The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 11 - Number 19                                                                                       May 9th, 1989


Beloved Chelas,

We ask you to use your powers of visualization to bring forth many manifestations as a group - The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. It is a powerful working tool, just as are the decrees. When you work as one, whether you are a small group or large - or often, a dedicated chela who must work alone, when you use this power of visualization with the Thoughtform and Theme during the year, and the Electronic Patterns each month, much more is accomplished for mankind than you can possibly imagine. When your director leads you through a visualization, or if you are reading it alone, it is well to not only picture it as clearly as possible as it is given, but to also concentrate upon it without letting the mind wander. In that way, a clear pattern is created, and it is very powerful because it is joined by the energies of many others as well.

When you are visualizing, permit your emotional body to pour only positive virtues of love, peace, and so forth, in the thoughtform. Paint the pictures on the canvas of the mind vividly, with colors of beautiful hues and depths of Light throughout. If you feel in a negative frame of mind for any reason, it is best to stop the visualization process and use the Violet Transmuting Flame until your frame of mind is restored to healthfulness.

I Am especially grateful for the opportunity to instruct you, dear ones, even on subjects with which you have worked for some time. It is human to forget, and the energy required to learn, to know, and to remember, and to use the instruction given is considerable. I encourage you with all my Love, even as I remind you of the tasks we must accomplish. I love you and bless you with my peace.

Paul, The Maha Chohan



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