Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

Volume 18, No. 7                                                                                                                    May 18, 1969


Beloved of the Light: 

I would like to bring to your attention a beautiful field that has been plowed and furrowed, through the efforts of the individual who has cleared the ground of weeds and stones, in preparation for the sowing of the seeds or plants required to mature therein. 

This picture can be likened to the consciousness of man, and the chela in particular, who through the use of the Sacred Fire, has been removing the weeds of all negative and unkind concepts so that they will not interfere with the harvest of the Gifts and Virtues of the Godhead which are contained within the Divine Plan for every lifestream. 

There are two types of sowing - one where the consciousness presents fertile and receptive material through no effort of the human self in any one specific embodiment. These are the momentums of Good in the Causal Body which have been accumulated through the centuries through the activity of rightful living. That is the sowing of the average individual who has not yet become aware, in the outer consciousness, of this spiritual heritage in his present embodiment. 

The other type of sowing is that of the chela who is under the conscious direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and who is sincerely dedicating his energies in Godly Living, and consciously using the Sacred Fire to clear away all the debris in the garden of his consciousness. 

Through your awareness of the activities of the Spiritual Law, your consciousness is now ready for the sowing of the Gifts which can be released for the benefaction of your individual lifestream and the enrichment of all life. Through this you can quickly experience the so-called miracles as similarly outpictured in the Nature Kingdom through adherence to the Law of Harmony. 

I eagerly await the day when you shall enjoy the mystic experience of truly expressing God's Will in action at all times, and it is my Heartfelt prayer that this shall manifest for you quickly.

Love and Blessings,








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