Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings

 Volume 22, No. 49                                                                                                           March 3, 1974


Beloved Chelas: 

When the time arrives for you to receive a special Blessing from Holy ∆olus, through the Gift Letter, he in his gentle courtesy informs me of the subject matter, so that I nay follow the vibration or trend of the message, so today I lovingly present the following: 

We have been repeating that the chelas should now be the Christ in action and seeing the requirement of the greater number of chelas, we believe basic facts will be of the greatest assistance. 

Our beloved Saint Germain has said that "to practice the Presence is the way by which the two become ONE." The chela thinks of the Presence as outside himself, and sometimes thinks of us flitting from Star to Star, or one Mountain range to another, external to his identity. This externalized consciousness is entirely opposite to the Masters' Consciousness, which holds, like a mother enfolding the child, as within the compass of his Blessing and Love. 

As one contemplates the Master's Presence, he will find that its sphere of activity and its outpouring of Light render a definite Cosmic Service to the Universe - enriching the consciousness, even as the Sun by its gifts makes mankind more able to sustain themselves on the journey from God to God. The outer mind and self must then determine to be the Presence from the time of rising to the setting of the Sun, figuratively speaking. 

If one would upon awaking visualize himself as the dazzling shining Presence of God - without age, limitation, impurity or imperfection, he would realize what such a God-Being incarnate could do in the course of a day. Then in a calm, poised balance, he would endeavor as the Presence of God to serve during the day, blessing life with Love and Light, Benediction and Healing as was commensurate with Wisdom. 

According to your acceptance of these Directives shall I pursue this course of instruction in my next Release.

Love and Blessings,






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