The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 9, Number 51                                                                                                                 December 22, 1987 


El Morya:


Greetings, My Beloved Friends of The Ages, I love you.


Blessed is the chela on the Spiritual Path! He knows of the Cosmic Light, and in obedience to that God-given Energy realizes that the Light will animate whatever Quality he is entertaining in his consciousness.


Common sense will tell him that it is expedient that he clear away all negative thinking, for as the Light becomes more and more powerful, those who are holding to constructive qualities will find these good Qualities growing rapidly within their Beings. When the negative aspects are entertained in the consciousness, it becomes increasingly difficult to control the feelings and actions.


As we are entering the Holy Season preceding and following the Feast of Christmas, the beautiful flowering plants in the consciousness can be Spiritual Bouquets or Gifts to the evolutions of this Earth.


"I AM" grateful for this opportunity to tell you that many exquisite "flowers" are blooming in your consciousness and the Planet Earth shall be enriched thereby as you send forth these Blessings to assist those less fortunate than yourselves.


May the perfume of your True Being enfold you in the uplifting power as you dispense the Blessings of your Christ Self to all mankind.

El Morya









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