The Shamballa Letter

 VOLUME II -  Number 12                                                                                                                                March 18, 1980

Beloved Kenich Ahan

I speak to you from our Focus of Light Eternal where there is a tremendous anchorage of Light Eternal from the glorious Helios and Vesta… It is not only my responsibility but my great privilege to enfold this Earth in the golden essence channeled to me by those Sun Gods, the Parents of this Chain of the Seven Suns which were projected from their Consciousness, to take their place in this System under the Guardianship and jurisdiction of the splendorous Alpha and Omega. 

Since the powerful Helios and Vesta are Sponsors of this year along with Mighty Xeroastra, God of the Fire Element, you can greatly amplify your service if you would direct your attention to our Focus at Yucatan. I do most humbly ask you to invite me and our Brotherhood to intensify the Light Rays we continually and consciously beam to this Earth! This is a service of loving dedication for we have built a tremendous momentum of Light Eternal as a result of the conscious inflow of the Golden Essence of God Illumination which flows ceaselessly from their Glorious Beings. 

You realize that according to Cosmic Law we are limited in the intensity of the Light we can send earthward, and since we are so desirous of further assisting in the externalization of the Thought Form for this year in all its magnificence and resultant blessing to this Earth, your increased cooperation with us will not only bring happiness to our Hearts but will prove to our God Parents that we, our Brotherhood and the chelas of The New Age Church of the Christ are united in purpose and wish to shoulder more responsibility in meeting the requirement of the hour to bring about the projected Goal for this twelve month period. 

Having brought our Focus and its service to your attention, I most humbly and lovingly desire to give you all the assistance that you will accept. Some of the chelas still cling to form, so perhaps it might be of benefit if you would envision me as the Mayan Ruler at Uxmal, the ancient city which was the capital of the Great Mayas. Thank the Father-Mother God I have transcended the human consciousness but I do realize the difficulty some life-streams have in letting go, and letting God, and that is my purpose in making this reference. 

Ah, I have succeeded in igniting your interest… that is good. Yes, some lifestreams require a crutch to assist them along the Path, so I am happy to offer my envisioned image as a magnet to draw and hold your attention… until the time that no props are required… when you can accept and function as was the original intent when you were first given embodiment.  

Let us proceed in an exercise of expanding Light: I now have your attention which permits me to release more Light on that beam of energy, let us blend one with the other in the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame, your God Identity. Within that resulting Circle or Sun of Light we continue to release Light, Light, Light Eternal until its circumference encompasses the Earth in its embrace! Holding our attention on this beautiful orb, let us take an expanded journey, through projected consciousness to the Throne of our God Parents, glorious Helios and Vesta, and place our offering of Love the Light of our Beings at their feet! 

As I give you these words I have through the power of your attention and cooperation drawn you closer into the Three Fold Flame of my individual Being, and we now stand before these magnificent Sun Gods as ONE GIGANTIC THREE FOLD FLAME… showing them that Oneness of Divine Consciousness which can accomplish any given assignment! In humble obeisance we further pledge our energies to the externalization of this year’s Thought Pattern… and the mighty Sun Gods enfold us in their embrace and Blessing. Oh Creator of all there is, we are one with thee – pulsating Flames in the Heart of Infinity! Now giving gratitude to our God Parents for this extraordinary Benediction, I bring your consciousness back to your individual vehicles. 

My blessed brothers and sisters, what a beautiful experience I have had through your companionship, that feeling of one heartbeat, sending forth the glorious essence of Love Divine to caress the great family of the one Eternal Principle of Life. And may I counsel you to re-read my words to more fully enter into the meaning of this experience… and when you desire me to give you further assistance, just come to us at Yucatan on the wings of loving dedication, and I assure you we can amplify our combined service in expanding the Light of this so sweet and beautiful Earth. 

I now raise my arms in Blessing and Gratitude for your loving cooperation and service. 

Kenich Ahan

Hierarch of the Temple of Light Eternal










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