Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings

 Volume 22, No. 51                                                                                                                   March 17, 1974


Beloved Chelas: 

Still yourselves, and enter deep into the magnificent Love which is released to you in the Address of Beloved Archangel Raphael following the Transmission of the Flame Ceremony at the Resurrection Temple. 

Beloved Raphael speaks: 

‘Blessings upon thee, children of the Light walking the pathway of Earth.’ All the Love of the Resurrection Flame enfolds you and all upon the Earth this Holy night. I am going to speak to you about the Ruby Temple. Strange, you say, the Ruby Temple! Ah, as my narration continues you will find the reason. 

The glorious Ruby Temple is a Focus of Healing, created by the Elohim at the time of creation of the Planet Earth and has a tremendous momentum of Healing. It is not a Temple that came forth as a requirement to raise the vibratory action of the Earth - it is a Temple of Pure Divine Love to bless the Planet as this Focus sends forth the most exquisite hues of Pink Light at all times. Its Dome, over the central portion, looks like a gigantic pink pearl. 

My beautiful Complement, Holy Mother Mary, serves here very often as does the Master Jesus and Lady Nada, and many other volunteers. The Flame Room wherein burns the powerful Ruby Flame is separated from the balance of the Temple by a mesh-like curtain, to temper the Light for all who come here. I think you would be interested to know that beings on this side of the veil who are not yet Ascended are allowed to come here and give assistance, and that is the reason for this screening or stepping down the radiation of its mighty Light. 

In the central portion, where the Healing Service is performed, there are Seven Mighty "I AM" Presences, along with the Director of the hour - the reason I do not give you their names is, they are volunteer Beings, and they change the guard, as it were. However, there is always a Director of the Day along with the Seven Mighty "I AM" Presences" - one for each of the Rays that play upon the Earth. Here, through Divine Alchemy, the petitions of the masses become the answer to prayer. The Angels gather the "pink clouds" of hope and aspiration and draw them upward; otherwise many of the pleas would not rise above the atmosphere of Earth. 

As I have spoken of the “change of the guard”, probably many of you know of the activity of the Pink Nuns here on Earth – who go constantly into their church and say prayers for the peoples of this Earth. This activity is continuous, never a lapse - always someone coming to take the place of the others, at regular intervals. They are blessed indeed because the individual who started this activity of the Pink Nun is aligned very closely with the Ruby Temple in the Higher Realms. 

Remember, there are Seven "I AM" Presences serving from this Temple and they send the Light Rays into the Earth according to each specific Ray... if someone wants a Healing of a mental disorder, or one that is of a spiritual nature, or a healing for the Earth - whatever "I AM" Presence is on that Ray sends its Light directly to the condition, the individual, or individuals, for whom the petition is made. 

I think, I hope and I pray that I have been able to give you an inkling to enable you to tune into this Central Healing Temple where Love alone abides. There are many Healing Foci you will hear about - you have the Healing Temple of Truth, and another you will learn about shortly, next month, from John - the Beloved’s focus. 

I counsel you to go often to this Cosmic Reservoir and ask for that Ruby Flame to come forth and assist you. You do not have to call to all of the Beings, but just make your application in the beginning of your service for the petition which you send forth. 

Why have we brought this Temple to your attention this evening? For the simple reason that beloved Jesus and Mary petitioned the Builders of Form and asked them to make a replica of the Ruby Temple to serve as the amphitheater of the Flame of Resurrection this month. So every time you come to the Resurrection Temple ask your Sponsor to take you into the Ruby Temple where you will receive ideas for Healing. Fill your vehicles with that glorious Ruby Flame. The blessed Jesus used it - he knew of the Ruby Temple and drew the Pink Flame through his vehicles. That is why so many times individuals have painted his pictures in garments of red. What was really intended but not known by these individuals was that in his finer garments he wore the most glorious Ruby vestments that anyone ever envisioned while he was engaged specifically in drawing the Light of Healing forth. 

You know that we need the healing of all mankind - Transmutation is Healing, everything that changes a negative condition into a positive one is Healing so the Master Jesus and Mary thought it would be a good idea while the Resurrection Flame is so active that the mighty Power of the Resurrection Temple be accompanied with the activity of the Ruby Flame. I believe, my beloved Ones, you now understand why I chose to talk to you about it. 

Tonight, the activity in the Resurrection Temple was truly glorious. Never have I seen my beloved Mary look more beautiful. She is truly the Queen of Heaven. She wore a filmy white garment with the Madonna Lily embroidered over her Heart, and extending to the hem of her gown. Her hair was piled high and upon her brow was a Crown of Opalescent Pearls, signifying that she is Hierarch with beloved Jesus at this Retreat. 

The music of the Angelic Choirs, the singing, was beyond description. Mary, bless her Holy name, serves constantly with the Angelic Host. Tonight - the Angelic Host gave praise to her in the exquisite rendition of song. As Jesus and Mary approached the Resurrection Flame to breathe upon it, the Angels proceeded her to the foot of the Flame and there knelt in obeisance to her great Light, and you can visualize the beautiful Seraphim with their heads bowed in deep adoration, not to her as an individual Being, but to the Light of God which pervades the Universe! As they breathed upon the Flame and it rose into the amphitheater the Pink and Resurrection Flames blended, and the Radiation of Pure Divine Love enfolded all assembled and all upon the Earth. As the Flame traveled round the world, it looked like tiny scintillating drops of soft spring rain, blanketing the Earth... little opalescent pearls, with an aura of Pink Ruby. 

The Angels of Resurrection and the Angels of the Ruby Temple are circling the Earth and all its evolutions, for the next twenty-four hours, literally bathing it in this Essence - in the Love of God. And may each person for the balance of this Lenten Season be able to enter into the Christ Estate, which is divinely ordained."

Love and Blessings,









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