Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 16, No. 9                                                                                                    May 28, 1967 

Children of the Light: 

Oh, how the mankind of this Earth has misused the gift of free will endowed upon them by the Father-Mother God for the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven, This improper use of the Electronic Substance given so freely to man has resulted in the unhappy manifestations and chaotic conditions in the world today. 

At the time an individual becomes conscious that he is an intelligent creative being and has within his own being the Magnet by which he may draw the Universal Light and mold it into form according to the dictates of his thought and feeling processes, at that moment he becomes a conscious co-creator and worker in the establishment and maintenance of God's Kingdom on the Earth. 

The Universal Light Substance, as you are aware, must be obedient to a command of an individualized facet of the Creator, and even when the lower self is at it must outpicture what is stamped upon it. All Light and Life is in the process of evolution and when the Universal Substance is molded into something of Beauty and Perfection, it proceeds to quickly fulfill the edict and thus furthers its own evolution, for all life must expand in dignity and perfection to carry out the Plan of the Father-Mother God. 

Now here is a point where your individual consciousness enters, for what you entertain in your thoughts and feelings outpictures in obedience. How much more rewarding it is to you, personally, to rise on the beam of your attention and bow to the God Power Almighty residing within you, and there in adoration, dignity and harmony mold the Perfect Patterns which are required for the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

Thus you become a precipitating Power of All-Good which is the Divine Edict for your individual lifestream to fulfill the Plan for the Perfection which shall manifest upon this dear Earth. You are doing exceedingly well at this stage in your evolution and I counsel you to be ever on the alert for what you entertain in your consciousness.

Love and Blessings,