Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 24, No. 22                                                                                                                               August 29, 1976


Beloved of the Light: 

I present for your contemplation the address given by the Hierarch of Luxor, at the Transmission of the Flame Ceremony at the Focus of the Deva rajahs in Australia. 

Beloved Serapis Bey speaks:

August 21, 1976 

Candidates for the Ascension, I, Serapis Bey, am very happy to be in your midst this evening. I am come through the pull of the Love of your hearts, and because of the close association which I have with the current Retreat. You know how I love the Angelic Kingdom... and each of you and all mankind have a part of the presence of the Angels within you. 

I am sure that you felt the strength of the Mighty Flame as it coursed through your beings during the Breathing Ceremony. And all during the time of the beautiful rendition of the keynote, your bodies have been given a tremendous treatment of strength and balance, which you may have remain with you as you choose to remember the Three-fold Flame, the Balancing Activity of Life - that Permanent Atom within your beings which shall be with you through all eternity - a pulsating cell in the body of the Father- the Mother God. 

We had a tremendous activity at Australia; the Light had to be tempered even for the advanced chelas who were present in their etheric bodies. None but Cosmic and Ascended Beings were allowed within the mighty Focus itself - but through the ingenious activity of the Almighty we were very happy to throw a screen before the chelas - above them and all around them - showing the activities which were taking place. It was like a revolving state...  

First we had a magnificent autumn - it was beautiful. We saw the glorious Deva rajahs and all who were with them present a spectacle of beauty in the coloring of the leaves. And then the winter activity... the gently falling snow and what it does for this blessed Earth... it was like golden rain from heaven... then we saw during this wintertime the dormant activity, but all with eyes to see, could see the activity of life taking place in the so-called dormant forms. 

Then the awakening of the spring as the Resurrection Flame coursed through all... the beautiful green coloring and how you were all reminded, myself in particular, of the budding Christ within. Then we came to the full bloom of summer - a magnificent outpicturing of the full blown flower. With all the Power of my Being, I say there is no reason for disintegration. When one comes to full flower, at no matter what age, according to so-called time upon this planet, one can remain the shining example of the Perfection of the Christ. 

Truly this was a visual activity without parallel. 

This month the chelas are to have two sponsors. Why two Sponsors? Because the blessed Deva rajahs at this Focus have gladly volunteered to stay in the auras of the chelas all during the month. When one of them takes you to the Retreat, the other will remain in your aura guiding, guarding and loving you into Christ Perfection. I am sure the chelas will find a noticeable improvement in the radiation of their homes as they choose to give recognition to the Sponsors. Is this not selfless Love? Truly a great gift to the chelas, and I am pleased to say one that has been earned. 

When Lord Lemuel walked in great dignity to breathe upon the Flame he was attended by his glorious Angels. As he breathed upon the Flame he entered into its very self. And at the conclusion of the Breathing Ceremony he arose into the Amphitheater and then to the High Heavens - a magnificent Being of Light surrounded by his court and for the ensuing 24 hour period, he shall remain above the atmosphere of Earth sending down a Benediction of Love, of Wisdom and of Power. So I ask you, each dear one, to turn your attention to him and realize that you are the recipients of an unusual blessing of Grace. 

This Earth will be completely surrounded all during this 24 hour period with the Angelic Host and I assure you many of my Seraphim will be there. Think you not this is an unusual Blessing not only for you but for all upon the Planet. 

So dear ones know that this is a mighty Focus... and from Australia the Light will blaze in greater intensity - in greater power than It has ever before because of your the chelas, giving recognition to the activity which is taking place at this Focus. 

I thank you." 

As the chelas become more aware and accept in their feelings the glorious service which is rendered by the Angelic Host, the closer will they serve with that Kingdom and bring into manifestation the Brotherhood of Angels and of men.

Love and Blessings,