The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME V, Number 13                                                                                                             March 29, 1983


The Beloved Elohim of Peace

As you know, in the Activity of the Precipitation there is an inversion of the Sixth and Seventh Rays, in order that the Perfection of the proposed manifestation be sealed in the Flame of Peace. With the increased number of people engaged in bringing forth Peace to the planet and her evolutions, it is essential that the specific activity of the Virtue be manifest in manifold ways and we wish to contain the energy being released in that manifestation. 

With the Retreat at Suva open for the entire year, it is rewarding to see the manner in which the chelas are responding to the vibration of Peace constantly flowing therefrom.  To further energize this activity may I suggest you take a moment during each day and in the Silence feel the essence of Peace course through every electron, atom and molecule of your physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles. Practicing this daily, you will experience the blending of all vehicles into one with your Divine Reality. Your radiation can accelerate to a height where the cosmic tones of Peace will reverberate through you.  Any or all irregularities (negative feelings) can be transmuted into a true state of Harmony – Divine Love. 

This message will reach the majority of you after Resurrection Day, but it will be more facile for you to reap the benefit and the blessings which will be given at the Easter Class if you will take advantage of the counsel I give you and seal, seal all your activities in the Holy Essence of Peace. 

It has taken centuries for the Affirmation given by Beloved Jesus to his followers – “my Peace I give unto you.”  Consider his patience and love in continuing to hold that statement... the Joy he will feel as the chelas outpicture the gift of his Love and Obedience to Cosmic Law. Now… in the expression of his True Identify as the (Arch)Angel of Unity, Micah, you can present this glorious Being with a spiritual bouquet of acceptance… and ‘the Peace that surpasses the understanding of the human mind’ will remain with you transcending the human consciousness.

Elohim of the Sixth Ray,

Beloved Tranquility