Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 20, No. 19                                                                                                                   August 8, 1971


Blessed Chelas: 

Drink freely of the essence of Pure Divine Love which flows through the instruction of our Beloved Nada which she gave at the Summer Conference! 

Beloved Nada speaks: 

Love is in every manifestation - for Love IS God; God IS Love - and no matter how man may try to refute this fact, it will remain an Eternal Verity! 

Why do we hear the hue and cry of the young, others too, seeking Love? The hour is upon us when the Holy Christ Self must be allowed to express itself according to the Divine Plan in this world of form. All Life is feeling the pressure from within. A certain period of time has been allotted for gestation in all life, and through the centuries man has engaged in a stillborn activity and in succeeding embodiments was given another opportunity to bring forth the Christ - that glorious Golden Man imprisoned through the centuries by man's misuse of Free Will.  

The time has approached when the Cosmic Law has said - "NO MORE"! If the peoples of this planet stubbornly refuse to allow the Christ to manifest and be the Directing Intelligence through their lower garments, these individuals will either have to serve, in the Temples at Inner Levels for this purpose, OR... go to another planet of lesser development in their next embodiment! 

You know, the Earth has been referred to many times as a schoolroom, which indeed it is. If an individual is studying in an outer world school to accomplish a specific purpose or development which he, through free will, has chosen and repeatedly fails in his attempts, his instructor advises him to take another course, to develop some other latent talent. You see, the potential is there otherwise his desire to accomplish that purpose would not have been presented to him but through lethargy or lack of interest, or willful disobedience to the instruction given, he fails, then it is wise to pursue another course. This sometimes happens when his parents or others endeavor to direct him into a specific line which is not compatible to his present development. 

There are many magnificent lifestreams who are waiting at the Gates of Birth for an opportunity to come to Earth who also have the potential to weave that thread or particular gift into the Pattern of the Earth, who will come forth to replace another who also has the potential but through resistance to the Spiritual Law does not complete the Plan given to his Holy Christ Self and which is constantly and consciously impressed upon his outer consciousness. 

It is ordained, as you know, that the Earth shall be returned to the Perfection she originally expressed without further delay and those lifestreams who have been receiving intensive training at Inner Levels must be given the opportunity to come to Earth and assist in this process. Should the question come into your consciousness that each individual has his or her own plan to express in the Universal scheme of things, how then can another take his place? All water is one, just as are the other elements, and this means that somewhere in the Kingdom of Perfection a lifestream must bring a specific gift. It does not imply that it has to be on Long Island, in South America, Asia, or another location. The Body of God is made up of the entire Universe and everyone, some time in his evolution, must weave the thread of his Light into the overall pattern of creation. 

You have been told that the Incoming Age is the Permanent Golden Era for this Planet, thus all that is less than Perfection must be transmuted or otherwise removed. 

I have been speaking of the rank and file dwelling hereon. Let us come specifically to the student on the Path - to the chela who has been given the privilege of receiving instruction from the Host of Heaven through THE BRIDGE and other dedicated avenues! 

Your responsibility is of great magnitude for you have been given the way and means of purifying yourselves and to right your wrong doings - your misqualification of energy in previous embodiments. Listen carefully when I say that you have done well, exceedingly so, and deserve commendation. However, as the Beloved Jesus recently brought to your attention - you are now the shepherds of the race! Can each of you say, in all truthfulness, that you are expressing the Christ Presence in all your actions? Think deeply upon this!" 

Balance your debt to the Cosmic Law by putting into practice the lesson herein presented.

Love and Blessings,









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