The Shamballa Letter


VOLUME III, Number 23                                                                                                              June 9, 1981


Beloved El Morya

Aspiring chelas, I shall make a few but pertinent statements which when applied will assist you in your concerted endeavors to attain sustained Christhood. 

You are well aware that no two vibrations can exist at any given time or place. When one desires to express God’s Will he cannot entertain the lower vibration of ‘his’ will. 

The First Ray of God’s Will contains and is the initial impulse of the Seven Rays.


If God’s Will is expressing it does not embrace the lower vibratory action of ‘my’ will.


Every perfect manifestation is an expression of God’s Will, no matter how difficult it may seem to accomplish from the human standpoint.


The Will of God is the Perfection ordained by the Almighty for this planet and all life hereon.


When an individual allows the human element of ‘my’ will to enter any thought, word or deed there is diversion from the Perfection of the First Command. 

The foregoing direct statements may seem elementary to you. However in order to advance from the human consciousness to the Divine, the possessive action of ‘my’ cannot exist. 

I suggest therefore at the beginning of each day, and at other times thereafter that you raise your consciousness and in a very affirmative manner repeat, silently or audibly, “Thy Will be done in my mind, body, world and affairs”. 

No elaboration of that statement is necessary, for when you feel, accept and affirm this Truth… you really understand that God’s Will is Perfection in every avenue. Bear in mind that ‘my’ will is the stamp of imperfection on any manifestation. 

So saying, I embrace you in the full gathered momentum of the Will of God which “I AM”. 

El Morya, Hierarch

The Temple of International Unity