The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME V, Number 35                                                                                                                                          August 31, 1983 

Lady Lunara

August 15, 1983 

Through the years the chelas have turned their attention to the evening sky and basked in the light which I have the privilege of releasing to this planet. Oft times it has been said at the time of the Full Moon that some of mankind are mentally unbalanced, and let it go at that! I AM drawing your attention to the Moon so you may realize, as we often state, if you will turn the beam of your energy to any of us in the Heavenly Realms, you afford us an opportunity to use that energy for the benefit of this planet. 

With the emotional vehicles of man being stirred with the increasing vibratory action, it is the responsibility of the chelas to use some of the increased radiation to STEADY, not only their own emotional vehicles, but that of all the inhabitants of this Earth. You are witnessing many instances of turmoil in the physical conditions surfacing as tremors in the earth substance, the water, air and fire elements – a result of the increasing Light from the Sun. Does that not show you that the various elements are cooperating with us to throw off the effluvia of the ages resulting from the misuse of energy? 

While the chelas are beginning to realize the ONENESS of all Life, do you wonder we are repeatedly stating the necessity of centering yourself in the very nucleus of the Eternal Light? What formerly would have seemed strange is simply an activity of balancing the elemental life which comprises this planet. I counsel you to be ever on the alert – to be in a state of harmony, and have the good common sense to know that which seems drastic action of the mighty Undines, the Salamanders and all the Elements – with the Devic Kingdom and its mighty Lords exhibiting their power, that man enmasse requires assistance so they will not become more deeply off-balance than you are presently witnessing. The emotional body of man is on the razor’s edge, so to speak, and it is expedient TO WALK THE MIDDLE WAY. 

Today you can see clearly the Mercy of the mighty Lords of the Elements in giving you an exceptionally clear day in this area – a merciful respite from the intense heat wave you have been experiencing. This should definitely point out to you that every action is being taken to forcibly present to the alert chelas the Power of Light. 

Consider the components of your garments and be merciful – I repeat the word, “merciful”, to impress you with the necessity of serving from the Center of your Being. The Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa is expecting all of you to expend every effort to cooperate and to be mentally aware of what you call “the importance of the hour”. 

I AM not giving you a lecture. I AM stating the Law, with a heart-to-heart invitation from your brother and sister cells who function always from the Heart of the ONE, to daily be in close communication with us! Cast off the remaining fetters of the human consciousness and serve from the elevated Consciousness, which will not only improve your garments but renew them to the estate you enjoyed when the First Golden Age flourished on this planet! I AM in no way trying to alarm you about the forthcoming procedures to restore this Earth to perfection – I AM merely stating the Law! 

Realize that through Grace you are being given instruction which will enable you to fulfill the purpose for which you took embodiment… THE RESTORATION OF THIS PLANET EARTH into the perfection of the Permanent Golden Age. 

Embracing you with the Light which I have the privilege of beaming to this dear Earth, I AM one Cell in this vast Universe,