A Message from the Holy Spirit




The Bridge to Freedom, Inc.                                                                                          December 6, 1970


Lo! The Spirit of Christmas is in your midst - the Radiance of that Glorious Being, named for Beloved Mother Mary, is enfolding you in a certain Ration of Peace and Sanctity which comes only at this Season of the Tear. Should you feel a caress upon your brow - coming as a gentle Benediction, know that it is the touch of the Wings of the Angels of Her Court! 

As we approach the hallowed Christmas Eve, there is a sacred unction poured into the souls of men and all the evolutions of the Earth - no matter what their Spiritual development. It is the Spirit of the Cosmic Christ greeting the Christ within all, and in a mighty crescendo on the Eve celebrating the Birth of the Master Jesus, the songs of praise rise heavenward to be returned to the Earth and Her evolutions in a Blessing which embodies Good Will and a Holiness of Spirit! 

This Christmas Eve the Beloved Micah (the Master Jesus) is going to externalize a gigantic Star from His Heart which will completely encompass the Earth, and in the center He will stand in His Luminous Presence. He will pour forth the blazing Light of His Being depicting the Unity or Brotherhood of Man. 

This glorious Star will have a mighty Radiance of the Blue Ray of God's Will, and I counsel you to visualize this activity before retiring on Christmas Eve so thatís the Blessed Micah can use the power of your attention to unite your lower self with that of the Christ, so that the Christ may be born in your individualized lifestream Pill your auras with the feeling of sanctity this Christmas Eve and ask that all the evolutions on this Earth will feel the Peaceful and, Loving Presence of the Christ! Tour souls shall be filled with music as the Angelic Hosts sing the glorious Harmonies of the Spheres! 

My heartfelt wish for you, each blessed chela, is that you will enter so deeply into the activity of the Spirit of Christmas that your vehicles will, be bathed in Her Holy Essence of Peace and that you will enrich all life wherever you are. 

Saluting the Christ within you, and all life,

In the Spirit of Grace

"I AM" ∆olus Cosmic Holy Spirit