The Shamballa Letter

 VOLUME 9, Number 49                                                                                                       December 8th, 1987 


El Morya: 

Greetings, My Beloved Friends of The Ages, I love you. 

At this period in the yearly cycle man is now turning his attention to the celebra­tion of Thanksgiving. In so doing he tunes into the mass consciousness. 

I counsel you to realize that every day should be one of Gratitude for the Gift of Life. 

Time and again we have told you that Gratitude is synonymous with Love... and that Love is all there is. The Angelic Host is always grateful to serve and they rejoice in the opportunity to assist mankind in furthering his awareness of the meaning of the true activity of Gratitude. 

Every plea, every service should be one that is clothed in the feeling of Gratitude. I remind you of some of the words in the song 



I live and move, have my being

In the Heart of Mercy's Flame

And blaze it through all I contact

Or think of, in Freedom's Name!

Oh, how marvelous, Oh, how wonderful!

Grateful I shall ever be!

Oh how marvelous! Oh, how wonderful!

Life gives all OPPORTUNITY! 

Every day, every moment is an Opportunity! 

It is the Divine Edict that all men shall become Masters of Love in its true sense, and remember that there is no lifestream in all the Great Universe of God who is not in some manner a Dispenser of the Divine Love Element.

El Morya





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