The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME VI, Number 38                                                                                                        September 17, 1984 


The Angel of Unity


Unity within each individual soul is the Key to World Peace. Peace loving peoples of all lands are striving to attain their own inner Harmony, knowing that this will lead eventually to the Unity of the Family of Man, and all others lifestreams evolving on the Planet.


From the Realm of I AM Consciousness we, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, are aware of the gentle expansion of the natural beauty of the human spirit, and it is with gratitude that we see the vision of a world ruled not by suspicion but by trust.


We continue to look to you, our loving chelas, to hold the Immaculate Concept for the planet Earth, not from necessity, nor out of fear or hope, but from your own free will choice. When you can do this you will travel the road which only the royal race can travel.


Know that I love you. May Peace improve and increase for ever and ever, as you ascend from diversity into UNITY.


The Angel of Unity 








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