A Message from the Holy Spirit




THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM, INC.                                                                                                                June 1973


My dear Children: 

I would like to speak today on the subject of Radiation. This is a long detailed course of study, but I have chosen some pertinent, simple facts which I believe will assist you on your forward journey into the Light! 

To understand the power of Radiation one must enter the Fourth Dimensional Activity where the unseen but powerful rays are constantly vibrating from their manifestation of the God Life. You are now sufficiently evolved to understand that that Dimension is entered through the door of your consciousness which leads to the Heart of your own God Presence, or the Holy Christ Self dwelling within your physical garment!  Elementary?  Ah, how many of you can say that is the only acting Presence through you? 

All of you do permit the Golden Man to act through - spasmodically - but the hour has arrived when it should be the ONLY acting Presence in your world.  I have not come to chastise; I have come to give you assistance for you are all endeavoring to be the Christ which is ready to burst the bonds of the human. 

Let us now take a few points which will assist you to that estate if studied and accepted:  

There is no such thing as an inanimate object; there is no place in this Universe where there is no motion, no vibration or inertia. Every electron that forms every atom, visible and invisible, is pulsating constantly with the Heartbeat of the Father-Mother God. Radiation is the vibratory action of those electrons. 

You all know that manís radiation is subject to his free will. The malefic radiation of the God Energy released through mankind affects every unascended being as well as the entire kingdoms of plant and animal life. 

Man must let the energy from his bodies go forth to perform their cosmic service with at least as much accuracy as the singing bird or the unfolding flower. Now, one man or woman can change the radiation of an entire race by silent calls to the energy within the lifestreams until the outpouring from that individual comes into Divine Order. 

Man is a radiating center. Every individual belonging to the human race affects mankind en masse with the breath that goes forth from them Ė no one lives unto himself, but the radiation like the beads on one string, flows through the entire humanity within three seconds. The television and the radio have proved the transcendence of time and space. 

Manís thoughts and feelings are being broadcast through the Universe by an invisible hook-up and these thoughts and feelings affect the lives of all the people on the planet as well as the animal and nature kingdoms. Man, therefore, should endeavor to love more in accord with the principles expressed so beautifully by the Master Jesus. 

Keep before your consciousness that: 

Radiation is the vibratory action of the electrons. 

The radiation of an individual flows through the entire humanity within three seconds. 

The task of the chela is to learn the Power of his own life. 

The chela must have a clear, not vague, idea of what consciousness is. 

The individual impregnates his surroundings with his thoughts and feelings in an area from 1,000 feet to say 10 square miles. 

Every lifestream on this planet can be considered as a string of a Cosmic Harp. Such a harp has 10 billion strings. 

One chela with a radiation of Peace and Harmony can affect the whole human race for good and the Great Ones can use such a one as a conductor of their God Qualities and hand feed, so to speak, the inner bodies of all the peoples. 

The time is at hand when the chela should be permanently poised and at peace, for, the same reason that the medical doctor does not allow a mother to nurse her child if she is subject to fits of anger, depression or distress because the milk would poison the infant. 

I admonish each of you, dear chelas, to release the energy flowing through you, in a harmonious manner and not to "poison" the evolutions of this dear Planet!

In the Spirit of Grace,"I AM" ∆olus

Cosmic Holy Spirit