Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings

Volume 27, No. 44                                                                                                                                                          January 28, 1979 


Beloved Ones: 

Many, many individuals in their search for Truth or knowledge have developed powerful mental bodies whose thirst is unquenchable. When these people enter the Spiritual Path they immediately enter into that momentum of drawing knowledge by which to satisfy the mental vehicle, without the slightest desire or design to place such knowledge to actual service in raising their lifestreams one step closer to the ulti­mate goal of Perfection.

Unfortunately for them it is not often explained that when an individual is illumined along any line his capacity to serve immediately becomes greater. For instance, an individual who takes lessons upon the piano and develops great skill has a greater capacity to bring harmony and melody into the Third Dimensional Plane than one who has not plucked the Strings of the Cosmic Lyre; and if his talent remains mute the absence of song is his individual failure... whereas the one who is not so trained owes no such balance to life except the small debt of the sleeper who has not yet roused himself to becoming a servant instead of a drone. 

When the Spiritual Laws are presented to a lifestream, when they are acquainted with the God Presence and the Spiritual Hierarchy, with the Violet Flame and the action of the Sacred Fire... their capacity to serve is greatly increased... and at the close of the embodiment if that capacity has not been enlarged through conscious Service to the Universe - aside from the evolving of selfhood - such an one will pass succeeding embodiments in making up that balance in concentrated selfless service, either as a menial or some forced activity which will not be directed by his free will. 

It is wise, therefore, that the chelas know they are being trained as the phy­sicians or teachers or artists to enrich mankind's store of consciousness - and that rather would they remain unlearned than they enter into voluntary learning without an earnest desire or design to, in that learning, find a way to make the Planet a happier place and its people and all evolutions more free. Fortunately this is not the case with our beloved chelas, but in some there is still a “demand" for further explanation of the Law, when in truth they have not as yet put into practice that which has been so generously given to them: 

Love and Blessings, THE MAHA CHOHAN