Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 2, No. 4                                                                                                                      April 19, 1953


To attempt to describe to you, beloved sons and daughters of God, the beauty of the Council Chamber belonging to my son, El Morya, who is representative of all that is Majestic, Dignified and Exquisite, not only in the Realms of Life Eternal, but on any planet to which he chooses to give his attention, would be trying to paint the sunrise in words. 

The Chamber in which is kept the Crystal Flame of the Divine Will of God is not open to any unascended brings, but the great Council Chamber in which we all gathered last evening seats well over five hundred guests. The beautiful altar is outlined in diamonds and sapphires and the circular nave behind it is made up of three great blue stained glass windows, which, with the light shining through them upon the altar, brings to the consciousness of those assembled there something of the radiance and color of the beautiful First Ray. 

Upon the altar itself the brothers had arranged a beautiful floral display composed of the exquisite French Iris, so similar to the fleur-de-lis of France, combined with the lovely white jasmine flower so beloved by the people of the East. 

The Assembly gathered about an hour before the Ceremony was to commence in order that all might blend their breaths in that rhythm that forms a mighty force and momentum and is the initial impulse of the Transmission Flame. 

Before the Ceremony began, an acolyte carried from the ancient Holy of Holies the Grail and the great Diamond Spear, both of which the Beloved Morya has had in his possession since the time of King Arthur and which are symbolic of the two activities embodied within the Will of God. Those he placed upon the altar. 

The Grail signifies the Consciousness upheld, into which is poured the Divine Will, along with the inspiration of the Divine Plan to manifest this Will of God, and the Spear signifies the projecting forth of the energy into action and accomplishment. 

In the East, many have completed the action of the Grail, but it is to the West we look for the manifestation of the Spear in the manifestation of God's Will through the actual energies of each lifestream. 

Every Branch of the Great White Brotherhood was represented at the Council, all showing the color of the Retreat in which they serve in the cowl which they wore thrown back over their white robes and their degree of Mastery was made known by the crest embroidered in the same color on the robe over the heart. 

The Beloved Sanat Kumara himself carried the Rod of Power from Shamballa, and his exquisite raiment was symbolic of his Office as King of Kings. With him came Lord Maitreya, carrying a number of scrolls all bound round with golden thread, which represented Missions to be delivered to certain members in the Assembly at the completion of the Ceremony. 

The Beloved Lord Buddha and Ananda came dressed in simple white robes of a coarse fiber with a lei of flowers around their necks. The seven great Chohans all had chairs placed in the order of their rank, although the Beloved Kuthumi, as Recorder of the Ceremonies did not occupy his chair, and the chair of El Morya, as Director of the proceedings, was placed upon the altar platform. 

At a given moment, there appeared in the atmosphere over the palace, a gorgeous canopy of Blue Light, projected by the Great Elohim of the First Ray, the Mighty Hercules, and the Great Silent Watcher of the planet, in a luminous body larger than the entire globe, stood in the atmosphere and seemed to hold the planet within his arms. He too wore blue, but it looked like the soft blue of the sky on a clear day. 

The hillsides all around Darjeeling were crowded with pilgrims and holy men, who live but to obey the magnetic pull to any location which their meditation reveals within their hearts. They are known as, wandering mendicants', free as the wind, led here and there by the concepts and purposes not easily discernible even to their own follow countrymen. The light from a hundred thousand campfires made their presence known upon the hillsides. 

It was not surprising to us to see Mahatma Gandhi enter the Chamber in order to avail himself of the opportunity, at the completion of the Transmission of the Flame, to walk among his countrymen, and there were many among them who saw his Presence. Here, I wish to say for the enlightenment of the outer mind of my gentle readers, that in the sweetness of his ascended Master Body, who is not the grotesque little man whose Light blessed India, but is rather a Majestic, Serene and Dignified Presence, not unlike the great Gautama Buddha himself. 

From the Heart of the Himalaya Mountains came the great God Himalaya, his exquisitely carved and delicate Oriental features emphasized by the simplicity of his raiment. The Ladies were represented by Kwan Yin, who wore her hair piled high in Oriental fashion and held in place by three beautiful fan shaped combs of diamonds. The Beloved Nada, Leto, Mary and many other beautiful Goddesses all wore robes of various shades of blue. The Goddess of Liberty presented a predominant figure among the ladies. She came dressed in a robe of exquisite sapphire blue and wore the seven pointed crown of the Lords of Karma, which august body she represented at the Council. 

The chelas, who, by merit and not by outer position, had earned the right to enter the great Auditorium Chamber, were seated back of the Brotherhood, and then, when all was in readiness, through that magic, mystic accomplishment known only to the Higher Consciousness, the substance of the walls of the great room seemed to dissolve so that the millions on the hillsides might not only have the benefit of the radiation from the Assembly, but could also experience the joyous upliftment of actually seeing the Council in action. 

There was a sponsor for every group representing the outer world education - such as statesmen, artists, musicians, brotherhood, as well as all those interested in healing and a great number from the Christian Dispensation came who are feeling the action of this Flame and almost the entire student body of Saint Germain was present. 

The Beloved Master Morya entered the Chamber just before the Breathing was to begin, and as he stood before the altar, the Crystal Flame within the Chalice rose upward something like the physical flame from a fire it then spread out in the form of a great lotus flower and at a given signal from the Master, the entire Assembly, including the Great Ones in the atmosphere above, breathed it in, blessed and qualified it with their own Consciousness and then directed it forth on its journey from place to place across the surface of the earth. It swept into Shamballa and from there to Suva and as it went it spread until it permeated every atom and cell in the earth and the consciousness of every lifestream, incarnate as well as discarnate received a clarity that will enable the Christ Self of each individual to roach the intellect more easily. 

When the Flame had swept over the earth it returned each time to its starting place and the Brothers sent it forth again and again, its action becoming more and more rapid until it seemed as though the planet was a blazing crystal star. 

As this Crystal Ray was breathed in either consciously or unconsciously by the people, it began to melt the heavy, dark substance in the mental body, some of which had been condensed there for a million or two million years. This action will continue during the entire period that El Morya's Retreat is open and those people who are endeavoring to present Truth in any form will find that the wall of prejudice will be broken down considerably during the activity of this beautiful Crystal Ray which represents God's Will. 

When the Master Morya descended from the altar platform at the close of the Flame Activity, his place was taken by Sanat Kumara and a new action was set into motion pertaining directly to the government of the people which will be manifested in due time .

Love and Blessings,








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