Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 18, No. 35                                                                                                              November 30, 1969 

My blessed Chelas: 

I wish to assure you that I keep a close loving watch over the beloved ones who are receiving my weekly releases through The Bulletin, and when I see a requirement for assistance in one or more lifestreams, I endeavor to pattern some instruction which will help them. Often I feel a heart-cry expressing a desire to meet a Master face to face, which to some would be their goal of happiness... but a greater ecstasy is when chela and Master blend their consciousness through affinity of service and the Master and chela meet Light to Light! 

In the world of form the physical proximity of individuals does not always make for harmony nor mutual benefit, but the blending of two hearts or more into a specified service draws lifestreams closer than any amount of physical activity. 

It is a misunderstood phase of unfoldment when the chela feels that the visible Presence of the Master is the ultimate of his striving. In the first place, when the Master has achieved the Ascension, he becomes a great battery of electronic force in the expanded atmosphere of the Inner Realms where the capacity and talents are expanded into Cosmic Service. This electronic energy controlled by the self-conscious Being whom we call "The Master" is dedicated to the great purpose and service of expanding God Perfection for the benefit of a certain God Plan to which he can lend his developed gifts. 

When the individual desires union with the Master's Consciousness, he has to identify himself in his feelings, with the vibratory action of the Master's Plan and Design. For instance, you who wish to identify your consciousness with that of beloved El Morya must be willing to follow the precepts of the First Ray. This can be done consciously when one is aware even to a small degree of a particular Master's interest and service to life. 

I have explained this to you for I see the longing in the hearts of many chelas to see the Master, which would be, in a way, to their own personal satisfaction. 

My dear ones listen to my loving counsel when I tell you that the service of expanding more Light in, through and around this Earth is of utmost importance, so follow the instruction which we have previously given you to become ONE with the beautiful Christus within your own being. Then these experiences which you long for will be given unto you, advancing your evolution and that of all life!

Love and Blessings,