The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 20, Number 6                                                                                                                        February 5, 2001


Blessed Students of the Light, 

During the past week it was my hope that you have worked with the power of invocation to call forth into your life the beloved Enfolding Spirit for this year, Lord Sirius and are beginning to become familiar with his specific energy and vibration. However, before proceeding further, the need of the hour requires that I take some time to remind you of a very important concept of divine love and wisdom which states "Who am I to judge my brother or my sister?" To assist in the explanation of this belief I would like to share some words from the past from beloved John, Chohan of the Sixth Ray. 

Several years ago he wrote: "You have been told many times that the first job of being an effective chela for the Ascended Masters is that of self preparation. This is an easy instruction to forget, leaving your consciousness wide open to forces which are not of the Light. The first of these forces is that of judgment, which is often misunderstood... For now, I speak of the word as it applies to human consciousness. To judge something or someone means to form an opinion... 

"Opinions are based upon the information and understanding that is available to the outer consciousness and perception. Once an opinion has been formed, it is often shared with other people. If agreement can be found with the opinions of others, it will seem to verify the opinion or judgment that has been reached." 

"As a chela, you are aware that this is an unsafe practice, because you have been taught that the consciousness of others is sacred, known only to the Holy Christ Self who dwells within each individual... At this point in time, it is very important that each chela of the Ascended Masters enters into and remains centered within the Heart of the Sacred Fire, because only from that place can you speak and command with the full authority that belongs to your God Presence!" 

The importance of these powerful words cannot be overstated, beloved ones! It is time now, before you can move forward in your spiritual evolution, that you not only know that just because an individual has an opinion, this does not make it true; even when more than one person holds the same opinion, you must also accept and put into practice this divine knowledge. My dear chelas if I had to pick one thing that can throw you off your path toward full freedom in the Light of God, it would have to be the less than divine virtue of judgment. 

Before closing, I would like to remind you that, is not, the new commandment Master Jesus gave us (see John 13:34) based upon this divine truth? For how can one truly love another if they have judgment in their mind or heart, beloved ones? Think about this concept during the coming week, and ask yourself if you tend to form opinions about others. 

Master Kuthumi






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