A Message from the Holy Spirit




THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM, INC.                                                        September  1966


Blessed and beloved chelas, so dear to my Heart: 

It was my great privilege, at your resent Summer Conference, to direct the Tongues of Flame of the Holy Spirit into your beings, as was the case with the disciples during Beloved Jesus' Ministry. 

This palpable Flame energized the Light in your beings, and was given to you to further illumine your consciousness so that you could better serve the Supreme Source of All Life, by the expansion of your Light and the magnetization of other lifestreams into your auras for instruction on the Truth of Life. 

I wish to again remind you that the Breath of Life is a powerful force in this physical world, as it is throughout the universe, and the average chela does not seem to grasp the importance of its daily use for their own God Illumination, and well-being. This surging Power, which is, through the Grace of the Almighty, dispensed through my Being, into that of the Beloved Maha Chohan, and then into yours, carries the Holy Essence of Divinity, of Life. 

When we, in our expanded Vision and Understanding, see that the chelas' vehicles are sufficiently purified as to be able to accept the intensification of the Tongues of Flame of the Cosmic Holy Spirit, this boon is granted, BUT an individualization of the Father-Mother God on this side of the veil, must make application for the granting of this Dispensation and assume the responsibility therefor. 

It was our Beloved Paul, the Maha Chohan, who applied to the Lord of the World and to myself for this additional assistance to the chelas. The Holy Love in his great eyes as he presented his Petition could not be denied. I tell you this, so you will realize that he is faithfully discharging this Essence through his Being to yours, and has a tremendous, responsibility in so doing. I counsel you, dear children, to emulate him and to guard your actions at all times, so that the Gifts of God will find amplification in the physical appearance world, falling upon the fertile ground of dedicated chelas' consciousness and beings, for dispensations to the evolutions on this Planet. 

"I AM" ever watchful of your actions; and now enfold you in my comforting Mantle of Love and Peace, so you will be mindful of your obligation to fulfill the vow for which you were allowed embodiment at this important hour.

Lovingly, "I AM" in the Spirit of Grace,

Ĉolus Cosmic Holy Spirit