Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings

Volume 22, No. 12                                                                                                                         June 17, 1973


Beloved Chelas:


Ponder deep within your beings the lesson which beloved Lanto presented to the chelas following the Transmission of the Flame Ceremony last evening!

Lord Lanto speaks:

"Hail thou magnificent Tetons, how I love you - this sacred Focus which I have held within my Heart, within the embrace of my Being for centuries. Dear chelas, I bring you the blessing of Reverence for Life from that Focus. Will you kindly be seated? 

Tonight this Sanctuary is filled with Angels of the Violet Fire - please accept their Presence - and as we proceed with this Release you will find the reason for their presence here. 

We are having quite an unusual ceremony this evening... let us turn our attention to that amphitheater over the Rocky Mountain Retreat. It is a glorious Chinese Garden extending for hundreds of miles. There are many streams flowing through these gardens and these "waters" are exceptional, for they are flowing Violet Fire. The reason for the use of the Violet Fire in this instance is, as mankind's attention is upon these magnificent gardens they will naturally wonder why these streams are of deep Purple and Violet shades. We have referred to them as " waters" for that is what they look like to the average man, As all come to the amphitheater, and we trust that all of mankind will gravitate here and they gaze upon these Violet Fire waters,-if you wish call them streams - the Angels of the Violet Fire will be able, to render a tremendous service in purifying their vehicles. You know that this purification which is so necessary is very dear to the Heart of our great Lord and King, Saint Germain and all of the Spiritual Hierarchy. 

Traveling from the Tetons, bring your attention back to Long Island. You are aware that there is an amphitheater of Violet Fire over this Island... and beginning this evening and all through the forthcoming Summer Conference ...Angels of the Violet Flame will be releasing and releasing that holy substance to purify this Island - for it is not too long hence when she will again be the Shining Isle of Perfection. While this activity is taking place we wish the chelas to join with us in making calls for the purification of Long Island. And as every chela who attends this Conference sets foot on this Island, a tremendous activity of purification will take place in his world. We wish it to be so apparent to the chelas that they can feel the higher vibratory action which will be pulsating here, and from this Focus in particular. 

Beloved Harmony, the mighty LaMoray, has asked that I advise you that at the conclusion of this evening's activities at the Tetons, he will be in residence at Shamballa and stay throughout the Conference and he will continuously blaze the Flame of Harmony through, out Long Island and particularly through this physical Focus. Give him your attention, beloved ones, so that he can render the great service which he has set about to accomplish. Playing of harmonious music will do much toward the achievement of this Project. 

Returning to the Tetons... the Council Room this evening is glorious indeed ...the brothers and sisters of this Retreat have garlanded it with exotic flowers of the Orient and we are doing everything within our Power to turn the chelas' attention to the Beauty of Life so that the chelas may realize what Reverence for Life means. When you have true Reverence for Life, there is Harmony within your beings, and every breath that you precipitate is a blessing to life... and in this expansion of the Flame of Reverence for Life many upon this globe will receive Divine Illumination. 0 dear God, how I revere the Life that beats your hearts - the hearts of all mankind and every component that comprises the body of the mighty Virgo. Love this Earth ...Love her by releasing Harmony from your beings at all times. 

Tonight as the beloved Confucius breathed upon the Flame and it traveled around the Earth, it was composed of tiny musical notes and our glorious melody, the Evening Star infiltrated all life as the Flame wended its way around the Planet. 

0 my chelas would that you could realize the tremendous plans which are being set into motion by the magnificent Beings attending the Festivities and the Council Meetings at the Tetons. We anticipate the forthcoming Conference at Shamballa will be a momentous one and it is my Heart's desire that you will each receive the greatest benefit possible through releasing the Harmony of your beings at all times. 

Because of certain chaotic conditions pulsating in Washington, D.C., the Dome of the Capitol will blaze with Violet Fire until all these proceedings now under way are cleared up. Anchored in the Washington Monument is the Flame of God Illumination and as a result of the purification which is taking place, God's Will shall be done through the Heart of the Planet, the beloved United States of America. We would appreciate any calls which your dear heartís desire to make - audibly or when in silent contemplation, for the acceptance of the Violet Fire into the Hearts of all who are engaged in this special activity which is taking place in Washington. 

Our Focus which you know is established over that city is blazing and blazing the Light of every one of the Seven Rays and standing above that Focus is the mighty Micah, Angel of Unity. With the Power of Light which is being released we know...  we assure you... that God's Will shall be done! So you see, my dear ones, how we require your cooperation with us in this mighty endeavor so that this country will again be an example to all the nations of this planet! 

As you learn Reverence for Life and as that Flame blazes around the Earth, It will bring respect for all mankind and thus it will remain a permanent activity of your beings until you are wholly Ascended and Free. 

Be of Good Cheer - you know that when God is at the helm, all will come into Divine Order! 

Accept the Love of the glorious Confucius, the brothers and sisters of the Royal Teton and your humble servant, Lanto and I would now advise you that your Sponsors are brothers of this Retreat who will assist you in manifesting Reverence for Life. I thank you." 

Love and Blessings,











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