The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 11, Number 30                                                                                     July 25th, 1989


Dear Chelas,

Know that Love begets Love! As you experience receiving Love, you begin to know gratitude, and a great measure of confidence.

A child, who is raised in an atmosphere of loving acceptance, develops confidence quite naturally. He has been given no reason to doubt himself.

As an expression of God's Love, and the accompanying Peace and Comfort that it brings - this is what I do for you. Each time you turn your attention to me, my Ray of Love, Peace and Comfort goes forth to you immediately. As you receive this Love, I ask that you give not only gratitude, but that you take a moment to realize that your every call to me does receive my gift. Use this realization to build more confidence into your beings and worlds!

I speak today especially about the virtue of confidence, because as I look upon your auras, I see that it is needed. As one who loves you with God's Perfect Love, I ask you for nothing today except that you accept my gift! I see that you are working very hard to be givers. To be the very best at giving, one must first feel that he has a gift to give. Take some time to realize the gifts that we give. Fill your Chalice with my Love that you may have the more to dispense.

Have confidence in my Love, Peace and Comfort!

Paul, The Maha Chohan