Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 18, No. 5                                                                                                         May 4, 1969


Beloved Children of the Light: 

The month of May is truly a mystic time of year. There are many celebrations of a spiritual nature which take place during this period. We have honored the Ascension Day of Beloved Saint Germain and the Wesak Festival, and this week, on May 8th, Lord Gautama's Day of Enlightenment. A week hence will be Mother's Day, followed by the Ascension Day of Beloved Jesus on the 15th and Whitsuntide on the 25th. 

With the attention of mankind on at least some of the foregoing Feast Days, this provides a tremendous magnet for the Spiritual Hierarchy to release further blessings into the consciousness of mankind, and thus bring greater Light to the planet. 

I would like to speak to you about Mother's Day specifically because it is the Feminine Aspect of Divinity which cradles all life in its bosom, and when an individual honors his or her mother, a ray of Gratitude and Love is sent forth to the Mother Principle of the Godhead - which is the feeling or emotional nature. 

As you are aware, the activity of the Holy Spirit is directly concerned with the feeling nature of mankind and of all life, and if you will invoke my humble assistance, I shall do all permitted by Cosmic Law to stabilize your emotional worlds, and in so doing, the feeling nature of all life will be uplifted. 

You also know that the Representative of the Holy Spirit for each planet has the responsibility of developing the feeling world of every lifestream upon that planet. I would sincerely counsel each of you to use the Flames of Transmutation and Purification through your emotional vehicles, for the feeling world is that radiation which propels all cause into the physical appearance world and is the energizing power by which the unmanifest takes form. 

I admonish you to keep the Flame of Pure Divine Love in constant pulsation through your emotional vehicles and see all the energy flowing through you emit a soft pink glow, and as it travels on its way throughout the Universe, upon its return to you, the sender, it will have gathered a glorious momentum which will enrich your own lifestream beyond your comprehension. 

Love and Blessings,








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