Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 22, No. 32                                                                                                        November 4, 1973


Beloved Chelas: 

Ah, Kashmir so dear to the Hearts of the sons and daughters of Heaven…

Perhaps the following will give you an inkling of the tremendous amount of Energy released through the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe who serve constantly to expand the Flame of Wisdom to the people of this Planet.

The meetings held within the Kashmiri hills encompass the entire twenty-four hours of the Earth's revolution, and the initial impulse of the twenty-four hour period begins the second after midnight, Indian time, and then continues its course until the following midnight hour.

The Great Buddha (Lord Divino) comes from Shamballa to spend the majority of his time at this Focus and is always present at the second after midnight when the Radiation of this Focus is intensified. The Chohans who are serving along the Seven Rays either are there in person or have one of their representatives on hand to give the assistance to those who are drawn by the Power of their attention and desire into this Holy Focus.

The first service is to establish a magnetic current through a strong and self-conscious Inbreath by the entire Hierarchy, which forms the pull on the souls who can in any way be benefitted thereby… this current holds until about noon, and then the Master Kuthumi taking the place of Lord Buddha, with another group of the Hierarchy again draws that great Inbreath, to bring in the souls who in the next twelve-hour period will be freed from the tasks of life long enough to benefit by this Spiritual Blessing.

Members of the Angelic Kingdom under the beloved Archangel Michael have volunteered to give assistance and where a soul is desirous of learning but seems incapable of cutting himself even temporarily free from his environment, release the soul and draw it within their own Heart's Flame and Light into the meetings, and return it again after the benefit has been derived.

It might appear difficult for the outer mind to cognize that this activity is taking place night and day, even though the outer world conditions seem so unpromising, but it is the inner bodies of men that must first be changed and purified and these great conclaves which proceed from one point of the Earth's surface to another give us this tremendous opportunity to reach, affect and impress the consciousness of the people, and these impressions will have a distinct and noticeable effect in the outer world as time goes on.

During this year, there has been a mighty upsurge in the hearts of men for the "true way of life" and this desire has propelled the multitudes to the various Foci which have been brought to the attention of the chelas.

Too, it is well that you remember that the release of Pure Divine Love from your beings is a tremendous force which mankind feels and this should provide an incentive for you to daily send the Flame of Divine Love to all life, everywhere.

Love and Blessings,









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