Earth within itself and lifts our planet aloft into its higher orbit.  

Remaining centered in this higher state of consciousness and feeling the perfect balance of the Planetary Threefold Flame in the hearts of all humankind, we are now united in service and purpose. Within this state of listening grace, let us now prepare to receive the words of Beloved Gautama, Lord of the World. 




 help me to always take the



Fill my world with peace,

harmony, joy of service and

 thus enable me to benefit

 by the natural acceleration

of all life around me.





Note: At Shamballa, the chelas stand

while the reader or director faces the altar,

taking a few moments to silently invoke the

Master to read the discourse through him/her.

 When he/she turns to face the class,

the reader will ask you to he seated. 

A few moments of silence may follow

the reading of the discourse.

 If it is available, you may listen to the

Musical Keynote of Lord Gautama,

the Shamballa Keynote, or other

music for meditation.



Supplement Class

December 31, 1999

 My beloved ones, 

On this, the last day of the final year in the current two thousand year cycle of time, it is indeed an honor and a privilege to share my light, my love and my wisdom with chelas of the ascended masters at various locations all over this world who have united their energies at this moment in time to serve our Father-Mother God. Together, may we be worthy of the task!  

As so many members of the human race have begun a spiritual quest to find enlightenment and freedom in their lives, each one is diligently working to unify with their own Inner Christ. Throughout this process, the three gifts of the Magi which were originally given to a tiny babe laying in a manger two thousand years ago, representing God's Love, Wisdom and Power, have been the catalyst primarily used to begin and then continue upon the wonderful journey of self mastery. According to the great divine plan of every individual, it is hoped that these blessings will be used at the right time and in the perfect way, as the Christ within each lifestream is born and then grows to full stature. So it has been and so shall it continue to be through all eternity!  

Since the beginning of your quest these three gifts have been constantly directed into your beings and worlds, first at the personal level, where you must learn to balance your own energies, then―through you into a much wider sphere of influence, as you are prepared to serve in the outer world. Finally, as you are able to do so, through increased knowledge and ability, the intensity of these same three gifts are increased and then must be balanced once again.  

Throughout your development many opportunities are brought to you which allow you to share your many gifts with others and to assist in making this world a better place. This is the law beloved ones! It is the cosmic law of perfect balance, and it continually works at ever increasing levels as you are able to receive, express and expand God's Gifts.  

Sometimes, you may find that when you are working with just ONE gift or ONE aspect, you may feel out of balance. More often than not, this anomaly is due to the fact you are concentrating so much of your energy on a specific aspect so you may learn more about it and yourself. Whenever this happens, I urge you to proceed ahead with whatever spiritual task you are involved with until your being and world returns to normal.  

A perfect example of creating balance within oneís world can easily be shown by examining the various cycles or stages of one's life. A small child works very hard to balance their energies or gifts at his or her level of understanding and ability. Each will, in their own time, eventually gain mastery over their motor skills, with regards to grasping objects, crawling, walking and talking. At the same time, they are going through the process of learning about the laws which govern their physicality on this plane, they also begin learning society's rules which must be abided to please their parents, teachers or guardians and to get along with others.

Later on, young adults must expand their mastery by becoming less dependent upon their parents and beginning to take charge of their lives in the outer world, as they prepare to 'leave the nest' and begin life at a brand new level of experience. In a way, the same rules and laws apply, but every young person must learn how to use them as they are now relevant in their personal relationships outside of their immediate family, childhood school experiences and in other situations which may not be familiar as they come in contact with people they have no conscious history with.  

Finally, if an individual has been 'successful' in all their earlier attempts at mastery and balance, the so-called mature man or woman, should have been able to develop good relationships with others, serving as a loving and supportive partner, a patient and guiding parent, and an efficient and productive employee, while remaining ever mindful of the needs of others in their community. However, please be aware that at all stages of development, each individual is constantly working to re-balance their life energy as they encounter new situations and learn to build on and adjust to each new aspect in their lives.  

Also, please be aware, that when I speak about the various 'stages of life' I do not merely refer to the actual physical ages of people, but to the 'inner' and more spiritual age of development. You have all met adults who are 'childish' in their emotional responses and understanding and those wonderful children who seem wise beyond their years.

