A Message from the Holy Spirit




THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM, INC.                                                                                                December 1977


To   you, my dear ones, who are lending great effort in your desire to become the Christ in action, I present to you an example for you to emulate… 

The beloved Master Jesus represents the highest gift of God to man in a pure vibrant Consciousness endowed with the capacity to know only Good, and in that knowing to render powerless any belief in evil in any human mind which he contacted during his ministry.  

When you have two consciousnesses holding individual beliefs and convictions, the stronger consciousness influences and bends the weaker by the very force of energy released through that strong conviction. When the statement was made "One with God is a majority" it meant to convey that the Godhead and the Ascended Master belief in and' knowing only Good, and knowing that only the God Power can act is the God Consciousness. When an unascended being joins up with that Consciousness and in every cell and fiber of his being emits that radiation and feeling, there is no human belief no matter how strongly ingrained that can stand against that Reality, if held unwaveringly upon the visualization of Perfection, will gradually bend the concepts in the other human mind until it accepts the Divine picturization within and when that is done externalization of or whatever manifestation is desired, takes place. 

In beloved Jesus' case there was no evil in him to which the world could tie. That means that in the four vehicles of expression... his physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies... there was not a grain of belief in a power opposed to God. His bodies and consciousness were saturated with God's picture of the Universe... God’s idea for every man, woman and child to express. Therefore, when he met the human beliefs, concepts and ideas that outpictured as imperfection of any kind, the energy flowing through that human belief could not register in any of His vessels. 

He did not and could not accept the appearance and because he was immoveable before the most dread human appearances, the God Power surged through him and immediately filled the consciousness still bound to human thinking with its own pure Light which melted the human idea and placed the perfect idea within it. 

In the case of our beloved chelas, there is much yet within the inner bodies that gravitates to human appearance in others. You can examine this by your reaction in the feeling nature when you see something unpleasant or distorted, immediately that imperfection ties into your consciousness, and you are not a perfect channel for the outflowing of the Christ Life that neither recognizes nor accepts in the FEELINGS, mind you, any imperfection. 

If you will meditate upon this explanation you can tremendously hasten your own unfoldment and discriminate between-the human consciousness and the Divine which will make the Healing, Transmuting, Purifying Power flow more freely to assist mankind.


In the Spirit of Grace,

"I AM" Ćolus Cosmic Holy Spirit