A Message from the Holy Spirit




The Bridge to Freedom, Inc.                                                                                                                     March 1974


When the chela takes the time to still his outer consciousness by meditation, we are always most grateful, especially when he turns his attention to a particular Cosmic Being or Master, for this provides us with a line of force by which to send a blessing to him, particularly if the chela has a decision to make as to how to handle a situation about which he may be in doubt as to how to proceed. 

Such earnest and sincere relaxation always brings a response from the Master to whom your attention is turned and the seeming difficulty is easier because the Master has given you a new feeling concerning it. This treatment is particularly beneficial to the chela, for few there are who are sufficiently aligned with their Holy Christ Self to permit that Golden Man to be the directing Intelligence in his world. 

In the Christian Churches, a good deal of Peace of mind and heart has been attained by the followers of the Master Jesus. When the heart would sincerely do as the Master does, the lifestream tunes in to the Master's Presence and the Master reveals to him what he would do were he so placed by circumstance and time. The blessed so-called orthodox people, however, are not-yet able for the most part to follow the illumination, even if it is received, because the weight of their own consciousness, while acquiescing to the Master's idea mentally, their own feeling world forces them to continue upon their self-appointed pathway of the outer will. 

The dedicated chela, however, is different for he knows he is about "his Father's business" - or should be, and he is trying to do the Master's business according to the limitations of his consciousness - prejudices and so on. Of course, the outer mind is determined to do that business according to the momentum of centuries. Now, the teacher of men (the chela) is going to bring the harvest to the fold, because it is the Father's business, and that is why we are continually reminding you to still the outer self sufficiently to permit the Holy Christ Self to be in control. 

In the meanwhile, we of the Spiritual Hierarchy will assist you whenever so invoked. The chela must ask for the feeling of the Master to fill his consciousness and to abide in him, and the chela should allow this illumination to flow forth into outer expression and to be maintained as a permanent Victory of Love. 

If the chela would precede all activity by calling for the Ascended Master's feeling when about his daily duties, as well as when he serves in the field, he would avoid the recoil of his human karma and he would never know nervous tension, age depletion, discouragement or exhaustion, and he would accomplish in an instant what the human could not accomplish in a century. 

Let us turn our attention to the beloved El Morya, who as a great Chief of Armies had the most perfect discipline without the use of any physical pressure by word of mouth or violence. This he accomplished in many successive embodiments because he did it GOD'S WAY. 

I have presented this to you for the very simple reason that I see so many earnest chelas endeavoring to be the Christ in Action, but they are in so many instances using their momentum of the human will! So, in loving counsel I suggest that you contemplate the importance of doing GOD'S WILL, and be assured that all of Heaven's sons and daughters await your invocation for assistance.

In the Spirit of Grace

"I AM" Ĉolus Cosmic Holy Spirit