Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings

 Volume 24, No. 3                                                                                                                           April 20, 1975

Blessed Chelas: 

The great Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy is released to you in the Message which beloved LaMoray gave at the Transmission of the Flame Class last evening. 

Beloved LaMoray speaks: 

"Dear Light Bearers walking this Planet Earth, releasing the glorious Light of the Eternal, I thank you for your presence here and will you now kindly be seated and be comfortable... 

As you are aware, the Retreat of Uxmal and our Retreat at Madagascar serve in conjunction and beloved Kenich Ahan so graciously offered me the opportunity of speaking this evening. 

0 what a glorious night this is - the air is filled with Music, the exquisite Music of the Spheres, and all of the evolutions upon this Earth are being bathed in the holy Essence of Harmony! 

First I would like to tell you about the amphitheater... it is very unusual. You know how pilgrims in the physical appearance world have traveled to Yucatan to the various Temples, but none have found admittance to the Holy of Holies these many centuries, so tonight visualize a tremendous circular amphitheater, filled at the periphery with Violet Fire. As the pilgrims come here in their finer bodies, they will be escorted into this Violet Fire, and if they are so disposed to accept this purification, they will proceed further into a blazing lake of Light Eternal. Magnificent indeed is this glorious Light, and in the very center, as upon an island one might say, is a replica of the Temple in the physical appearance world. 

Beloved Kenich Ahan thought that the Temple would bring the peoples of Earth to its heart center, and we believe that much will be accomplished during this specific 30 day cycle. 

Above the Temple is a glorious Sun of Light Eternal sending forth the gifts of the Seven Rays. And my lovely ones, in the atmosphere of the amphitheater is the Luminous Presence of the mighty Vesta, great Goddess of the Sun. She is in the Temple of the Focus on the Earth in her tangible Presence, and the Illuminati of the Spiritual Hierarchy are assembled here, save a few exceptions. One exception is our Lord Gautama who remained at Shamballa, and with him is the Cosmic Holy Spirit Ćolus. There is a pathway of Light from Shamballa to Yucatan and all along the way are beautiful Angels of Harmony, for the Light which is going to be released this evening is of such intensity that our beloved Lord of the World chose to stay at Shamballa, with beloved Lord Divino, the Buddha, representing him at Yucatan. 

0 my friends, could you see the Light in the atmosphere this evening and I wish you to know that as the Flame travels around the Earth that It is composed of tiny little Suns. Feel that Essence go into every fiber of your being - feel that Light just clear away any shadows, for Light Supreme is blanketing the Earth. I wish I could find words in your language to explain the beauty of this night... 

Beloved Vesta has told us that when you come in your etheric bodies to the Retreat this evening, one of her messengers from the Sun will place a golden cape about your shoulders and she counsels you to wear it all during this period. Don it in the morning when you arise and know within your hearts that no shadow can exist in this glorious Mantle of Electronic Light substance. I have seen this exquisite garment and it carries the greatest amount of Light that has ever been given to the chelas in this manner. I counsel you, with all the Love of my Being, to treasure it. You know how one feels - for most of you have had this happen to you - when one is knighted by a King or Queen of some Country. Think how much greater to be vested with the Golden Light of the Sun - yours for your acceptance! 

We are hoping, my dear ones, that the Light will so shine from your beings that without saying a word to your fellowman, you will be a Healing, a Comforting, a Peaceful Presence to all life. 

0 lovely ones, the handful of chelas within this Sanctuary could transform this Island into the shining Isle which is her destiny, if you can forget the human - and be the glorious Golden Man which you truly are. We are counting upon you, and all the blessed chelas who are tuning in to this activity tonight. What a glorious sight when I looked upon the various groups and the individual chelas all over this planet and saw the adoration to God flowing Heavenward. The stepped up radiation of the chelas this year is magnificent indeed. I could go on and on, and tell you of many beautiful activities which are taking place as the result of the dedication of the chelas, but I choose to make this talk brief so that you will remember that the great Goddess of the Sun, our glorious Vesta, is sending her Light into Shamballa and to our combined Retreats of Light Eternal, and we do expect a return for this glorious investment of her energy. 

I love you, and remember that Harmony awaits your call - I, LaMoray having been given the Gift of Harmony, so long to walk within your auras at all times, and I am grateful beyond words for the musical activities which are taking place within the Sanctuaries and in the chelas' homes. 

And now, to the Flame Room of Light Eternal… God bless you." 

Wise is the chela who will sincerely seize this opportunity to infiltrate the consciousness of the peoples of this Earth as well as the Planet herself.

Love and Blessings,