The Power of Accomplishment does much to encourage people at every point of time in their life, helping them to mature spiritually, as well. Problem solving as you move along your life's path is the primary means of learning and impressing your lower vehicles. Sometimes, when things are difficult, the etheric vehicle releases memories, primarily through the feeling body, of fear and or pain associated with previous steps taken which may not have been 'successful' in their application. This can refer to the present or a previous time, depending on the importance and strength of the experience that is triggered. If there is a release from the etheric memory that is painful or frightening, a person may consciously or unconsciously choose to slow down or stop following his or her path to rest for a while to gain the strength needed to move ahead or wait until he or she has time to heal the pain and fear.

Truly know, that at every step along the way, you have the gifts of love, wisdom and power to go forward and overcome all challenges. You then begin to compile many successful memories from experiences and feelings into your etheric garment, until all that is less than the Light of God possibilities are transmuted and released.

Many of the chelas of the Great White Brotherhood are beyond the point in their development where they require long periods of rest and recuperation, due to their various evolutionary levels. Seldom will there be times of rest, now, beloved ones, for you have the spiritual strength and power to persevere and the knowledge to move forward. However, as each and every one knows there are those moments! When they happen be grateful and remember to ask what you can learn from them.  

If you think about the balancing process that accompanies spiritual growth and development, you will gain a sense of patience and love toward others. There are so many who are weary and burdened with tremendous karmic burdens which must be overcome. This is a major reason why we ask you to assist in clearing the astral planes so often because it helps those who do not yet understand the process of spiritual evolution and the laws of re-embodiment.  

As chelas of the Ascended Masters, you must work hard in creating self-discipline within your four lower vehicles. Keep your consciousness lifted high, in line with and unified with your three higher bodies. As you continue to go through this never-ending process, do not despair or be tempted to give up at any step upon your path. Remember how fortunate you are! You must always help others, for you have the love, wisdom and power required to fulfill your mission here on Earth. Remember also that I and others of the Spiritual Hierarchy support you and will assist you in your task.


Lord of the World


* * * 

From deep within the sacred Threefold Flame of our heartcenter, we send our eternal gratitude and thank you beloved Gautama, great Lord of the World for your presence during this service and your loving words of wisdom and strength to the children of Earth, this day and every day.


* * * 

Beloved chelas, knowing that the physical focus of Shamballa is in every heart, let us now pick up our decree books and turn to (+) Decree 2.06, as we affirm the unity of all life. When you have found it please stand. As one voice!  

(Spoken by Director)

Thoughtform for 1999

Centered within the Heart of the Sacred Fire, I now know and accept, that by the Grace of God, I descended to this Earth. In a State of Grace I shall remain. Through the gift of Grace, I will ascend back into the Heart of our Father-Mother God one day.  

Until that moment in my life my watchwords will be gentleness, humility and loving service. Constantly invoking this sacred essence, I shall endeavor always to use the gifts and blessings of the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love, given so freely into my keeping, to raise all life into the mighty perfection which Thou art.  

Please join me in giving the Theme for 1999: As the Presence of God I AM and I are now one, the Cosmic Christ continues to expand within me. From this day forth I shall think, feel and remember only Divine Love, for: *Through the harmony of my True Being, I create and externalize every minute, an aura of perfect peace which shall serve as the natural conductor of God's Will to all life I contact, every day, in every way, wherever I AM! (*3X) So be it, beloved I AM.  

Beloved ones, I thank you for your dedicated love, energy and friendship as we united in co-service with all our sisters and brothers around this planet and the many great Beings of Light who offered their radiation to the raising and blessing of all life on our planet Earth. Now will you please stand for the benediction.  

(+) Benediction (or choice of Director, see ivory pages)  

Sealed in the mighty balancing activity of the Threefold Flame from the hearts of beloved Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya and especially today Lord Gautama, we thank you, great beings of love, for your constant outpouring to us. May your gifts continue to flow through us at all times and bless every part of life we contact until the divine plan for all is fulfilled.

We love, bless and thank each of you for your long and selfless service to our dear Earth and all life everywhere. Take up our humble efforts and amplify them without limit with your mighty love. Take them North, South, East and West, cover our dear planet Earth with love and light, with peace, with illumination, healing, freedom, victory and the Will of God made manifest through every electron belonging to this planet and its evolutions in any way. This shall be for I have spoken as God's Most Holy Name - I AM!  

(+) Closing Acolyte Service ( ivory pages, page 10)


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